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Our Little Sex Slave

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I wish I was Erin...

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I'm at home cooking dinner for my boys. Axl is sitting behind his baby grand piano Izzy got him for Christmas playing with melodies. I'm impressed at what a great player he was. Izzy's taking a shower. He's been in there quite a while. I hope he didn't pass out or fall down or anything. Then I hear the piano stop playing and I hear Axl speak, "Izzy, what the fuck?" Naturally I go into the room to make sure a fight wasn't about to break out. I see Izzy standing in front of Axl. He's in a robe and holding it open. Axl licks his lips and looks up at Izzy with a smirk.

"Everything ok guys?" I ask them.

"I guess," Axl shrugs, "Izzy here has gotten really aquainted with a razor?"

"What do you mean?" I ask. Then Izzy turns to face me with his robe held wide open. He had completely shaved his pubes and nuts. I really wanted to touch him to see how smooth it is. But Axl beats me to that.

Axl turns Izzy to face him again. He runs his hand down his flat stomach and cups his balls in his hand. He bends over and licks up Izzy's limp dick and sucks his nuts into his mouth. Izzy starts getting hard pretty fast. "Mmmm I can feel everything. It's so sensitive to the touch. Do you like it? No pubes to get in your mouth when you're sucking me off."

"I think I could get used to it. It's so smooth," he says running his fingertips across all the places hair used to be.

"Let's get a woman's opinion on this," Axl says and looks at me. "I liked it when you didn't have pubes for two weeks. Izzy enjoyed it too."

I slightly blush, "It's astetically pleasing," I shrug.

"Come feel it sugar," Izzy winks at me and motions with his head for me to come over.

So I do. Axl and I both caress the smooth skin . We both run our tounges up his pulsing dick. When we get to the tip we kiss. It's a very sweet and gentle kiss, not Axl's normal kisses. Then we continue with Izzy both taking a ball each into our mouths. Izzy moans and places a hand on the back of each of our heads. The skin feels so soft. The lack of hair even makes Izzy's dick look bigger.

I look at the both of them as I think, "Have either of you ever let someone do whatever they want to you sexually for one night?"

"Sure," Izzy nods, "Axl has a kink streak."

"And Izzy fucking loves it," Axl rolls his eyes.

"So sugar, have you?" Izzy asks me.

"No, not really."

"Never done any dominatrix shit?" He raises his eyebrow at me.

"No," I shyly smile and blush.

Izzy and Axl look at one another smiling. They're having one of their telepathic conversations. Then Izzy turns to me with a coy smile. "You wanna try? You willing to be our sex slave for the night? I think you might like Axl's kinky side."

"My kink? What about you motherfucker? You're just as kinky in your own Izzy way."

"So what's it gonna be sugar?" Izzy asks me again.

"Ok. For one night I will let you both do whatever you want to me. Just don't like choke me or piss on me or anything really weird, ok?" I ask.

"Not a problem honey," Axl smiles., " I'll go get the box," he says and disappears into the bedroom.

Izzy looks down at me still on my knees and runs his thumb down my cheek. "I need to blindfold you sugar." He goes over to the couch and picks up one of Axl's bandannas.. he places it over my eyes and ties it tightly. "Can't see can you?"

"No." As soon as I'm done saying no I feel Izzy's lips teasing mine gently. I open my mouth and our tounges slide past one another. Then I feel him scoop me up in his arms. I surmise he's taking me to the bedroom.

We get back to the bed and are like getting into it pretty heavy. Izzy slowly undresses me between kisses. Fuck! Have you like ever told someone that for one night they could do whatever they want to you sexually? Well I hadn't before tonight. After almost two and a half years I didn't really think Axl and Izzy had anymore tricks up their sleeves. Um... I was wrong to underestimate just how truly sick and depraved their filthy little minds could get. I stand corrected . "You stay right here, no peeking!!" Izzy says as he gently takes one of my hands and stretches it above my head. I feel cold metal on my wrist and clicking as it gets secured. Is he hand cuffing me? Then he brings my other arm up and clasps it around my wrist. " Don't be scared sugar," Izzy whispers tenderly, " You trust us, right? It's just role play."

"Yes," I nod and feel his lips on mine again.

Axl comes back inthe room a few minutes later. "Mmm shes 'pretty tied up' Izz."

Then I hear a smack and can't help but jump a bit. "What was that?" I ask from behind my blindfold.

"Just a little toy, nothing to worry about," Axl says.

He smacks something across my thighs and I wince as it starts to sting. "Roll over bitch!" I hear Axl telling me. I laugh a little. Was he serious? Then he slaps my thighs again. "I said roll the fuck over bitch!" Oh holy shit! He is serious!??? Did he really just call me a bitch? He's seriously into this dominance thing! This definitely puts a new spin on things

"Ok! Ok! I'm rolling shit!" And I flop over like a fucking pancake. Well, the best I can being hand cuffed to the bed.Then I feel that thing go across my ass. I clench my cheeks together. Fuck that stung! "Ouch! Not so hard!" I yelp.

