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Nikki's secret revealed

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Another night in some nameless city that looks like every other. Another night of screaming fans and willful groupies. Another night of stip clubs and booze. Another night just like every goddamn other one. I'm so fucking bored. Instead of partaking in my rock star's delight, I just bask in the throws of smack. She's the only thing I don't seem bored with.

Tommy did get us some coke dealers to follow us around Texas. God bless Texas, right? We're playing four cities here. From what I remember there is always something going down in this state. They're not as hard core as Michigan, but they are friendly. It's sort of their motto. That and everything is bigger in Texas. That one remains yet to be seen.

So after the show I'm sticking my face into a pile of blow. Vince comes into the room and is black and blue and bloody.

“What the fuck happened to you?” I ask.

He just drops onto his knees before the blow and helps himself. “Fucking rednecks,” he mumbles.

“Where's Tommy?” I ask.

“Why the fuck should I know?” He snaps and starts snorting blow.

“Wasn't he with you?” I ask.

“We separated,” Vince shakes his head. “I don't know where the fuck he went.”

“You let him go alone?” I ask feeling fear creep over me. If any of us motherfuckers needed a baby sitter it was Tommy. Tommy couldn't handle his shit very well. He was always starting fights he couldn't finish.

“Fred's with him.”

I sigh a little relief.

“Why the fuck do you always baby him?” Vince asks.

“Uh...because he needs it. Plus I don't want to have to be the one to tell Heather shit.”

“So, there's supposed to be this club want to go?” Vince asks me taking in even more blow.

“Not with you looking like that,” I huff.

“Try looking in a mirror fucker!” He snaps at me. He pounds his fists on the table and storms off.

“He's right,” Mick sighs, “you look like shit Nikki. You're as white as a fucking ghost. And you're shedding clumps of hair like a fucking dog.”

“Fuck off!” I snap at him. He too disappears, leaving me all alone. Finally.

I recline back with a bottle of Jack wedged between my thighs. A trace smile comes to my lips as I think of how Izzy felt pressed between my thighs. My thoughts are interrupted by Doc rushing in.

“There you are...look you have to go talk Tommy's high ass down off the fucking roof.”

“What?” I ask. “What's Tommy doing on the roof?”

“Some dumb fuck dared him to try to leap onto the next goddamn building.”

I sigh and rise to my feet with my bottle in hand. “Was it one of the crew?” I ask as we exit the room.

“Yeah,” Doc nods.

“Fucking fire them,” I say just before stepping into the elevator. I take it up to the roof. There's about 20 of our people trying to keep Tommy from jumping. Tommy is fucking wasted.

“Man what the fuck are you doing?” I call out to him.

He turns to look at me, “Oh hey Nikki...I'm about to jump over to the other roof for like a hundred bucks. You want to jump with me?”

I walk over to the edge where he stands and look down. We must be at least 12 stories high. I look over to the other building's rooftop. “How stupid are you T-Bone?”

“Stupid?” He questions me.

I just roll my eyes. “Tommy...let's do the math on this, ok? First of all it would be safe to say that the distance from this building over to the next one is the same as it would be from the ground, right?”

Tommy shrugs.

“It is...and there is approxamately 4 feet of sidewalk on each side, so that's 8 feet total. Then you have a two lane road down there. Each lane is like 8feet wide, times two is 16 plus 8 makes what in your stoned out mind makes you think you can clear a 24 foot jump?”

Tommy slightly scratches his chin and study's the jump. “If I like ran first and built up some momentum?”

I shake my head. “Tommy jump...Tommy fall...Tommy go splat.”

“Nah man, I can make it,” he says hyperactively rubbing his palms together.

I glnce down shaking my head. There is but one option left. I grab Tommy's shoulders and push his back over the wall of the roof. He starts grabbing at me and yelling shit about falling.

“Well if you jump you'll fall you stupid fuck! Let me save you the goddamn effort!” By now people are grabbing me and grbbing Tommy to keep him from falling.

“Nikki I'm gonna fall man!”

“I'm aware. Are you ready?” I ask.

“Are you fucking crazy?!” He yells at me.

“Me? I'm not the one who took some stupid bet for a hunderd fucking bucks!”

“Nikki let me up dude!”

“But I thought you wanted to do this shit T-Bone!” I call out like a mad man.

“Nikki let him up man,” voices say from every angle.

“Still want to jump T-Bone?!”

“NOOOO!” he figits.

I pull him up by his shirt. I turn to the percession of people staring at me. “Who the fuck dared him to do this shit?!”

“I...I did, but...”

“You're out of here, pack your shit and leave you motherfucker. And as for the rest of you...if anyone ever dares him to do something this stupid again...well lets just say I'll creep into your room when you least expect it and fuck you up! Got it!!”

They all just look at me and nod.

“Now get the fuck out of here!” I motion for them to go. They all vanish leaving Tommy and I alone on the roof together.

“Hey man...” Tommy begins. I cut him off by embracing him in a hug so tight it squeezed his breath out. I just felt so overwhelmed with relief. I could have lost him. I couldn't stand losing Tommy. He was all I had.

“Don't you ever do that shit again,” I say looking him dead in the eye.

“I was just goofing off Nikki. I wasn't really going to jump or anything.”

“Yeah, sure you weren't,” I sigh and release him from my embrace.

“You must think I'm a complete idiot?” He asks me seeming a bit billigerant.

“No,” I reply, “I don't think that...but sometimes you don't think things through very clearly.”

“Fuck you,” He snaps, “like you do!”

“Tommy,” I sigh, “I don't want to fight with you.”

Tommy throws his hands up, “I don't have time for this bullshit. Heather was fucking right about you. You are a fucking control freak!” And with that he stormed off.
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