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Axl And Izzy Ring In The New year

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New year's eve came and Izzy set Erin up on a night with the girls. He gave her a few grand, rented a limo, and we kissed her goodbye. She didn't seem to mind the fact that we were trying to get rid of her. I guess she knew Izzy and I wanted to be alone. I half expected a little argument about not getting a kiss at midnight, but she never said a word. I'm glad she's not all hurt and down on herself. It's pretty cool having a girlfriend that will fuck off when you tell her to.

Izzy started making us dinner. He was going all out and our kitchen was covered in pot, pans, half mixed shit, and strown flour. And knowing Izzy he'll leave the mess for Erin to clean up. I stand in the doorway and smile as he runs around the kitchen like a chicken with its head cut off. He's back and forth trying to do a dozen things as once. He drops an egg and it splatters all over the floor. I can't help but laugh.

Izzy looks up at me and smiles back, "Julia Child I'm not," he huffs and picks up the egg shell.

"Good because quite frankly Julia doesn't turn me on."

"What, the manly voice doesn't do it for you?" He smirks.

"No, she's just freakishly tall," I shrug.

"But the bitch can cook," Izzy adds and starts stirring some mystery dough in a bowl.

And I can't help but wonder why Izzy was cooking for me. It's not really a special occasion that would call for such. Besides, we have enough money to spring for the best take out possible, why cook? "Darlin...Whatever compells you to do this?"

Izzy raises his eyebrows at me, "What compells me? Fuck, so formal sounding. I guess hunger compells me. Or maybe it's a last ditch effort effort to bid adieu to 1987. Maybe it's a greeting for 1988. Or maybe what compells me is a certain red headed fireball whom I refuse to share with anyone tonight. That goes for waiters and delivery boys."

I give a lopsided smile and roll my eyes. "Well who's gonna clean up this mess?"

"Erin," Izzy shrugs and we bust out laughing. "OK, I'll help her," Izzy laughs as he flips pages in some cooking book. His finger scans across the words then he turns and drags more shit out of the fridge.

"So I take it you've been plotting this huh?" I ask and stand with my ass propped on the counter.

Izzy just smiles and starts pouring milk into a measuring cup. That smile warms my heart. It reminds me of how much I love him. How much I needed him. I'm nothing without him. "I thought my Fireball might appreciate it. I haven't cooked for you in a really long time. Besides, I kinda felt like it."

"Very domestic of you Izz. So does that mean you're the housewife?" I can't help but smile as I wait for Izzy's response.

"Housewife?" He looks at me. He gets a pinch of flour and throws it all over me. "Take it back or I'll cook you next."

I just laughed and tried to get the flour out of my hair. It had been so long since we'd playfully joked with one another. Everything had been so serious. It was nice to finally get to take a step back and breathe. It felt so good to laugh with him. I loved him so much. "So what is it exactly that you're attempting to make?" I curiously ask and look around at all the contents of the fridge and pantry splayed out across the countertop.

"A marble cake," Izzy says as he stirs.

"Our supper is a marble cake?" I double checked.

"No, our supper is roasted chicken breast smothered in yellow sauce with real mashed potatoes and vegetable medley. Oh and rolls."

And the surprise comes to my face because that sounded pretty fucking good. "Wow Izz, that sounds pretty good."

"I know," he winks at me. "Now shoo, be gone," he waves me out.

So I go take a shower. I take such a long one that I run out of hot water. I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist. All the mirrors are fogged up. I'm tempted to run my hand across it but I'm afraid I'll just see Billy. I don't want to see him tonight. Tonight was just for me and Izzy. No Erin and no Billy. I towel dry my hair and slide into a bath robe. When I walk out I see the table set and the plates with food piled onto them.

Izzy pulls out a chair for me, "Right this way Mr. Rose sir."

"Why thank you Mr. Stradlin,' I gleam and sit down.

"Lovely choice in attire as always sir," Izzy bows and goes to his own seat.

I start eating and Izzy pours me a glass of wine. "I've never drank wine with my dinner before," I say and take a sip.

"Me either but they do on TV so I figured it was worth a shot at least."

"It's nice," I smile and taste my first bite of chicken. "Oh god, this is so good. How the hell did you ever make this?"

"Apparently I have a knack for reading instructions off a box," Izzy modestly smiles.

"So what else do you have up your sleeve?" I ask him.

"Uh...Nothing really. Staying in. Watching Dick Clark on TV," he dryly answers.

"Oh you'll be watching dick alright," I mutter and Izzy smiles.

"Well maybe, that depends on how much you beg me."

"Beg? Oh no, you're the one who will be begging," I say quite matter of factly. And I meant that.

Izzy cocks an eyebrow at me, "You know what, I'm not even hungry."

"Me either," I smirk.

Izzy gulps down his wine and stands up. He walks to my side of the table. With one fast sweep of his arm my side of the table is cleared and everything is now broken on the floor. Before I can bitch about it Izzy is pulling me to my feet. He spins me around and gently pushes me back on the table with a coy little smirk. His lips take mine and he kisses me down onto the table top. I reach down and start to undo my pants. My breath is already racing and I'm shoving them down as fast as I can.