"You want me to fuck you?" Izzy asks as I feel the whip slightly dragging down my back softly. It tickled a little, but it sorta turns me on too.

"Mmmm," I moan. Hell yes I did.

"Then stick that ass in the air bitch," Izzy growls in my ear. And I feel another sting go across my ass. Normally my ass is what you might call, lily it's got some color to it now. I quickly comply for Izzy and stick my ass up in the air.

I expect Izzy to start fucking me but he's not. Something else is going on back there. Someone is sticking something in my ass."Uh..." I mutter feeling a little helpless and questionably hesitant.

I think it's Axl who smacks my ass again. "You will only speak when spoken to! Do you fucking understand?! Or do I need to spank you again?!" I don't say shit so he fucking spanks me for not answering him! "Pay attention! I ask, you answer! I said do I need to spank you again?!"

Fuck I don't know the goddamn right answer! "Um yes..." WHACK!

"You spread that ass apart...wide as you can bitch!" Damn Axl is really into this role play shit.

"It's just anal beads sugar," Izzy tells me softly, "I almost have them in, just relax."

So I do and feel a warm tounge go across my hole. Shit that feels good.

"You like that tounge in your ass don't you you filthy little whore?" Filthy little whore... I think I might like bitch better than filthy little whore.

"Fuck yes!" I moan loudly.

Then I can feel Izzy pushing one of the balls on the anal beads into my ass. "Mmmm. You like that don't you? You want another one don't you?" He moans out to me.

"Fuck yes!" I quickly say because it sorta feels good.

WHACK. "Say please! Say please Izzy may I fucking have another!" Axl shouts.

"Fuck! Please Izzy may I have another?!?!" I shout out.

"That's a good girl," he says and starts to pop in another. He gets it in and pulls it out slowly. "I don't think you really want it. Do you want it?"

"Please!!!" I almost squeak. So he gives it back. Oh god yes!

"You're gonna ask for that last one now aren't you?" SMACK. Axl smacks me with the whip again.

"Oh yes! Please Izzy! May I have another?!" And he gives me the final one. Shit! I'm enjoying this! There's something strangely erotic about this side of them. Maybe I just have deviant needs from time to time. I like it rough. I like being dominated.

"Oh god yes."

WHACK. "Did I tell you to talk?! I should take one away since you can't listen! Do I need to do that?!" Axl says sounding so menacing.

"No please!"

WHACK. "That's what I thought you dirty little slut!" He wiggles them in my ass. It feels so good.

"Oh yes!" I can't help but shout.

SMACK. "Did I ask you a question?!" SMACK SMACK.

"No!!" I howl.

"Mmmm I want you to suck my cock. You want to suck my cock bitch?" Axl's says.

"Yes!! Fuck please!!!" And I feel him moving in front of me against the head board. He straddles my bound arms. I feel him run his dick across my face. Then he smacks my forehead with it. Then I feel him pushing it on my lips. I open up and take him in my mouth. He grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls me closer.

Izzy reaches down to my ass and tugs at the string hanging out of my ass and it feels awesome! Oh shit yeah!!! Then again I feel his tounge on me. Then he starts flicking his tongue on my clit. I wanted to cry out but Axl will just spank me again.

"Swallow that motherfucker!" Axl growls at me, fisting my hair and thrusting his hips.

I don't know how I do it, but I fucking do. I take him all the way in, balls deep down my throat. He thrusts his hips slightly as he holds me to him. And just when I think my jaw my permanently unhinge or die from lack of oxygen, he lets me up for air.

"You like that cock down your throat don't you?!" He asks me and slaps his salivated dick across my cheek. What the hell?

"Mmmm yes," I pant as Izzy quite literally pulls my string.

"Suck it some more then bitch!"

And I take him into my mouth again. I can feel his pulse with my tongue. Izzy toys with the beads in my ass and it's driving me up the fucking wall. I could cum so easily right now. But I think they wants me to beg for a privilege like that. But I better wait for him to ask, my ass cheeks can't take much more spanking. I can feel it throbbing and burning.

Then Izzy finally hisses, "Mmmm you want me to fuck you with this cock?"

"Please Izzy," I plead around Axl's engorged member.

I feel him coming up behind me on his knees. He strokes his head over me as I eagerly await it. Then I feel him slide into me. Izzy starts thrusting and I can't help but moan. I'm so worked up its insane!. His movements become more spastic. The rhythm of his panting is so loud, even over my involuntary moans. Is he about to cum? Already?! It usually takes him a lot longer because of the heroin and gin and whatever other substances he comes across. Apparently not tonight. " gonna suck this dick dry?" Izzy asks me in a moan.


