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Sixx playing with gunners

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I closed my eyes. They were in the way of this happening. If I just close my eyes I can pretend they are two rally hot chicks...or better yet I could pretend they're...Ahhh, you almost got me there didn't you? I almost told my secret. Nope. Not today I won't. Kiss my fucking ass.

Speaking of kissing my ass, I feel a tongue on my asshole. I have no clue whose tongue it is. I don't think I really want to know. I suddenly jerk as a finger enters me. A mouth becomes wrapped around my flaccid cock. I keep my eyes closed and concentrate solely on what is being done to me. This is nothing I've never not experienced before, it's just that it was always chicks. But my mind is strong enough to see past who might be delivering this epic work. In my mind it's a couple of hot brunettes. Maybe if I picture these two in drag?

I feel hips between my thighs. I feel the head of a dick at my ass. My body begins going rigid as I am kissing one of them. Slash I believe. There's subtle differences in the way they each kiss. So that means it would have to be Izzy between my thighs. I pop my head up and can't keep my eyes closed.

My eyes meet Izzy's. “It's ok,” he says softly as he runs his fingertips up my thighs. “I won't hurt but a second.”

“I'll take his mind off it,” Slash says in a lusty whisper as he kisses his way down to my dick and takes the entire thing in his mouth.

My spine arches and my head buries back into the seat. Then I feel Izzy slowly working himself inside me.

“Wait...wait,” I pant.

They both stop and look up at me. I have no clue why I asked him to wait. Wait? What the fuck was I saying?

“Don't be nervous,” Izzy smiles at me. “We know what we're doing...I promise you'll like it.”

I nervously nod and Izzy slides the rest of his length inside of me. Slash continues swallowing my dick and coddling my balls. Despite the slight discomfort in my ass, this shit feels great. Strong hands grip my flesh. A talented tongue swirls my dick. Izzy moves slowly and gracefully between my thighs. After a moment I think I start to actually enjoy what they were doing to me.

“You ready?” Izzy coos at me.

“Ready for what?” I ask.

“Are you ready to cum?” He asks.

“Fuck yeah,” I moan.

Then Izzy does something inside me I can't fucking explain. He like pushes up with his dick and before I know it I'm cumming right down Slash's throat. Ok. That's a first. I have never come on command with a dick in my ass. I know these two have done this a lot.

The lips remove from my cock. Then before I know it Izzy is bending Slash over and fucking him doggie style. I sit there and watch them going at it. I expected my dick to start going down, but it's not. That's weird, it usually does. So I watch them. My hand finding it's way to my dick, pumping it as I watch the live porno before me.

“Mmmm, looks like Sixx ain't done yet,” Izzy says as he thrusts into Slash. He's not as gentle as he was with me.

Slash looks at me stroking his dick and just smiles as he takes Izzy.

I become animalistic. I crawl over to them and jerk Izzy's mouth to mine. This time I'm so wrapped up in the throws of the moment that I make him moan in pleasure into my mouth. Oh wait, I think he just cum. I grasp Izzy's arms and push him down. I straddle him and stick my dick in his face. He grabs it and goes to work.

After a moment I slide between Izzy's legs. I bury my cock inside of him. He moans as I fuck him. He says my name. I can't explain why, but the sound of him saying my name brings me closer and closer to a second climax. I feel Slash's hand on my nuts tugging at them. The pressure builds and I cum a second time inside of Izzy with him purring my name.

“See Sixx?” Izzy grins up at me.

We all got redressed. Izzy and Slash went their own way and I was left alone in my limo totally dazed. What the fuck just happened? Did I really just have sex with two dudes for the sake of my bad reputation?
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