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Sonic X Reader

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After a long day of going the fast, Sonic finally has the time for you!

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Sonic - Warnings: [!] [X] - Published: 2015-12-19 - 1483 words

As you are laying down looking up at the ceiling, you start to wonder how Sonic's blue ass would taste. Your cheeks start getting warm and your chest pounds with delight. Your head start sweating, like when your priest knows you've been masturbating. Then you hear the blue psychopath outside of your front door! Your ovaries explode with excitement, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on your sweater already, moms spaghetti. You run to the door (Sonic speed) to invite your blue little crush in. You clutch the doorknob eagerly and you shit a little.

"Come on, step it up!" You hear a familiar voice scream outside of your door.

"Eeeeeeeee!" You scream like a bitch.

You open up the door quickly and see a pathetic excuse for a video game character standing heroically. The video game character that runs around the city of Station Square like a chimpanzee on a cafeen drip.

"Oh my God, I'm glad you finally came!" You said. "What are you doing around these parts?"

"I'm under house arrest, it's part of my court case. Some stupid bullshit about me killing a kid, like, how am I supposed to know babies can't swim?" Sonic said like a crazy little shit.

"Don't worry Sonic, you can stay with me if you like." You said praying to Hilter Bin Laden hoping Sonic will say yes.

"Well as you can see (YN), I don't really do much but eat chili dogs and sleep. I don't even brush my teeth!" All he told you, you've already known. You could smell his warm, onion, cum smelling hotdog breath burning your nose hairs.

"Ah, that is no problem. I mean for Christ sakes many worthless sacks of shit -- like the people you can find on Ficwad -- don't care for that stuff sort of thing. You don't even have a penis but that won't stop rule34!" You said awkwardly.

"Okay I'm glad you understand." He walks in looking around. Noticing that you only have a cardboard box and a frisbee in the middle of you house.

"So what do you enjoy doing?" Sonic asks politely.

"I like to masturebate to small little animals like yourself." You answered back.

Obviously Sonic is creeped the fuck out. He knows that human on hedgehog relationships are fucking weird, but your persistence makes him unable to tell you.

"Uh cool..." He mumbles under his breath.
"So you must have a crush on me do you? I mean if you like that shit it's okay you beastiality loving, animal fucking, lunatic."

Sonic tries to not hurt your feelings as people made you believe beastiality is okay, because in your warped mind you believe a relationship with Sonic is normal. You sick fuck.

"Wanna sit?" You ask.

"Well, all you have is... Uh, a uh... Cardboard box." Sonic says nicely so he doesn't hurt your worthless feelings.

"Sonic I really.." You start to blush.
"I really, really like you... Maybe even love."

At this point Sonic just wants to leave your house. He's scared to think what you might do to his small little hedgehog butt.

"Y-yeah you too." Sonic says scared.

You grab Sonic's arm pulling him close you you.

"No you don't understand! I love you Sonic!" You kiss his odd placed mouth, I mean seriously, his mouth is so weird. You swish your tongue around in his bacteria filled mouth. If your mother didn't give you up for adoption she'd scold you for doing this horrendous thing. Even Sonic is disgusted, he would rather take a pineapple shaped suppository than let you kiss him any longer. But your will is strong, you press him closer to you ensuring you can taste every inch of his mouth.

Sonic, using the hand your not holding, dials the 911 in his cellphone. Before he could finish though you accidentally knock it out of his hand.

The thump of the phone startles you. You stop kissing him to see that his pink cellphone on the ground with '911' typed in.

"Tsk tsk, we could've had it all Sonic. But you went and tried to call the police on me."

"It's not what you think (YN), I-I was just ordering pizza!" Sonic is terrified.

"Oh, well okay! You can order it then!" You say as Sonic looks at you relieved. He bends over to pick up his cellphone when..


Everything darkens...

Sonic's eyes start opening slowly.
"Damn all I can hear is buzzing..." He complains.

"Don't worry Sonic. You're alright." You say sarcasticly.

Sonic's visions starts to come back. He looks up at you, frightened and scared, like anyone in his situation would be, he asks "Where am I?!"

"Oh just my underground sex dungeon!" You start laughing.

The smell of sweat, tears, and shit fills Sonic's nostrils. He struggles but it was for naught as he is tied neatly and effectively like you've done this before.

"I took the liberty of tying you up, so you can't run my beautiful blue buttercup." You smirk.

"AHHHHH, ANYONE HELP!" Sonic screams for help as loud as he can.

"Don't even try to yell." You say. "I have this room sound proofed perfectly, nothing can hear you scream."

"Help me! Someone!" Sonic continues yelling despite what you told him. You stand smiling, as you find enjoyment from him being scared. "Help! If anyone can hear me I'm Sonic the hedgehog, I had like 2 good games!"

"Anyone help!" You start mimicking his pleads for help as if this was a sick game to you.

"Why? Please let me go." Sonic starts begging to you as tears fill up his eyes.

"No you're my sex slave from now till your untimely death." You say with a grin.

You press Sonic down licking the inside of his furry ears and grinding on his nonexistent penis. You moan loudly for some unknown reason and you spit into his ear. Sonic is clenching his ass cheeks. You grab Sonic's legs and move your hand down to his feet, untying his shoes.

[If you're a man]

You take off his shoes and place his warm sweaty feet on your pants. Rubbing your penis with his soles.

"Your feet are cute." You say blushing.

"You're a psychopath." Sonic responds.

"Oh really? Can a psychopath do this?"

You grab his other foot, taking off his shoe you look at him lustfully. You remove his foot and start licking in between each toe. You continue this as you unbutton your pants to take out your 2 inch erect penis. Sonic holds in his laugh at the sight of your small cock. You put your dick under his other foot and start moving his feet along your erect penis.

"Yes psychopaths can do that." Sonic says but you ignore him because you're focusing on pleasuring yourself.

[If you're a woman]

You press your breasts on Sonic's mouth.

"Lick my breasts." You demand.

Sonic, not having a choice, obeys what you tell him. He licks your nipples from outside your shirt. You press your hard nipples into his mouth as you grind on his chest. Your pussy starts to get wet.

[Gender neutral]

You stop and stand up turning Sonic around as you're moving. Sonic doesn't fight, he knows what's going to happen, he is all too familiar with this. You lift up his tail and start to lick his anus. For some reason you find this attractive and sexy. Sonic farts into your mouth accidentally, but this just makes your heart race faster as the taste of warm onions burns your throat. You dig your tongue into his ass, blushing wish each tongue thrust into his hedgehog colon you do.

Sonic is genuinely creeped out and not even enjoying this. He closes his eyes and prays that you'll end soon. You continue licking his ass until your tongue hurts. You get up and flip him over again.

"Wh-what are you doing now?" He says.

You don't respond, you spread his legs and--

[If you're a male]

-- you place your penis in between his spaghetti-thin-legs, thrusting into his crotch until you can feel your cum.

[If you're a female]

-- he doesn't have a penis so you get disappointed. But being the terrible human being, waste of space and resources, and just an all around worthless pile of shit you are you place your pussy on his mouth demanding him to pleasure you orally. He reluctantly opens his mouth as the taste of spicy Cheetos attacks his tastebuds. You do this until you feel like you're about to cum.

[Gender neutral]

Just from your thrusts Sonic can tell you're inexperienced. You're about to cum, you grab a hand full of Sonic's ass.

You cum all over Sonic. You pant deeply and collapse next to him. That's when you wake up; it was a wet dream.

Your disgusting fantasies will never be quenched.
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