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Sonic x Reader 2: Reloaded Resurrection Revenge

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You get a invitation to meet Sonic the hedgehog! What could go wrong?

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"It was all a dream..."

Those words plegued your thoughts. Even when doing the simplest of tasks it would hide in the back of your subconscious ready to be remembered when you least expected it; like a thief preparing to steal your happiness.

It was 3am.
The light of your computer broke the darkness of your mothers basement. You sat with a hunch to your back masturbating furiously to Sonic porn. To a normal human with responsibilities this would be absolutely horrendous, but to you: this was just another Friday.

You pressed harder with the thought of Sonic pissing in your mouth making you feel even more excited.

"These feelings..." you thought. "I cannot just ignore them."

In your speaker Open Your Heart by Crush 40 was playing loud enough that people across the globe could hear it perfectly and even sing along. Sweat was dripping off your brow and into your keyboard. You were about to release all of your cum.

"Live and learn, hanging on the edge of tomorrow." You said with a grin on your face as you released your cum.

Panting and drooling, you let go of your "naughty parts." (You refer to your genitalia with a child-like innocence. Except you're not a child so there is no excuse you fuck.)

"That was great..."
You search for more Sonic porn.
"Time for 'Orgasm to Sonic Act 2.'" You said thinking you're funny. The thought of making a funny joke evades you like a rat evoiding a mentally ill cat or you evoiding social interactions.

You prepare to masturbate again. You clean up your mess from before, get a new picture of Sonic's toes, and pray to God asking for forgiveness.

He won't forgive you.

You're just about to start when a ad pops up and opens another tab leaving the last one in the process.

"Dammit." You get mad clicking repeatedly to exit the new tab but to no avail. Loudly on the speaker a woman can be heard saying:

"Sexy singles in your area."

You get scared, not because of the sudden loud voice, but because your father is upstairs. He might take away your internet privileges, he might ground you, or worse he might make you get a job! In a hurry you unplug your speakers.

You look behind you just to see if he has noticed.

"Nothing..?" You think.

That's when you hear him walking down your steps. Your heart starts pounding.

"This is it, I'm fucked."

You father reaches the bottom of the steps and makes his way toward you.

"Hey dad, how are you?" You ask pretending nothing happened. He doesn't respond but instead walks closer.

You shit yourself, you're not emotionally prepared to be an adult, or at least that's the pathetic excuse you give to people who ask.

He is now a feet away from you. You're sweating, shaking, and you just realized your "naughty parts" are still out and about. He then lifts up his arm with a letter in it.

"This was in the mail for you." He says. You're frozen and speechless. You slowly reach for the letter.

"Come on I don't got all day (YN)." He yells. You grab the letter and turn around, you place the letter on your desk still shaking from what just happened.

"Thank you dad." You say with a sort of relief in your voice.

"No problem." He notices you have Internet Explorer open.

"Lol, the fuck is this?" He says mockingly.
"You use Internet Explorer? Lol." He grabs the mouse. You try to force his hand away but your smoking, alcoholic, 56 year old father is too strong for you.

He clicks on the tab and sees Sonic's feet.

"Oh wow." He sounds surprised.
"No dad, it's not what it looks like." It is what it looks like.

"The fuck..." He says while scrolling down the page of Sonic porn.
"It's not what you think." It is exactly what he thinks.

"Jesus fuck." He says looking at the browser history.
"Dad, you're not letting me explain myself, I don't like this!" He doesn't need you to explain yourself when it's so clear.

"Sonic nude, Sonic eats shit, Sonic vore..." He's reading them out loud almost as if saying them is punishing you in some way. Admittedly hearing your web browser history back to you in a different voice than yours makes you feel like a sick fuck who needs to be put down.

He's quite now. Just the click of your mouse that's you've grown familiar with fills your room.

"Dad..?" You ask.
He looks at you.
"You have the same taste in men as me." He replies.

You notice that he has started masturbating furiously.

"Oh dad..." A tear goes down your cheek.
"Son." A tear goes down his cheek and into his mustache.

You both masturbate, bonding over this event; helping each other out when needed. Your dad then stops for a second and looks at you.

"Check this out son." He stands on both hands and uses his feet to masturbate. You are impressed, you will remember this for years to come.

