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My Fiancee

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my who starts grinning like an idiot the second he lays eyes on me. He grabs me and twists my arm and shoves me up against the wall. Where’s Duff? Is he gonna come and save me this time too? Tommy holds me up against the wall and goes to work on my belt telling me the whole time that he’s gonna fuck me into next week. I squirm and fight but he’s bigger than me and I can’t get away! His weight is pressing me up against the wall and then...I jerk awake but I don’t know where I am! Something or someone is holding me down and I immediately shove them off and sit up. I hear an indignant “oof!” and then a voice saying “What the fuck? Baby Boy are you ok?”

Duff! It’s Duff who was laying on me and half squishing me! Oops! “Duffy I’m sorry, I was dreaming and I woke up and you were on me and I tried to get away, I’m so sorry baby!” I tell him, immediately sitting up and looking at him sprawled on the boat deck next to the chaise lounge we were sleeping on.

He sits up next to me and looks me over worriedly. “More bad dreams?” he asks and I nod. He sighs and takes my hands in his. “You’re safe now, it’s just you and me and all those stars out here,” he says quietly and strokes the backs of my hands with his thumbs. “Don’t be scared, I’m right here.”

“I’m not scared anymore, I’m with you, I’m ok. I’m sorry I knocked you out of the chair and woke you up, I know you’ve been up for like 3 days. I’m sorry if I messed up your night, you worked so hard to give me a really great New Year’s Eve,” I start but he stops me.

“You didn’t mess it up, I told you earlier tonight I want to be with you forever and crazy nightmares is just a part of being with you right now. You don’t upset me when you wake me up, mostly I just want you to be ok and not be afraid. Something really bad happened to you and it’s going to take time to get past it. I love you, nightmares and all, ok Baby Boy?” he says quietly. I nod and he squeezes my hands. “You know, there’s a bed on this boat, what do you say we go get in it?”
“Sounds great, my back is all stiff from sleeping on this thing,” I grumble. I stand up and pull Duff up off the deck and he surprises me by scooping me up in his arms. “Duffy what are you doing?” I laugh.

“I’m carrying my fiancee to bed if that’s ok with you,” he replies and I grin. He leans down and kisses me softly and I wrap my arms around his neck. We exchange several sweet kisses and then he carries me around to the cabin doors and I open them. We walk into the dining room and pass through it to the connected bedroom. The bed is huge and soft and Duff plops me down on one side and I scoot over so he can crawl in next to me.

“Say it again, I like the way it sounds,” I plead with him.

“Say what?” he teases knowing exactly what I want to hear.

“My fiancee, I loved hearing it come out of your mouth,” I answer.

“Oh you mean my fiancee, the one I just carried to bed?” he laughs.

“Yeah, I like hearing it, guess that makes you my fiancee too! I love you Duffy, thanks for tonight and this beautiful boat and for the whole vacation, it’s just amazing! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for what you’ve done for me since’ve been so good to me, you’ve loved me through the nightmares and me not talking, and you took care of me when I couldn’t care for myself and I love you so much for it.”
Thurs june 8 at 7
“Well of course I took care of you Baby Boy, I love you’ and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, that’s why I asked you to be my fiance! But I’ll tell you what else it means to be my fiancee, it means you’re mine and only mine and I’m not sharing you with anybody else for as long as I live, no more suits, no more bandmates, no more nutcases, nobody is ever gonna touch you again that you don’t want to. You’re not a plaything to be passed around or traded for record deals, no more being entertainment for psychos; your body is yours and yours alone and you don’t have to give it to anyone that you don’t want to ever again, I swear, I’ll kill whoever touches you if anyone ever tries again. You’re MY Baby Boy, no one else’s. I think I’m the luckiest mother fucker alive because I have you and your’re the sweetest, smartest, most talented person I ever met,L he says.

“I’m pretty dure I’m the luckiest man out there; I’ve got a tall gorgeous man who wants to spend the rest if h is life with me for some reason. He took me to this amazing resort and then rented a fucking yacht for us on New Year’s Eve. Then we fucked on the deck and I got off just as the fireworks were starting. He’s amazing!” I tease.

“Sounds like it!” he laughs.

