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I Never Want To Return To Reality

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I wake up to the sound of seagulls screeching outside and the gentle rocking of the boat. Duff’s arms are wrapped tightly around me, holding me close even in sleep. I can’t help but smile at waking up in his arms, my beautiful, absolutely wonderful fiancee. Ok, even I have to roll my eyes at myself when I think that but it’s true. Duff had done so much to make this trip special for us and he’d taken such care to make sure I felt safe and loved and wanted and protected. He made me so happy, when he said to me last night that he wanted me to consider us engaged my heart fairly leapt out of my chest! I was surprised and thrilled and excited that he wanted to make it official. I mean I know it didn’t really change anything between us, we were together like we always were but I loved that he wanted us to be considered officially engaged. I felt like a girl who wanted to show off her new diamond ring only without the ring. I didn’t need the ring thought I just wanted him to say it over and over and over.

I lean up and kiss the bottom of his jaw and he stirs a little. I lean up on my elbow and kiss back towards his ear and then up his cheek and he groans quietly and his eyelids flutter. I smile and place a soft kiss right beside his eye. He gives a small grin and I kiss right beside his lips and tease him and he pouts a little so I place a soft, sweet kiss square on his lips and I feel him smile into the kiss and he groans. “Good morning beautiful” I say quietly and he squeezes me and pulls me back down to his lips.

“Good morning sweetheart,” he answers. “How’s my sweet fiancee this morning?”

I can’t help grinning like an idiot. “I’m great because I’m waking up with you, How is my beautiful fiancee today?” I reply relishing the chance to call him that.

“If I can wake up to those beautiful brown eyes and those curls and that sweet smile everyday I’ll be happy every day for the rest of my life,” he tells me. I love you.

“I love you too,” I tell him. I want to wake up to everyday with your arms around me and your sweet voice saying good morning and that beautiful grin aaaaaand you have to call me your fiancee every day until you can call me your husband, deal?” I ask him.

“Deal, I’ll call my you my beautiful fiancee every day until we can legally say you’re my husband,” Duff says. I love you Slash. This has been the best trip and renting this boat was a great idea. I feel like we’re on our honeymoon or something.

“Yeah I know, it does feel like that, how long do we have the boat for?” I ask him.

“Until 9:00 tonight,, it was a 24 hour rental., So we can cruise around a little today if you want,” he says.

“That would be nice, as long as you know what you’re doing,” I tell him a little nervously. I’m a little afraid of getting out into open water.

“Relax baby, I used to drive boats up and down the river and in the bay every weekend when i wasn’t playing music, I know how to drive a boat ok? I won’t get us lost at sea,” he chuckles.

“I just don’t see you as a boat captain,” I laugh.

“There’s lots of things you don’t know about me, I’m full of surprises,” he tells me and kisses the tip of my nose.
“Mmm well I have a surprise for you, and it has nothing to do with driving a boat, but I guess you could try and use it as a tiller,” I tell him grinding my hard cock into him. “You can try and steer me left,” I say and grind into his left leg, “or you can steer me right,” I say to him and grind into his right leg, or you could just let me drive straight,” I murmur into his lips as I grind our crotches together and he groans.

“I’m stranded at sea and I need to be rescued and probably need to be resuscitated and everything, he laughs.

“Well then I better get to work, wouldn’t want to lose you,” I tease and seize his lips in a loving, but passionate kiss. He groans into my mouth and kisses back, running his hands into my curls. I dip my tongue into his mouth and he happily lets me explore, laying back and letting me lavish his body with attention. He’s absolutely spoiled me for the past couple days and now it’s his turn and I’m happy to spoil him right back. I kiss his sweet mouth and then move my lips down his neck and then slowly dip my tongue into the crevice of his collarbone and he lets out and exquisite, delicate, moan. It’s one of his most sensitive spots., like the the spot behind my ear. I lick that spot again and he whimpers quietly and arches towards me.

“Slllaaassshh…!!” he groans quietly. “Ooh!” he sighs as I do it again and gently suck on that soft, sensitive spot at the base of his throat.

“Mmm my sweet Duff, I’m gonna make you purr for me and then I’m gonna make you scream,” I tell him. I continue to torture that spot and turn him into a whimpering, squirming mess who keeps trying to grind his dick into mine but I keep swerving away at the last minute. Finally I move to kiss down his chest but not before I sink my teeth into the skin where I’ve been sucking and licking and he growls and pulls hard at my curls.

“You fucking little tease, you’re so mean!” he hisses.