You both ejaculate and go your separate ways.

You're laying in your bed looking at the ceiling. You're cheeks are warm and your heart is pounding.

"I wonder what it'd be like to date Sonic." You think to yourself since you have no friends to talk to.

Then you remember the letter you were given. You easily forget about things that isn't Sonic's tight blue asshole. You get off your race car bed and walk towards the table where you left the letter. You pick it up while simultaneously turning on your desk light. You see who is is from before opening it.

'From Sega' it reads. Just the name Sega excites you sexually.

You start tearing into it quickly.

"To whom this may concern, you have been qualified to meet Sonic IRL, lol, just your luck?" Your heart skipped a beat this is it. This is your chance, to meet Sonic.

Knowing your dad also loves Sonic you go to show him. You run upstairs occasionally using your spider-like legs to skip 3 to 7 steps. You knock on his bedroom door.

"Hey dad, I got some amazing news!"
"Come in and tell me son."

You open the door and see him combing his mustache.

"Look dad!" You eagerly show him the letter.
He's speechless, but not happy speechless. He clearly looks mad, maybe even sad that his son was the one that was invited.

"That's great son..." He says clearly broken over this.
"What do you think I should wear dad?" You ask clearly oblivious to how he feels.
"I don't know... when are you going?"
"I didn't check that, let me see."

You look at the letter and read it out loud:
"Tomorrow it says!" You start jumping.
"It says I'll be there for a whole week!" You place the letter on his nightstand next to his black thunder dildo which he loves more than you.

"Who cares about Sonic?" Your dad says, he's not wrong.
"What? How could you say that? We just masturbated to him." Honestly that sounded better in your head.

"Well he is a dumb face."

You stand there shocked. How could he? How could he just say that about your lord and savior Sonic?

"You're a poopy nose." You say to your father.

"Just leave me child." He turn his back toward you and slumps over.

You're silent, you start to tear up. You think how could he be so rude after that time you've spent together.

You run out of his room crying. He walks towards the door and closes it.

You go downstairs to your room and do what every adult does when they're dealing with problems. Write a blog about it. You go to Tumblr and start writing.

"Hello, I am a a die hard Sonic fan."

You started out the blog with. You're quite brave for doing so too, no one would ever dare admit they're a Sonic fan. That's like admitting your a nazi sympathizer.

"I've been going through a lot recently, I've been sick, my dog died, and I got kicked out of my house--"

Which was all lie, you just wanted to make your pathetic life that consisted of masturbating to a cartoon hedgehog with comically sized feet seem interesting.

"-- and now my father is being rude; he criticized Sonic--"

Criticizing Sonic is something you never allow. You once cried in public after watching IGN's review of Sonic Lost World and left a mean comment regarding the reviewers mother. Because of this obsession no woman/man has ever talked to you and will never talk with you. Have fun being alone.

"-- all because I was accepted to meet Sonic in real life. I'll never forgive this monster."

You sent the blog post and awaited a comment -- usually you'd get nothing but for the sake of this story -- someone miraculously commented!

"Im srry bro what a jerk he shuldnt be mad he shuld be happi. where r u going?" Sw@gb00ty wrote.

You haven't checked where this takes place! You look on your desk for the letter but it's not there. You check your bed but it's not over or under your Lightning McQueen bed sheets.

Then you remembered, you left it on your fathers nightstand next to his black thunder dildo.

You dash upstairs and knock on the door. No answer. You grab the doorknob but it's locked.

"Dad you have my letter!" You yell from outside of the door.
"No I don't." He says with a giggle.
"Give it back to me you dummy face butt!"
"I know you are but what am I."

"Dammit, he got me good." You thought.

"I'll wait here all night it I have too!" You said at the top of your lung which was unnecessary because he can hear you if you speak softly.
"Let me ask you a question son... how were you gonna get there? Walk? We live miles away from this historical event. You have no money, no job, you can't drive."

He's right, you're pretty much useless.

"Dad, you're not gonna take this moment away fro-" You're father stops you.
"When I was your age I wanted to sniff Sonic's pussy... I've dreamt of tying him up and fucking his spaghetti legs--"

You gasp "Just like my dream..."