“Yeah but the best part was when I had a nightmare and knocked you out of the deck chair and onto the floor you didn’t get angry; you picked me up and carried me to bed. You wake up two or three times a night with me most nights and help calm me down and then hold me until I go back to sleep. You make me feel safe and loved and I love you more than anything in the world,” I tell him.

“I love you too Baby Boy,” he says quietly. “I’m glad I make you feel safe, I try really hard to make you feel that way, especially when you wake up afraid. You’re always so scared and all I want is to take that fear away and make you feel safe and loved. I feel so guilty about what Nikki did because I left you alone and I know you say it’s not my fault and that I’m not the one who hurt you but I left you alone, I left you by yourself and he got you! I don’t think that guilt will ever go away. Watching what they did to you was horrible, I just wanted to kill the two of them! Every little sound you made when they did something that hurt you was like a knife in my heart. You were so brave though, you didn’t lose it, you didn’t cry and beg which I might have considering how big Tommy is, you just went away somewhere inside yourself, I don’t think I could have taken it as well as you did. You’ve done great since that night too. I know you don’t like talking about it so I don’t say anything but I”m so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard to get back to normal and sometimes I wonder if we’re moving too fast but you seem to be fine and there’s nothing I’d rather do than make love to you. Nothing makes me feel as good as being inside of you so I’m not complaining, I just hope you know that if you’re ever uncomfortable or scared we don’t have to do anything.”

“I know but I want to be with you, I love you and I love the way you make me feel. If I didn’t want to be with you I wouldn’t, I would tell you.. But what I’m going to tell you right now is that since we’re already awake and you got all romantic and carried me in here to bed I think we should definitely christen the bed…” I say grinning.

“Shower first and I’ll lick your little hole, would you like that?” he asks looking at me raising and lowering his eyebrows at me. I feel my dick start to stir between us and Duff’s responds in kind.

“You know I’d like it!” I practically moan, squirming underneath him at the thought of his tongue gliding over my opening. He always made it feel sooo good.

“Maybe I can even make you cum that way, it’s been a long time since I got you off that way. You always get too worked up to stand it for very long,” he says.

“We’ll see, you get me so excited, it feels so fucking good I can hardly stand myself!” I reply. “Let’s get in the shower!” I say moving to sit up and Duff laughs at how anxious I am. We get up and make our way into the bathroom that’s off the bedroom and are delighted to find a huge double shower. We turn on the water and two jets of hot water pour from the brass shower heads above us. We grab some of the fancy, wrapped, soaps from the sink and washcloths and climb into the steaming water. We quickly scrub down, washing the earlier sex from our bodies and then climb out and dry off. I comb through my curls with a brush that’s on the sink and run some hair gel through it that I find there as well, this boat had everything! Duff combs through his own hair and then turns to me, pulling me into his arms and kissing me passionately. I melt into his heated kisses and wind my fingers through his long hair. His tongue nudges my lips and I willingly open my mouth and let him explore, my own tongue dancing around his. I feel his hand work it’s way between us and he wraps it around my rapidly hardening cock. I groan and thrust eagerly into his hand and I feel him smile into the kiss. I reach down and take his cock into my own hand and stroke him and he groans into my mouth.

“Turn around,” he says huskily as he pulls away from my mouth. I do as he asks and he bends me over the sink, kneeling on the soft white rug on the floor. He squeezed my ass with his big hands and kissed along the line where my lower back met my hips, his tongue dipping teasingly between my cheeks when he reached the middle. His hands massaged me some more and then I felt him spread my cheeks apart and a barely there lick grazed my hole. I sucked in my breath in anticipation. Another light flick of Duff’s tongue ghosted over my entrance drawing a quiet whine out of me.

“Duff, please!” I pleaded. “Stop teasing, lick me for real!” He obliged with a quiet groan and the next lick he gave me was long and hard, moving from my balls all to way to the top of my crack. I couldn’t help but tense up and I let out a cry. I could feel Duff smiling. More long, firm, licks followed, interspersed with gentle pushes of his tongue that left my cock throbbing and me yearning for more.

“I can see your face in the mirror, you’re so fucking hot with that look on your face,” he panted, licking me again. “And you look so good from back here, I love licking your pretty little ass.” I felt his teeth sink into the top of my thigh and I groaned and reached behind me and stroked his hair.