“Mmm, I don’t think you’re gonna call me mean by the time I’m done with you,” I laugh quietly in his ear, refusing to respond to his frustration. I nip his earlobe and kiss down his chest licking and biting at his nipples, drawing gasps and groans and yelps out of him. I keep kissing downwards, teasing his bellybutton with my tongue, circling it and delicately dipping it in, pulling a gasp out of his throat. I move lower, running my palms over his flat stomach and gently kissing each of his hipbones, and then running my tongue up the groove of each of his thighs, my tongue swiping near his balls and his dick on each side of his spread legs but not touching them. He whimpers and pants desperately as I lap closer to his balls with the next swipe of my tongue and then finally run my tongue over each of them. They’re pulled up tight to his body because his dick is so hard. Duff has a beautiful cock. Everyone always makes such a big deal out of mine because it’s so big but Duff’s is gorgeous. It’s perfectly shaped, not curved or anything weird, just long and straight and thick, somewhere between 8-9 inches when it’s fully hard and it’s nice and full, the perfect thickness. I love to wrap my hand around it and stroke it and feel how perfect it is. The head turns dark purple when he’s fully aroused and the shaft turns a dark pinkish/purple color, it’s beautiful. His balls are beautiful too, the perfect size to accent that gorgeous cock. They’re not overly big like Axl’s and yes, the rumors are true that swirl among fans, Axl has big balls! But I prefer Duff’s.
So I lick over both of those balls, breathing in the musky smell of his arousal and feel my own dick throb when I breathe in his turned on scent. He moans quietly as I lap at him and then suck his left one into my mouth rolling it around with my tongue and lightly sucking on it which is something Duff really gets off on and he keens and arches towards my mouth! His hand gently rubbing my head where he’s got my curls gripped in his big hand. Then I gently slide his right testicle out of my mouth and give it a few more gentle licks, relishing his small, turned on sounds. I move my tongue to his left testicle, lapping at it while he whines and whimpers and then suck that one into my mouth, rolling and massaging it with my tongue and feeling his belly contract and hearing his breathless, high pitched, whining, keening noises is a huge turn on. “Oh Slash, of god, he quietly pants. Here’s a secret about our sex life from even before Nikki; Or maybe it’s not a secret at all: Duff likes to be in charge; he likes to be in charge of my pleasure and he likes to top and I love it that way. He topped the first time we made love, he taught me what to do and he gently guided me through it, showing me how to get pleasure from making love with another man. That night is one of my favorite memories and it was the night I for sure started falling totally in love with him because I gave myself to him, made myself more vulnerable to him than I ever had to anyone before in my life and he cared for me and showed me a whole new world of pleasure and he did it all gently and lovingly and he made me feel safe and protected the whole time. He topped the first time we made love after we got back together after Izzy and I rode him that night too, either way, he had been inside of me. I liked giving myself to him and feeling like I belonged to him and only him. When he took me it felt like he was claiming me as his own and I loved it. I loved being his. After Nikki I waited until I was healed enough that he could top the first time we made love after that. I wanted that feeling that I was giving myself to him and he was claiming me as his own again. Plus being that vulnerable to someone, trusting someone to take me that way and not hurt me but give me pleasure, that’s something I’ve only ever experienced with Duff and Izzy but Duff first and I trusted no one with my body the way I did Duff after what happened with Nikki. I couldn’t let Izzy touch me now, I couldn’t let anyone but Duff touch me now. The kind of intimacy and trust required to make love after rape is something I can’t imagine sharing with anyone but Duff. What Nikki and Tommy had done, taking my body the way they did, taking it for themselves, taking pleasure from using and humiliating me, the purposeful things they did that they knew would humiliate and hurt me, there’s no way to describe the terrible feelings that came from what they did to me. I felt violated and dirty and worthless, embarrassed and disgusting and like there was no way Duff or anyone else could ever love me physically or emotionally ever again. Up until then that vulnerability that came with sex had mostly only been met with love; when I opened myself up that way Duff or Izzy had always loved and cared for me and pleasured me. Nikki and Tommy forced me into that position of vulnerability and took what I didn’t want to give and hurt me and did things like squirt their cum all over my face and not let me wipe it off or shove Tommy’s huge dick in my ass and laugh while I screamed and blood ran down my legs and all of this while Duff and Izzy watched. I had no idea how Duff would ever love me or want me again after watching me cry when a bottle was shoved up my ass or after I had no choice but to sit there and take it when another man smeared his cum all over my face and laughed and gagged me with his dick over and over and over.

