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Man, what the fuck kind of drug have I taken? Is this a weird side effect from everything I've mixed today? I've never acted this way before and I've mixed a lot of different drugs before! I'm like literally jacking off in front of the guys. I'm not embarrassed. I'm not ashamed. It feels like I do this three times a day, and six times on the weekend. I'm fully aware that I've never done this, but even the guys don't show any surprise at my off the wall behavior. Infact, Izzy's staring at me like he's a stalking animal. Like he wants to do something to me. Axl is staring blankly at me too. However he doesn't say anything. Slash and Duff aren't even aware I don't think. They're both pretty busy at the moment.

I close my eyes a moment while I stroke my rig. When I open them Axl and Izzy are fucking completely fucking naked. Had I blanked out or something cuz that was really fast. Then I see Slash blowing Duff with his hand jacking off his own dick. What. The. Fuck? Man I know I should leave all the love birds alone and go find a slut, but it's like this is a new release movie I've been dying to see. Do not ask me why my friends are suddenly so captivatingly interesting. I guess it's whatever I'm high on.

Now Izzy is riding Axl. Quite expertly I might add while Axl jerks him off. His hands are on Izzy's hips . Izzy's head is leaned back and his eyes are closed. I guess this technically wasn't the first time I've seen them like this, but this time they're not submerged in water. And as I slump here stroking myself I can't help but think how fucking sexy they look. The way Izzy moves up and down, the way his hips rotate and And Axl has got this killer set of bedroom eyes and the way he's looking at Izzy... I admit it kinda makes me jealous. I'd like to know what it would feel like if someone ever looked at me that way. You know maybe gay and lesbian relationships work better. You know, guys think alike and chicks think alike, maybe there's less guesswork in being gay. Well not strickly gay, what man doesn't like a nice pair of tits? At least every once in a while, right?

Then I hear little moans coming from Duff. They're so soft and gentle. Theres just this sweetness to them. I don't know why, but they give me goosebumps. And Slash, my best friend since junior high can really deliver on a proper blowjob. He's totally got this twist and jerk thing going on. I can't believe I'm watching this shit! Its my oldest and dearest friend! This shouldn't make my dick twitch, should it? Fuck, did I take something that made me gay? I'm not into guys and I never have been. Now all of the sudden I'm getting off on two guys! I wish someone would explain to me why the fuck they're all turning me on more. Is that supposed to happen? Am I having a very strange dream? If so, when am I gonna wake up?

Well, if I'm dreaming I might as well go with it. I stand up and walk out of my pants. I cross the room to the couch. I stand there for a minute just watching them. The tender looks, the determined movements, it's fucking beautiful. It's like I can see and feel their love. I mean, I know they love each other...but until you see someone naked and all vunerabl the rest is just bland I guess. My dick throbs in my hand. I really wish it was someone else's hand. Damn, does this make me gay?? I sit down in the middle of my friends and their sex acts. Duff and Slash still don't even seem to notice my presence in the room. Axl looks at me but I don't think he minds one bit that I'm staring, or that I'm sitting next to him. Infact, I know he doesn't mind from what he says to me.

"Keep stroking yourself."

And I do and he watches me do it. He actually seemed to be enjoying it, like he's watching porn while he fucks. It should be freakishly strange and embarrassing for me right now, especially when I realize I have the smallest dick in the room. Fucking typical. But I'm not embarrassed. Even Izzy watches me over his shoulder while he never stops what he's doing. Then I look over at Duff. He's attentively watching me too. What's up with this shit? Slash can't see me or I would surmise he'd be watching too. Duff's little moans give me goosebumps again. Or this time maybe it's Axl's hand on my thigh. Um...ok. I think I have officially reached the Twilight Zone. Why don't I mind this? Normally I'd be a little weirded out by this, right? Especially coming from Axl who pretty much fucking hates me. But his hand is so warm and soft. His hair is so sleek and beautiful. I think my dick twitched for that too.

While I ponder on that I suddenly feel a tug on my balls. It wasn't Axl. I look at the hand. I follow up the arm, to the shoulder, and realize that the hand belonged to Izzy. Seriously? Axl's grabbing my thigh and Izzy is fondeling my nuts? And neither of these jealous assholes seem to mind that they're both touching me? Well, they tend to have abnormal sex lives anyway. They like their kinky little threesomes. I guess this sudden moment from them doesn't really surprise me. Maybe what surprises me is the fact that it's me they're touching. Infact, I kinda liked being touched. What weird witchery is this? Am I suddenly the third wheel of their threesome action? How the fuck did this happen?

