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Nikki in flight

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A few days later I was back out on the road again. This tour is becoming the never ending tour. Some of the cities we are going to twice, like just a few months from being there before. It's Neglectra and their fucking greed. You think they give a fuck if they run us into the ground? Fuck no. They just feed us dope and booze and pray for us to not see through their shit. I guess their plan sort of worked actually.

“Nikki you look like shit,” I hear doc saying to me as I board our plane.

“So do you fucker, but no one is complaining,” I snap at him.

“Let me see your arms,” he says.

I roll my eyes shove my arms out to him. He's not going to see shit because I'm so much smarter than what they think. I didn't shoot up at all in my arms during break. I had been shooting into my foot. So ha ha you illiterate son of a bitch. Score one for Sixx.

He gives me a disbelieving look as I continue onto the plane. The second I enter the plane Tommy bounds over to me, grabs me around the waist and hoists me up. “Hey dude! I fucking missed you bro!”

“Yeah yeah,” I smile and start to squirm. Fuck it had only been two fucking weeks since we were on the road. “I missed my favorite puppy too.”

“Where were you? I went by your house and you weren't ever fucking home!”

I plop down in my seat. Before me is a silver tray with a double shot of Jack and lines of coke. This is the Motley plane after all. This is how we roll. “I was probably out,” I shrug and stare out the window.

“So what did you do?” He says as he picks up his silver tray and sits it in his lap.

“Nothing much,” I simply shrug and bend over a line with a straw.

I can hear Tommy come up sniffing. “Why you being so distant bro?”

I tilt my head back and snort. “I'm not...I've just been doing my own thing you know.”

He smirks, “Yeah, I do know...that's the fucking problem man.”

“You're worried about me?” I ask.

“Well yeah, of course man.” He looks at me and his eyebrows begin scrunching. “What is up with you? You can tell me. You know I can keep a secret bro.”

I nod, “I know, but there's no secret.”

“Try to bullshit somebody who doesn't know your ass so well,” Tommy tisks at me.

I just roll my eyes and stare out the window.

“Is it me bro?” I hear him asking in an almost choked up voice.

I look over to his sad pleading face. “No...of course not.” I say.

“Good,” he gleams, “So what do you want to do tonight?”

I just look back out the window. “I'll probably just crash.”

“Crash? Are you getting old on me Sixx?”

Suddenly the sounds of a moaning stewardess fill the air. I roll my eyes, “Goddamnit Vince,” I yell. “How many fucking times do I have to tell you to not shit in your own backyard?!”

“Blow me,” Vince calls out.

I start to get up to go kick his ass but Tommy stops me. “Easy bro...he's already fucking her, let him finish at least.”

I plop back down in my seat.

“Damn dude, you're tense...maybe you should go join Vince.”

I just snap. “Fuck you! What the fuck do you think I am?!”

Tommy's eyes go wide as he holds his hands up like I just drew a gun on him. “Damn dude, what the fuck is your problem?”

I calm myself, “Nothing,” I shake my head.

“Maybe it's all the smack,” I hear Mick chime in.

“Fuck you Quasimodo!”

Mick just scowls and looks away.

“Damn need a fix or what?” Tommy asks as he drinks his drink.

“I'll tell you what I need,” I snap, “I need everyone to leave me the fuck alone! Go fucking write to Heather or something!”

Tommy jumps up. “You know what Nikki? You're being a fucking dick!”

“Then blow me and fuck off,” I wave my hand shooing him away.

Tommy storms off to go join Vince.

“You know,” Mick says, “I always find it amusing how you lash out at the very people who love you the most. It's like you try to keep anyone from getting that close to you.”

“Thank you so fucking much for that psychological view,” I roll my eyes.

“Merely an observation,” he replies.

“From now own keep them to your fucking self,” I add.

“Yeah, sure.”

Then I finally got some peace and quiet for the rest of the flight. I couldn't stop thinking about Izzy and Slash. They had opened up this whole new world to me. A world I was in no position to entertain. I knew my sex life had been altered. I knew the next chick that came along couldn't compare to being 'gunned' in the back of a limo. Fuck what had they done to me? I felt like some chick who hadn't been called back. I wanted so much to see them. I wanted the chance to be with them again. Maybe I could fly them out for a night? Or maybe I could get a phone number for them and call so I don't come off so presumptious. God I'm totally fucked.
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