I couldn’t process it all so for two days I stayed so high that all I did was sleep and hardly move, I was also in so much pain from the tears and bruises from Tommy’s huge dick and that bottle. Tommy had ripped me open badly, but not as bad as Izzy. I probably could have used a few stitches but I didn’t want to go to the hospital and Tommy had learned from raping Izzy not to do so much damage that your victim nearly bled to death. Then after two days Duff had begged me to wake up and come back to him that he loved me and needed me and my heart started to feel a little again, even through the haze of heroin, it started to fill up with love and fear and hope that he might be able to want me again,not in a sexual way, I couldn’t even consider that, but that he might just want to love me and still call me his. I just couldn’t talk to him, I had no voice and I didn’t know why and it scared me but I fought so hard to find it and tell him I loved him. I could hardly believe it when he said he still loved me and he cared for me, I was so afraid he’d be ashamed to be with me, that he’d be disgusted with me and that I’d lose him. But in addition to caring for my heart he physically cared for me; he bathed me, fed me, held me, read to me, got up with me a million times a night to calm me down after nightmares and he still does. When I realized that he still loved me after everything they’d done to me, that he cared about me anyway, loved me in spite of the horrible and embarrassing things he’d seen them do to me, that he really adored me more than anything no matter what I opened my heart to him all the way (it had been opening up to him since we’d gotten back together after the whole Izzy thing but I’d shut down again when Nikki attacked me because I was sure no one would want me after that) and let myself fall headlong and hard for him and he hadn’t let me down. He’d held me up and supported me, picked me up when I fell over and over again into a pit of depression and fear and humiliation. He’d brought me back into the light and the real world and helped me realize that what Nikki and Tommy did to me didn’t define me, that he and Izzy didn’t think any less of me because of it, that they actually thought I was really brave and most of all he loved me and my own heart was so full of love for him that I could hardly stand it, it was overflowing, my heart wasn’t big enough to contain all of my love for him. He’d brought me back from a horribly violent rape (not that I was anywhere near over it but I was living a normal life and I loved and was able to be intimate with Duff), he’d rented me a beautiful condo on the beach, he’d taken me out of town when we found out Nikki was alive so that I’d feel safe and then when Nikki had shown up at our condo to “apologize” Duff organized this wonderful vacation last minute because he knew seeing Nikki in our house made me feel unsafe and I’d need some time to calm down before I’d be able to feel safe living there. For the past couple of days he’d lavished me with attention physically and emotionally and last night he told me we wanted me to consider us engaged and made love to me twice. Now it was his turn. Having a huge dick was good for lots of things and one of those things was being able to get Duff off multiple times!

I turned my thoughts back to pleasuring him and licked and sucked at both of his balls a little more and he moaned and writhed under me. Then I switched my attention to his cock itself and run my tongue up the back of it and swiped up the precum that was leaking out of the slit which I probed with my tongue as he cried out and squirmed underneath me, his hand clenching in my hair. “Oh Baby Boy, don’t tease me, suck me, please,” he pleaded.

“You just learn some patience Duffy, there’s a lot of things I want to do to you, just lay there and enjoy yourself,” I growled from between his legs, quickly moving up to steal a few passionately hard kisses from his sweet lips. I moved back down and suckled the head of his cock, thrilling in the taste of him that rolled over my tongue where his hard cock was still leaking. Then I kissed my way back down his cock, licking and sucking my way down past his balls again, and spreading him open, running my tongue lightly across his hole. His body jolted and his knees jerked back towards his chest and I pushed his legs back that way and held them there as my tongue traced a wide, flat, stripe from the bottom of his tailbone all the way up over his opening, past his taint, and lapped at his balls again. He let out a loud cry and practically rode my face as I did it to him several more times, interspersing those, wide, flat, laps with swirls and quick flicks around his hole. Duff writhed and moaned and panted, and almost howled as I pressed my tongue inside of him. I could tell he was trying really hard not to do anything to scare me and shove my face into him and force my tongue into him harder. I pushed two of my fingers into his mouth and he sucked and licked them and got them wet and when they were lubed up enough I brought them down and swirled them around Duff’s opening and gently pushed them inside of him and moved my mouth up and swallowed his cock whole. I felt the head of his dick slide down my throat as one of my hands rubbed his balls and the other massaged his prostate from the inside with deep, hard, thrusts of my fingers.

“Ssslllaaaaaaasssshhhh!!!!” he wailed and exploded down my throat, thrusting hard into my eager mouth and I fought hard not to think about how Nikki thrust into my mouth and down my throat and gagged me just for a laugh. His load was hot and thick and I groaned at the salty, familiar taste. His hands fisted my hair hard as his dick twitched in my mouth and his body spasmed over and over with his orgasm that gradually turned into aftershocks. “Oh my god, that was amazing!” Duff sighed as he came back down.

“Mmmm, glad you enjoyed yourself and I’m not done with you yet my beautiful fiancee,” I teased him before moving back up and kissed him happily and deeply and I felt him grin into the kiss.

“I love hearing you say that, I loved that you kept making me say it last night and now I know why, it makes my heart jump every time it comes out of your mouth!”