Then I look over at Duff. He's biting his bottom lip while both his hands grasp Slash hair. His half lidded eyes look so peaceful. But his eyes are trained on my cock and the two extra hands on me. Even Duff isn't surprised. If I didn't know better I'd think Duff wanted to touch me too. He kinda has that 'I want you' stare. I lay my head back and try to concentrate as I move my hand even faster. It's all in the wrist. Speaking of wrist, a hand goes around my right one. The hand moves my hand and places it on Duff's stomach. I notice the hand was Slash. He wanted me to touch Duff? But why? This makes no goddamn sense! Then Slash runs his hand up my leg. Holy shit. That sent a shiver up my spine.

Then Duff glides my hand down his stomach. His hands are far more scratchy than Axl's, Izzy too. That's gust part of playing stringed instruments. Did Duff want me to touch his cock? Surely Slash didn't put my hand on the love of his life. And surely he wasn't centimeters from my cock. But apparently he is. There's so many hands near my rig that I just move mine out of the way. Izzy takes over at the helm and Axl takes my balls. Slash's hand goes over Izzy's and Izzy moans. His moan is even better than Duff's. It was like hallowed Angels singing. It does more than make my dick twitch. Hey, is this why Axl calls him his dark Angel? I never have understood that nickname, Fireball I get, it speaks for itself. Infact, I look for Fireball to make an appearance as soon as he notices Slash's hand over Izzy's.

Then I realize, despite how I've been jerking off, I'm nowhere near cumming. Even with all these visuals, and sets of hands on me. Normally I can polish one off in like three minutes, four tops. I'm pretty good at delaying my fuse when I'm with a chick, but I don't think I'm trying to right now. I think the pill with the bug in it is causing it. Damned Mexican Fly. I honestly don't know what to do, but I have no will to fucking go. I was pretty goddamn content where I was. I mean sure, there's four hands on me that belong to guys, but they're my best friends, my brothers...ok brothers sounds wrong, given the unique circumstances. But somehow, it's ok. It's amazing ands ok to me and apparently ok to them too.

"Close your eyes," Izzy says to me. Izzy's always spoke softly, but you can't imagine the sound of his bedroom voice. It's such a soft octive, almost like a good whisper in your ear. Its fucking hot and I'm more than willing to comply.

I quickly close my eyes. A second later I feel hot breath tinging my lips. I have a pretty good idea of what is about to happen. Then it does. Our lips touch. His lips are really warm. Warm like maybe he's running a fever. I've never felt such warm lips. A split second later I can feel Izzy's tongue lightly brush across my lips. If that means what I think he wants me to part my lips so he can really kiss me. Right now would be a great time for my heterosexuality to kick in. However, it doesn't so I open my mouth for him. But the way Izzy's tounge feels in my mouth...fuck, why the hell would I want to stop? Izzy's one hell of a kisser. I can't believe I now know this! This is so fucked up!

I can hear Duff and Slash talking, but I don't catch a single fucking word of it because I'm lost somewhere really fucking intriguing as I kiss Izzy. There's so much.. I don't know what to say...emotion in his kiss. The outside world just sorta vanishes for a minute or two. Before I even know it I'm sticking my own tounge in Izzy's mouth with a moan. Oh god this is too wrong to feel this right. I've never kissed a guy before, sucked and fucked a few, but never kissed one. Honestly, it's exactly like kissing a girl. Maybe that's why I'm kissing him back. Or maybe I think he deserves it since he's doing such a good job jacking me off. It's not like I have a blue ribbon or trophy handy.

When our lips finally part Izzy just gives me this little smirk. "Mmmm," he moans and looks down at Axl. He gives Axl a nod and Axl gives him a smile. I guess they don't need words to have an entire conversation. Izzy turns Axl's head to face me. I think he wants us to kiss. So that's what I do, I kiss Axl like he's a hot red headed chick. Axl kisses almost exactly like Izzy. But then I guess he would since Izzy was the one who taught him everything. But then Axl puts my hand on Izzy's very aroused member. Another good moment for that heterosexuality to come out, but yet again it doesn't. I'm actually sorta enjoying kissing Axl too. I feel as this might be as close as we've ever been...both literally and figuratively. Hell, I don't even mind the fact that Izzy's rig is in my hand. I'm not even getting penis envy.


I guess you might wanna know what Slash and I are doing. Well... I honestly don't know. Well, I know, I just can't fucking believe it myself. I don't think I wanted too start some big band orgy...or maybe I did. Fuck I don't know. I don't even know how this shit came to be! The only logical explanation I have is that it's those fucking pills that dude in Mexico gave us. I think Izzy called them Spanish Flies. Naturally, leave it to Izzy to be the drug expert. I guess he was right though, he usually is where drugs are concerned. But he didn't say shit about how they make you feel. I don't think he expected this.

Slash raises his head from my cock to look at me. There's something in his eyes that I don't think I've ever seen before. I don't even have a name for it. The best I can tell you it's pure lust. Nothing but lust. Animalistic lust. There aren't any other emotions involved. Like none, you know you have others but they get overshadowed by pure pheromones and instinct. I'm not sure if I like this or not. This just isn't like us. But then Slash puts Stevie's hand on my stomach. I feel like I have no control over this...this... whatever it is. It's really weird, but I don't think Slash minds any of this either. It almost feels like we're supposed to feel this. Like the fucking stars and planets aligned just so this one very strange moment could occur. Meant to be, so to speak.