“Duffy, you feel so good! My cock is so fucking hard!” I tell him and then practically squeal as he pushes his tongue into me and rubs the area just behind my balls with the pad of his thumb, massaging my prostate from the outside. “Oh fuck Duff!”

“Touch yourself,” he whispers. I lick my hand and wrap it around my cock and start to stroke myself. My cock throbs hard in my hand and I jerk back towards Duff’s probing tongue and he begins to tongue fuck me in earnest, massaging that spot behind my balls the whole time. Duff’s tongue felt amazing, teasing and licking and slipping inside of me. Combined with me stroking my cock I knew I wasn’t going to last long; I could already feel that wonderful tension and tingling in my balls.

I couldn’t keep quiet anymore either, alternating between pants and groans and babbling at Duff about how good I felt. Within less than a minute my belly tensed and my cock throbbed and I exploded, pulling on Duff’s hair and yelling out his name. He sped up his gentle thrusts and I convulsed again hard. “Fuck Duffy! That’s so fucking good!” I whined in between spasms. He gradually slowed down as I came down, eventually placing a gentle kiss on my opening and pulling away, wiping his face with his towel. He wasn’t done though, he turned me around, licked some of the cum off of my belly and took me into his mouth as I was starting to go soft and sucked me back into hardness. “Duff what are you doing?” I asked as he moaned around my dick.
“I want you and I wanna make you cum again. Problem for you? Damn I love the way you taste!” he said as he licked more cum off my belly.

“Not a problem for me but aren’t you a horny fucker?!” I answered.

“It’s your fault, you looked so hot stroking your cock and I love how you moan and whine and squirm around when I lick you,” he says.

“Well you feel so fucking good! Do you want me to do it back?” I ask him.

“Maybe later; right now I just want to be inside your tight little ass. How do you want it?” he asks.

“Fuck me from behind so I can see your face in the mirror but hold me close to you ok?” I plead with him.

“Not a problem baby, hold onto the sink,” he tells me as he lubes up his cock. He gets me to lean over a little and moves my hips towards him and gently starts to work his way in. He didn’t really prep me but he goes slow so that he doesn’t hurt me. Once he’s all the way in he sits still, giving me some time to adjust. When I buck back against him to let him know that I’m ready he begins to thrust slowly. His arms are around my body, one holding onto my shoulder for leverage, the other splayed across my chest, his fingers intertwined with mine. It’s not long before I start to whimper and moan as his dick glides over my prostate, stimulating that most sensitive of spots. “Does that feel good angel? You like it when my dick hits your spot? It’s getting so swollen and hot and you’re so tight, I’m gonna cum inside you so hard baby.”

I’m gonna cum again soon too and I ask Duff to speed it up a little. “Oh fuck baby, I love the way your dick feels inside me, just a little more!” I beg.

“Come for Slash, I’m ready to blow any second, you can do it Baby Boy, you’re so tight, let go and cum for me,” he whispers huskily.

I hold on for a few more seconds and then I feel a throb starting deep in my belly and the base of my cock. I let out a loud groan and cum all over my stomach and chest and then I feel Duff go rigid behind me as I clamp down on his cock, burying himself inside of me as far as he can. “Oh Slash!” he groans. We ride each other out and then he collapses into me and I lean heavily on the sink. He softly kisses the back of my neck and whispers “I love you my sweet Baby Boy.”

“I love you too Duffy, you’re my everything. Thank you for this, and thank you for this wonderful vacation, it’s amazing and so are you. I love you so much and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,’ I tell him, turning my head to give him a kiss. We cuddle for a few minutes and then move into the shower to quickly clean ourselves off and then move back to the huge bed. Duff pulls me into his arms and I snuggle up under his arm and place a gentle kiss on his neck. “Good night Duffy. Tonight was amazing. You were amazing.

“So were you beautiful. I love you, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my beautiful fiancee.” I grin when he says this and he gives me a soft kiss. “Now, no more nightmares, you’re safe here with me. I’ll always keep you safe, for the rest of our lives. He squeezes me again and we drift into a peaceful, nightmare free sleep.
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