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Nikki Sixx discovers something new that throws him for a loop. After a clandestine trial he still doesn't get what he expected

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Nikki's POV

1987 started off with me shoving a needle in my vein. Not an entirely bad way to begin a year if you look at the bigger picture really. Crue was on top of the fucking world and we could do no wrong. I had more money than I could ever seem to blow. Drugs were every where I turned. Girls were on fucking tap. What more could I want? There is something...but I'm not telling you.

“Nikki,” I hear my name being called. I turn and look to see Slash and Izzy Stradlin approaching. They look like shit. Sweat is pouring off them. Stradlin is shivering like he's in snow and it's about 80 degrees outside. Slash is holding his guts like he's trying to hold them in or something. “Man, can you get us straight?” Slash almost begs.

A snide smirk comes to my face. It always brings a smile to my face when I see someone doing worse than me. I know, I'm twisted and shit...but fuck you, I don't care what the fuck you think. I motion them with my head and they follow me out of the club. I lead them to my limo and they climb in, awestruck I suppose. I break out some smack and their greedy little hands grab it.

“You must be the only guy in LA holding,” Izzy remarks as he steadies a needle over his vein.

I let his words register in my smacked out mind. “Wait,” I finally say, “didn't I buy smack from you before? Weren't you dealing?”

“They wouldn't sign us until he quit,” Slash answers.

A chuckle rolls out of me for some reason or another. Smack is such an amazing cure-all. Within minutes these two are starting to look a lot better. There's a little color in their pale cheeks now. The sweats have subsided. The shaking has stopped.

“We need a chick,” Izzy says unrolling his sleeve. A 100% recovery.

“You mean chicks?” I ask.

He just shrugs and shakes his head. “One is plenty. Slash and I don't mind sharing.”

I just stare at them as my mind tries to comprehend how that shit worked. I mean why not just get two chicks? They were signed now, I knew that wasn't a problem. Did they like to share? “Why share when there is no need to?” I shrug.

“Cuz it's fun,” Izzy says with an exasperated sigh.

“Yeah and chicks have two holes so it works out perfect,” Slash snorts.

His words have to take a moment to register. Motley Crue was known for being the bad boys of rock. That pretty much means that there is nothing we haven't seen and done. However what these two were talking about wasn't one of the things in my repertoire. I can't get it up with another dude in the room. I'm not some homophobe. I just don't fucking like to share. Vince and Tommy did that shit, but it's just never been my thing. I know what you're thinking, I'm Nikki Sixx, what's the big deal? Well, it's none of your goddamn business.

“Want us to show you?” Izzy asks as he lights a cigarette and exhales a large plume of smoke. He looks back up at me.

I'm not positive, but I think my jaw might gape a bit. I hear Slash chuckling slightly as he scoots a bit closer to Izzy.

“Think you made Sixx blush,” he says to Izzy.

Izzy just looks at me with a crooked smile while I desperately search for my composure.

“Hummm, imagine that,” Izzy says dryly with that smile. It reminded me of my own smirkish gleam.

“Could be fun,” Slash shrugs, “we never shared another guy before.”

Now I'm pretty sure my jaw drops.

“What about that one time with Duff?” Izzy asks Slash.

“Oh yeah,” Slash gleams, “slipped my mind.”

With flies trying to get in my mouth I force out the words, “Are you two fags?”

They both glance up at me with the strangest matched expressions. Izzy licks his lips. “We're...opportunistic,” his words come out so carefree.

“Yeah, we're tri-sexual,” Slash laughs, “We'll TRI anything.”

Izzy joins in laughing with him.

I'm perplexed as to how this barely signed band could be more deviant than the masters. Were they really showing me up? Me? Nikki motherfucking Sixx? This didn't sit well with me. I had worked very fucking hard for my bad reputation. Now the new kids on the fucking block are one upping me? Fuck that. And fuck them!

Then right before my very fucking eyes these two start fucking making out. And by making out I mean foreplay. Like the shit you do before you fuck. I'm too fucking shocked to even say anything. I just stare like some idiot while their hands prowl one another and tug at the clothes. There's moans and smacking lips. Jesus Christ, do they fucking see me sitting right here?

Then Izzy looks over to me with a smirk as Slash sucks at his neck. “See Sixxer...could be fun. Wanna try?”

Izzy's words slither out like slipping out of a silk kimono. They purr at me like a fucking cat. His smacked out eyes twinkle at me. He gives me a wink on top of a smirk and draws his attention back to Slash's lips.

“We won't tell anyone,” Slash soon smiles at me and lightly nips at his bottom lip.

I can only sit dumbfounded.

“I think we're scaring the great Nikki Sixx,” Izzy snorts.

“No way...not us,” Slash too snorts.

Ok Nikki. Game face motherfucker. No one fucking talks to me like this. Who the fuck do they think they are? They come bum dope off me, then have the nerve to basically try to elicit a threesome with me? What the fuck?

I cock a sideways smirk. “You wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it.”

Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. The next thing I knew they were both all over me. Touching me all over. Devouring my mouth. Undressing me so slowly.

“You ever been with a guy?” I finally hear Izzy whispering into my ear.

My eyes meet his a second, but I don't answer. I can't. They have me lost in this zone.

“It's ok,” Izzy says, “we'll be gentle.”
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