“I know, that’s exactly what it feels like. So I wanted to wake my fiancee up with a little love making, a couple of good orgasms, lots of attention, what do you think?” I ask him, grinding my hard cock into his thigh.

“I think I definitely need to feel that giant dick inside of me, although I just came so fucking hard I don’t know how I’m going to do it again!” he laughed.

“Oh, I think I can definitely take care of that! Don’t you worry about it!” I reassure him as I reach for the lube and quickly slick up my cock. I grease my fingers up too and ease two of them back inside of Duff and start to stretch him out while gently stroking his over-sensitive prostate which made him whimper and twitch. I carefully ease a third finger in, watching his face for signs that I’m hurting him and he does suck in a deep breath and I stop moving for a few seconds until he looks at me and nods slightly and I started to slowly slide my fingers in and out of him again. He was so tight and I couldn’t wait to feel that tight heat around my dick. I played with Duff until he grew hard again and his whimpers turned into soft moans which I stroked his prostate. “You ready Duffy?” I ask him, feeding him several soft, sweet, kisses,
“Fuck yeah, I want to feel you inside me so bad! Give me that huge dick!”

I laugh and shake my head, it always makes me blush when he talks about how big my dick is. I always tell him it’s not THAT big and he always just laughs and says it’s the biggest one he’s ever had, one of the biggest ones he’s seen. This time I skip the conversation and begin to push into him, biting my lip when I feel how tight and hot he feels, his heavy breaths making him even tighter every time he breathed in, constrictions that had me groaning and cursing quietly because I was afraid he was going to make me cum before we even got started. “Duff, you feel so fucking good!” I whimpered in his ear, lowering my face into the space between his neck and shoulder, gently kissing and sucking the skin there and relishing in his moans and the way he gripped my arms hard and arched his back towards my cock and forcing me to enter him faster than I already was. When I was fully seated inside of him I sat still, looking down into this beautiful hazel eyes and seeing forever in them.

He smiled up at me, “You’re so beautiful, do you know that? I have the world’s most beautiful fiancee, I’m pretty sure!” he quietly teases.
“Duffy, I’m not beautiful! I have crazy hair and a big nose, you’re the beautiful one, tall with that long, blonde, hair and those six pack abs and pretty eyes.”

“What are you talking about? Those gorgeous curls and caramel skin and beautiful dark brown eyes and those lips that were made for kissing! Then there’s that huge cock which makes me feel so fucking full! You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, your nose is perfect, don’t be ridiculous! I love you so much! You’re my everything.”

“I love you too Duffy! I can’t imagine my life without you, you make me happier than I’ve ever been. I’m so happy that you want to spend the rest of your life with me.” He smiles and I kiss him again and the kiss quickly grows and deepens and I dip my tongue into his sweet mouth at the same time I start to thrust. We both groan at the the same time as the sensation of the friction of our bodies ran through us. His body was so tight and hot around my cock. “Fuck baby!” I moaned.

“Oh god Slash! You’re so big! Fuck me with that big cock!” he begged. So I did. We began to rock together, each thrust sending scintillating sensations through both of us, both of us beginning to move faster as our mutual need grew. His groans grew louder along with mine and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Each breath he took squeezed my cock tighter and he was already clamped down hard. I could feel his prostate catch on the edge of the rim of my cock it was so swollen.

“Baby I can feel how hot and swollen you are, cum for me, @”I wanna blow my load inside of you so bad!” I pant.

“Mmm you gonna give me a big, hot load Baby Boy?” he growls.

“You know I am, as soon as you get off! I’m gonna blow a huge, hot, thick, load in your ass Duff!” I brought our lips together again and thrust harder and Duff reacted exactly the way I wanted him to; his back arched, he fisted my hair in one hand and gripped my waist with his other arm, and his ass clamped down hard on my dick , spasm after spasm squeezing me, feeling like it was milking my dick dry as I exploded inside of him, sliding my arm under his arched back and holding his body close to mine. We moved together, each of us riding out powerful orgasms that left us limp and satisfied in each other’s arms.

“Holy shit that was incredible but my balls ache now!” Duff sort of sighed and whimpered at the same time.

“Oh fuck Duff, you feel amazing, fucking you is always so good, was that a big enough load for you? I’m pretty sure I filled up your insides!” I teased.

“I’m pretty sure you did! I love that huge dick of yours! But I love you more! You ready to move? I hate this part, I hate feeling you pull out!” he complains.

“I know, I’m sorry. I love you too. Shower with me, then we can cuddle up on the deck. What do you say?” I ask him giving him another quick kiss.
“Sounds great,” he says. So we make our way to the shower and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the boat. I never want to return to reality.
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