Izzy pushes everything around his ankles. He spits in his hand and runs it across my ass. He rests my legs on his shoulders and I feel him slowly slide inside of me. His eyes roll back and shut for a moment. Then I feel him grabbing me by the thighs for leverage as he starts to thrust slow and hard. I've been with a few other guys than Izzy but none of them can compare to my dark angel in the sack.

"Mmmm," Izzy groans and rolls his hips as he thrusts again.

"Yeah, just like that," I say yearning for more.

Izzy slowly spreads my legs apart while holding on to my ankles. His eyes look down at himself fucking me. "You've got the most beautiful ass in the world. Roll over, let me see that ass."

And I gladly obey. Izzy wraps one arm around my shoulders and holds me to his chest as he slowly slides back in me. He kisses my neck and shoulder and places his palm in my back and urges me down. So I lay on my stomach. Izzys fingers drag down my spine. Then I feel both hands grasp my ass tight. Then he surprises me with a hard smack across my right ass cheek. I growl and arch my back. I hear Izzy give a little chuckle.

"You feel so good angel," I moan and reach an arm around to grab his hip. His movements are slow and deliberate. I know the little shit is trying to make me beg. Izzy has always favored torture when it comes to cumming. But it's not just me he's torturing. Let's see how long he can be patient.

I roll my hips backwards as he slides deeply in me again. I hear him mumble fuck and I feel him quiver just before he slides back again. This makes me grin because I have my own methods of torturing him too. He's not very high tonight so I know this won't turn into an Olympic event to get him off. I'm already finding myself close.

"Don't think I don't know what you're up to with all that hip rolling," I hear him say.

"Whatever do you mean Izz?" I coo.

"Mmmmhuh, like you don't know." And then he angles down more with his next stroke. I gasp because he hits my prostate. "See darlin, I can play that game too." And he keeps doing itcas he increases his speed some. I'm writhing on the table and squirming. "Where you crawling to fireball?" Then I feel myself cumming all over the table and my stomach. Izzy just laughs, "Yeah motherfucker." He increases his speed and three strokes later I feel his warmth exploding inside of me.

"You didn't make me beg though," I pant.

I feel him lay across my back and nuzzle my ear, "I've got all night to make you beg darlin."

He sits up and I stand. The fucking tabletop has a layer of my cum on it. It's spread out from my weight. I'm covered from my chest to my dick.

"We should probably never ever invite anyone over for dinner," Izzy remarks looking at the table.

"Well, you're the eager beaver who couldn't make it tongue bedroom."

"Well we haven't christened the table yet," he shrugs with a smile.

"I'm gonna go shower. And I think your cake is burning babe." I head for the bathroom as Izzy curses and rushes to the oven.
I walk in the bathroom and cut on a little radio we have on the counter. Izzy is almost always listening to music. He listens in the shower. He's always got a walkman on when we travel. I change it off the classics. To my surprise I stumble across NWA. I Bob my head, "Cruzin down the street in my 6 4. Jockin the bitches. Slappin the hoes..." I spin around and cut on the shower. I disrobe and step in. "Cuz the boys in the hood are always hard. You come talking that trash and well pull your card. Knowing nothing in life but to be legit. Don't quote me boy cuz I ain't said shit..." Then I'm startled by hands on my hips.

"It's just me darlin," I hear Izzy say softly and bury his head in my neck. His arms wrap around me and I feel his soft kisses going across my shoulders. "You trying to become a rapper in here Fireball?"

"Well it's always good to have a fallback plan."

"White boys can't rap," he whispers and turns me around. He kisses me deeply and presses me into the wall.

It's been a long time since we just made out like this. I always loved making out with Izzy. It reminds me of our wasted youth. So many nights we lay out under the stars just kissing. We had zero expectations. We were just happy to feel one another close. Izzy would always profess his love for me. Even back then he had a way with words. And the gentle way he touched me always made me feel so safe.

"I love you darlin," Izzy whispers with the retraction of his lips.

"I love you too. I'll love you till my dying breath Izzy." And I know that I mean that. I will always love him. And I know he will always love me too.

And we stand there caressing each other's naked wet bodies. We kiss. We hug. We each wash the others bodies. We're creating so much heat that we don't even noticed when the water starts getting cold in the shower. But when I start rinsing my hair I feel it down my back. Neither of us are a big fan of cold showers so we wrap it up and get out. Izzy grabs my wrist and looks at my watch.

"One minute to midnight," he says and wraps a towel around his waist. He goes to the living room and cuts on the TV. I can hear Dick Clark starting the countdown to the ball dropping in Times Square.


"Happy New Year darlin," Izzy smiles and takes me in his arms. He kisses me with all the passion of a new years kiss. It tells me how much he loves me. It cements forever in my mind. Outside we hear fireworks start. Izzy looks out the window, "Wanna go watch?" He asks.

I nod and we walk out on our balcony in nothing but towels. I grip the railing looking up at the sky. The fireworks are everywhere. The sound of the Artillery shells fills the air in all directions. I feel Izzy wrap his arms around me from behind me. I lay back in to him and we just stand silently watching.

"This is our year Izz. No more bullshit."

"I promise darlin."
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