"-- I love Sonic, I live for Sonic. I want to bungee jump into Sonic's sweet asshole. I cannot let this chance go... I wanted to marry Sonic but instead I married your whore of a mother. I don't have long to live... let me please meet him. If you're my loving son you would let me..."

"Then..." You say softly.
"Then I'm not your loving son..."

"(YN) I'm so sorry..." He says regretfully.
"I cannot let you get the letter, I'm leaving tomorrow."

"DAD NO!" You punch the door and start crying, not because you feel betrayed but because that was a pretty hard door.

"Goodnight son..."

You fall to the ground, snot and tears drop to the floor and fucks up the nice carpet.

Your dad however started packing up his clothes and necessities like his black thunder dildo. He looked at a photo of Sonic he has in his wallet -- he doesn't have a photo of you though -- and tears up.

"Is this really the right thing to do?" He thinks to himself as the sound of your crying is heard.

He looks at the door.
"(YN) will understand... I hope."

You wipe the tears from your eyes and sit on the door. Waiting for him to get out but before you knew it you fell asleep.

It's now 10am
While stretching and yawning you remove your Lighting McQueen blanket and stand up. You walk upstairs to brush your teeth and eat food. As you're eating you can't help but think you're missing something important.

You make your way downstairs and sit at the computer. You grab your mouse and shake it to wake it up from sleepmode. That's when you see your Tumblr post about the Sonic the Hedgehog meet up.

"It's today!" You bolt up.
"But dad!"

You run upstairs to his room but it's empty. You then check every room. You looked in the bathroom, in his closet, inside a can of beans but there was no sign of your dad.

"Dad!" You scream.
"Why dad!"

You run outside to see if maybe he was in his car. There he was. He was wearing a full body Sonic costume.

"He's kind of sexy like that." You think.
"NO! I mustn't be charmed by my backstabbing father!" The car starts to pull out of the drive way.

You sprint toward the car and scream
"Sonic Wind!"
That startled your father.
"You decided to show up hey? Bring it on!" He responds.

The neighbors are confused and disgusted at these current events happening right in front of them.

You jump on the hood of the car, that doesn't deter your father. He continues driving. You try busting the window open so you can go inside the car but you're to weak.

You then close your eyes and start breathing slowly focusing on the problem you're faced with. You are one with Sonic, you can feel Sonic's presence, The Holy Spirit.

"Gotta go fast." Echoes through your mind.

"CHAOS CONTROL!" You punch the window and nothing happens because all you did was close your eyes you weak little shit.

Your father is driving with no intentions on stopping.
"What can I do? What can I do?" You think.

That's when you have the idea to use your body to cover the windshield.
"If he can't see maybe he'll stop?"
You used your malnourished body to cover his sight.

"You think that'll stop me?" He said.
"I know this city more than I know you."
He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He lets go of the steering wheel and focuses.

"Hey look a giant talking egg." Echoes through his mind.

Your father sucks some air in before saying "CHAOS SPHERE-"

CRASH! The car crashes.

You are flung into the pavement violently.
Everything darkens.

You hear a familiar voice.
"Hey you okay? Can you hear me?"
"What... what happened?" You mumble.

"He's awake!" You see a blue blob slowly shaping into...

You say excitedly.

"The one and only!" He replies.

"I'm so glad... that I can see you, my hero."
"Don't mention it (YN), I'm always here to help." He pats your head.
"You were in critical condition when we found you, I'm glad your safe now."
He leans on to you and kisses your lips.

"Sonic-kun!" You say blushing.
"What if someone sees?"
"I asked them to leave so we could be alone (YN)." He then locks the door.
"Why Sonic?"
"I'm just a hedgehog that loves adventure." He proclaims.

He walks toward you and asks:
"So are you okay with seeing my 'naughty parts'?"
"But you don't have one?" You reply.
"Oh I do..." He smirks and starts to take off his right shoe.

You look intently at him as he removes his crimson shoe.

"It's right here."

He removes his shoe revealing an erect 5 inch "naughty part" protruding from the top of his foot.

You blush and say "Bring it over here sexy."
He walks over with a limp not to step on his "naughty part" and sits beside you.

[if you're a male]

You take out your "naughty parts" and stick it in between his toes. Pressing into his sweaty toes and touching the tip of his foot-"naughty part" with yours. You spit on his "naughty parts" and foot to use as a lubricant.