And in two seconds Axl has moved and Izzy's in front of me. I barely get him in my mouth before I feel it filling with his cum. Damn I love him! "Mmmm, now what do we do about this?" Axl asks placing his hand around my dick.

So Axl flips me back over on my back he throws my legs over his shoulders and starts to thrust. They're short fast strokes. Then I hear Izzy softly whispering in my ear. "He looks so sxy fucking you sugar. You wanna see how good he looks?" And I nod. Then I feel him pushing the blindfold off me. I look up and can see Axl with a Sheen of sweat glistening on his perfectly toned body. Izzy as right, Axl looked hot as hell.

Izzy gently takes me by the chin and turns my head to face him. He kisses me softly as his hands move over my breasts. Then his tounge begins to swirl one of my nipples. Then out of nowhere he fucking bites it. I wince and arch my back. He gives a devious chuckle and kisses where he bit me. He licks up my neck and sucks my ear lobe. It makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

"You gonna suck this cock and freshly shorn balls?" He whispers in my ear. I nod with a smile.

Izzy straddles my chest and traces my lips with the head of his dick. I open up and suck him in. He moans and strokes my cheek. He slowly starts to move his hips, thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth. It's kinda hard for me to give head cuffed to the bed. I must say, I did like his razor job. It's much nicer without pubes getting in the way. I kinda hope he does this all the time now.

"Angel," I hear Axl saying to Izzy, " I wanna watch you fuck her. Then I want to finish you off by sucking you off."

Izzy smirks and gets off of me. Axl pulls out and crawls up on the bed next to me. I feel Izzy slide into me. He starts out slow but picks up the pace pretty quickly. I feel the head of his dick slamming into my cervix. It hurts a little bit, but sometimes a little pain is good. Izzy lifts my ass and continues fucking me. Hesdriving every inch into me. His eyes are trained on his own dick slamming into me. I can hear him panting in short but deep breaths. He doesn't sweat very much but I can see it slightly forming in his hair line and making it look wet. Izzy has such a beautiful body, I don't know why he never runs around without a shirt. Maybe it's because of the track marks. They are fairly noticable when he's undressed.

"Ain't he fucking beautiful," Axl mutters. "Look how gracefully he moves. It's like art. Every move is so vividly orchestrated. The way he curls his hips...Mmmm I love watching him fuck. I know you love the way he feels inside you." Then Axl kisses me. His hands run along my flesh gently, but every so often he grasps at me. "You gonna cum for him honey?" Axl asks just before sticking his tongue in my ear.

Then Izzy lowers himself down on top of me. He rests his weight on one elbow and kisses me in a desperate sort of way. With his other arm he reaches back and holds my leg to him from behind my thigh. His hips move just the way Axl described it. It was art. I could feel myself drawing closer and closer. I guess Izzy could tell. "That's it sugar, cum for me. Cum all over my cock."

And when it happens it's like rainbows and glitter sprinkling from the sky. I cum and cum until it fucking physically hurts. Damn, I should say ANYTHING to them more often. Who knew they could be so imaginative? Izzy pulls out of me. I feel his hand tugging at the string on the anal beads. He removes them one by one, very slowly. Then Axl gets off the bed and gets down on the floor in front of Izzy and starts blowing him. Apparently Axl does a great job because it isn't long before Izzy is saying, "I'm right there." He pants and squirms around a little. Then I hear him grunt and watch his body stiffens then slowly relax. I loved watching Izzy cum. I can see why Axl has such a fascination with watching Izzy have sex.

Then Axl climbs back between my thighs and starts fucking me. Izzy stands behind him issing his neck and shoulders. He's whispering something to him but I can't hear what. Izzy's arms go around Axl and slide down his damp skin. One hand keeps going down. I think he's playing with his balls. "Stick your fingers in my ass," Axl says to Izzy seeming so needy. So of course Izzy does it with a smirk. He fees things out a minute, but then I see Axl's eyes roll back in his head and his movements become involuntary. I can feel his dick throbbing inside of me. When it stops Axl just rests his weight into Izzy. Izzy wraps his arms around him and kisses his shoulder. Axl seems to be in a very very good mood."Hey izz, you think we should let our little sex slave go?"

"Mmmm, what if she has to pee? She might piss in the bed" Izzy softly asks still kissing Axl's shoulders.

"Nah, that's Slash's job," Axl chuckles. Izzy and I join in. We all know Slash pees in the bed when he gets too fucked up.

"I think if we let her go she'll cook for us. That's what she was doing before we cuffed her."

"I am hungry," Axl smirks,"I guess we can release her. For now."
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