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I've been off-line for a few years...

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I wish to offer this apology to those of you who have supported my writing over the past decade. In the last two years, my muse went on holiday to Tahiti or somewhere, so I haven’t been able to properly finish any of the several dozen fics I have that are nearly ready. In the same time frame, my daughter Deannamarie fell in luuurrrvvveee, and got pregnant.

On the 7th of October in 2015, she delivered a beautiful little girl (I was her coach, and had a first-person view of this event. Trust me, that’s not a sight any father should ever see!)

When the baby was three weeks old, I discovered the (presumed) father, Grant Michael Greco, had brought a meth pipe into my house. I kicked him out. Due to an instance I only discovered later, Grant is not Annabelle’s father. The baby’s godmother, Karrie Ann Marie Bryans, convinced her to name him on the birth certificate for any legal purposes. Deannamarie knows little of the laws here, and Karrie as a ‘former’ meth user/dealer, does. Despite her past, Deannamarie trusted her; a personality trait of hers that is both endearing and dangerous. In fact, that was in fact, her only real mistake. She trusted a lying scumbag as bad as Donald Trump himself.

I took both of them to Karrie’s house for the baby’s safety and hers. Karrie swore to me that she wouldn’t let Grant into her home. Two weeks later, I was delivering some nappies to Deannamarie and I saw Grant inside the house.

In December, Karrie and Grant convinced Deannamarie to move to Arizona with Grant. She sold all of Annabelles’s supplies.

In February of 2016, Deannamarie called me from Yuma and said; “Daddy, he’s not hitting me, can I come home?”

I sent her an electronic ticket and had the police get her onto a bus to San Diego where a friend of mine from the Corps, picked her up.

Here’s where it gets really weird.

Deannamarie retruned to Portland on the 23rd of February 2016. As I was working swing shift, Karrie picked Deannamarie and Annabelle up from the bus station in Portland. On the way back to Vancouver, she and a former houseguest, Jasmine Renee Prather, (AKA Ahmber Prather) convinced Deannamarie the local CPS would take Annabelle if they thought the house was unsuitable for a child. (The house is 94 years old and in need of some repair.) Deannamarie reluctantly agreed and Annabelle went to live with her godmother for a time. That is the sacred duty of a godparent, to take care of a child in the event a parent cannot.

In mid April of ‘16, Karrie helped Grant kidnap Annabelle. Karrie took Annabelle from Vancouver to the Portland bus station, where she just turned her over to Grant. Worse, she pretended to be out of town so Deannamarie couldn’t visit her daughter. We only discovered that Grant had taken Annabelle, a week after it happened.

When I confronted her, Karrie would only say; “He has rights.”

Grant took little Annabelle from Portland to Yuma Arizona. Unfortunately, Yuma is less than fifteen minutes from the Mexican boarder. Grant speaks Mexican Spanish like a native and he has threatened to take her there and sell her, if we go there to recover her.

We contacted the Vancouver Police, who refused to even take a report. Accoerding to the dispatcher all the elements of the crime were not present.

Let’s see: KIDNAP: Verb. The caption and/or asportation of another without consent, by means of force or fraud.

Hmmm. Seems pretty complete to me. Annabelle was six months old, she couldn’t give consent. Karrie convinced Deannamarie to leave Annabelle with her, with the intent to arrange for Grant to kidnap her. There’s the fraud.

We called the FBI, but as I don’t have a hundred million dollars in the bank, they also refused to do anything…no surprise there.

The Yuma Police Department says this is a civil matter, and won’t lift a finger.

We’ve been trying to get her back since.

I’ve engaged an attorney and we’ve tried to have several documents served to Grant, but he keeps moving to prevent that service. Commissioner Liebmann of the Suprerior Court of Clark County refuses to open the case until Grant has been served. We actually got lucky in December of ‘16, when he created a facebook page for Annabelle. I mean really? A facebook page for a baby? Anyway, he listed his address on that facebook page and we were able to serve him twice, once in December of 16 and once in April of 17. (The court here immediately ‘lost’ the original copies of the paperwork that had been filed…three times, and won’t recognize our copies because they aren’t the originals. ) So far, he’s ignored the court Summons’. Moreover, he immediately moved again to prevent any further service.

Commissioner Liebmann is protecting a kidnapper. I would really like to know…why?

As you can imagine, I am under a considerable amount of stress, working, taking care of my daughter who is going through some severe depression, and dealing with this unnecessary bullshit. In fact, I’ve had a stroke; mild, yes, and it only affects the vision in my right eye, but there it is. I am now required to suffer through an injection of ‘Avastin’ in my right eyeball, every month or so to try to repair the damage. If it weren’t for the V.A., I’d be blind.

I have contacted Judge John Paul Piante of the Superior Court of Yuma County, detailing the situation. His office returned my documents unread. Apparently the courts there, care about chuildren’s lives as little as they do here.

I have dispatched a letter of complaint to the Administer of Trial Courts in Olympia, but I expect no results. The justice system here in the United States has yet again failed in it’s responsibility to the most vulnerable of our citizens. More than 80,000 children are stolen every year in the United States and the courts say; “Oh well!”

I have tried to spread the word, through the media. The Columbian, (the local paper here) has refused to take a report, but like the Daily Prophet, the are under the control of the government and the courts don’t want their numerous failings to come to light.

I have contacted several talk show hosts, most notably Ellen Degeneres, Maury Povich and Oprah Winfrey, and have received no reply. Of course, I am not a celebrity, nor am I wealthy, so my granddaughter’s life means nothing to them either. My next step along this line is Jerry Springer and the National Enquirer (and I truly wish I didn’t have to, as, while they can get the word out, I don’t consider them to be reputable sources of information.)

Due to the letter of complaint I sent to the Administrator of Trial Courts, I fully expect to be arrested, imprisoned and quite likely ‘accidented’ for daring to disagree with Liebmann. If that’s what it takes to bring my granddaughter back home, I will die content. If I do die, I would like Kieth McComb (Kinsfire) to collect my unfinished stories and try to finish them. He lives in Oregon and that’s closest to Vancouver.

Thanks for reading theis rant. Though I understand this is not the proper forum, I will keep you informed as to Annabelle’s fate from time to time…assuming I’m still alive.

David Larkin (Alorkin)
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