You both start moaning and grinding on each other. He kisses your lips and sticks a tongue in your mouth. You can taste chili dogs.

[if you're a female]

You take out your breats and let Sonic stick his foot-"naughty parts" in between. Sonic is blushing and you can tell he's enjoying it. As he thrusts you can feel his untrimmed toenails cutting into your breasts. He stops and licks your nipples. You start moaning as he plays with them.

He then sits on your lap, grinding on you. He kisses your lips and sticks his tongue in. You can clearly taste onion.

[If you're another gender]

Sonic says "Lol fuck that noise." And leaves. The end.

[For the normal genders Male and Female]

"You taste so good Sonic-Kun..."
"I could say the same for you (YN)."

He pushes you down and turns around putting his ass in front of you. He unzips your pants and--

[If you're a male]

-- grabs your 2 inch "naughty part" and starts stroking it while licking the tip. Then he opens his mouth wide and sticks your whole "naughty part" in. You can tell Sonic is experienced in this, you moan.

He slobbers all over your "naughty parts" while you're thrusting into his warm hedgehog throat. You see his ass and you stick a finger in. Sonic moans.

You push your fringers in his ass while licking around it.

[If you're a female]

-- licks your genital warts around your "naughty part" He then sticks a finger in and presses deep inside of you. You moan loudly since one of his fingers is about at big as your forearm. Seriously, I'm not kidding, he is comically oversized.

That's when you see his "cute" ass. You stick out your tongue and try to get as much of his ass in your mouth as you can. Sonic is moaning.

You then put his foot-"naughty part" in you mouth and deepthraot as much as you can.

[if you're another gender]

You're just sitting there.

[Gender neutral]

You stop sucking and Sonic stops what he's doing. Sonic then flips you around and spreads your anus. He digs his head spike deep into your colon. You moan and drool all over your pillow. He thrusts in and out. Then he gives you a reach around.

"Are you ready to cum (YN)?" Sonic asks.
"Yes daddy! Give me the cummies!" You say like the sex deprived animal you are.

As Sonic pushed into your asshole, Sonic and you simultaneously climaxed.

You both lay next to each other tired.
"Did you enjoy that?" Sonic asks while smirking.
"Yeah it was amazing."

You cuddle Sonic although it's really uncomfortable. Must've been Gods day off when Sonic was designed.

"I was afraid I would never see you..." Sonic said. You look at him.
"Yeah, my father was actually trying to see you instead of me."
"Oh, your father..."
Sonic looks sad.

"What about him is he okay?" You ask.
Sonic hands you black thunder.
"He wanted you to have this."

You sniff it.
"It is dads... but... why'd he..."
"He didn't make it (YN)..." Sonic says with a tear in his eye.
"He used it once more before passing..."

You start feeling uneasy, your back feels cold, you start tearing up.
"Dad... he..."
"I'm so sorry, I just wasn't 'FAST' enough." Sonic pats you on your back.
"I can't believe he's dead... my father."

This realization hits you fast. Your father lost his life over a video game character, not even a good one. You feel guilty, you start crying even more. Only a dad that loves you to would've "bonded" they way you both have, no other dad would even consider it. But your dad did.

"Dad I'm so sorry dad!" You scream.
Sonic looks worried.
"I didn't mean for this to happen!"
You place your hands over your eyes.
"I'm so sorry!"

You grab black thunder and kiss it, foreign hair from the your dads parting gift end up going in your mouth.
"I just want my dad back! I didn't mean for this!!!" You look upwards with tears dripping off your face.

Then your alarm clock goes off.

You remove your blankets and sit up while yawning and stretching. You head upstairs to eat and to use the bathroom then head down stairs to your computer.

Tiredly you shake the computer mouse to get it out of sleepmode. Then you see the picture you and your father "bonded" over. Then you remember.

"The letter."

You look around the desk, there laid the letter face down. You picked it up with the sender information facing away from you.

"It was just a dream..."

You think if it really is from Sega so you start turning it to around."

But then you stopped.

You glanced over at the computer still stuck on the photo you "bonded" over then back at the letter with a tear in your eye.

You crumbled the letter.
"I'm glad it was just a dream."
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