Naturally the last thing I wanted to do was hurt Slash in any way. However, I think he might be egging me on. He put Steven's hand on me and now he's like totally feeling up his leg. I should probably be pissed about that, but for some reason, I'm completely cool about it. So I guess if I'm alright with it and Slash is alright with it then it must be ok. Right?? Or am I completely not reading the actions in this room right. Maybe it's all just me. But then I look next to me and see Izzy Frenching Steven. Ok, I'm not reading this shit wrong. Plus Axl's going with this too as opposed to ripping Izzy's tongue out and cramming it down Steven's throat.

I look back to Slash as his head Bob's up and down. Fuck that's a beautiful sight. It feels so fucking good. Its like sensation is amplified and a climax delayed. I'm not even turned off or upset that Slash is practically holding hands...I mean holding Steven's cock with Izzy. Yeah, the same Izzy who had taken Slash from me for a while. The same Izzy who got my baby boy strung out. I know I should be seeing red over that. Why wasn't I though? Infact I realize that I'm pushing Steven's hand down my stomach, closer and closer to my dick. What the fuck was I thinking? Why the fuck would I want Steven to touch me? That's fucking crazy, but he is and I like it. What the hell is going on?

"Baby Boy," I softly utter as my eyes roll from the feeling of Steven's hand. Slash looks up at me with half lidded eyes and licks his lips. "I don't think we're supposed to be doing this," I say to him.

"It's ok Duffy. I love you. Just go with it," he practically growls and goes back to work sucking me.

Wow go with it huh? That's strange because that's what I wanted to do. Yet, at the same time I feel like someone in a marriage gone wrong and my spouse is telling me to cheat. Does that shit ever happen? Surely it must, right? I run my hand over my head because I don't know what the fuck to do. I mean, I've never been in a situation like this. I've never had more than one partner at a time...well except for the scumbag motherfuckers who raped me. But here I am, smack dab in the middle of what I think is turning into an orgie. You have no clue what a mind fuck this is right now.

My dick aches in Slash's mouth. I just want to cum, but I don't think I can yet. My hands grasp his hair in both hands. Steven's fingers are lightly grazing across my pubes. Speaking of pubes, where the fuck are Izzy's? Steven's other hand is jerking Izzy's junk and he has no hair down none. Thats so fucking strange, yet it's kinda cool cuz you can really see everything. It looks so smooth and I wonder how it would feel. A better question for me to be asking myself is why am I watching Izzy get jacked off by Steven while Axl fucks him? My answer? Cuz I can. Cuz I want, because I just have to.

I guess this shouldn't be so awkward. I've fucked Axl and hes been with Slash. Izzy has watched me and Slash go at it. And I think you all know about Izzy and Slash. Plus, I think we've all seen Stevie go at it. So we're not actually exploring new territory. Not really, not completely. I guess it shouldn't matter that we're all sitting on Axl and Izzy's couch doing the nasty. Granted I have never even come close to doing something like this. I somehow think that in the morning all of that will have changed. Right's just...whatever, you know?

With a growl I come up off the couch and pull Slash up. I devour his lips and enjoy the taste of his spit. He climbs on to my lap and starts undressing me the rest of the way. So I do it back as I steal as many greedy little kisses as I can. Before I know it were all completely void of clothing. Nothing but flesh on flesh...on flesh on flesh...on flesh. Slash slides his ass down on my cock. Oh yeah. I grab his hips and guide them. I'm holding them so tightly that it might leave bruises. But I don't think Slash will mind. He seems to be enjoying it almost as much as I am enjoying his ass on my rigid purple dick.

When I hear Steven suck in his breath I open my eyes to look. Axl has his head in Steven's lap blowing him. Fucking really? Ok, I didn't see that one coming. Izzy's behind Axl fucking him. Izzy's eyes are watching Slash riding my dick. Again, I should be against this fucked up shit...but I'm just not. In fact, every issue that I've ever had with Izzy has completely vanished. I don't care if he's watching Slash and getting off on it. I might hate him in the morning and try to fucking kill him with my bare hands, but right now, it's cool. I know Slash is mine and that he loves me more than anyone else in the world. I don't even mind sharing him. Fuck this is so weird.

Just as I'm thinking about having no animosity towards Izzy his hungry eyes fall on me. I remembered it being the same as the night he was watching me and Slash while he spanked his monkey in our doorway. He pulls out of Axl and straddles my lap too. Slash just reclines back into him. Izzy's hands are on him and he's sticking his tongue in Slashs ear...or maybe he's saying something to him because Slash nods. He raises up off my cock. I'm about to complain when Izzy takes my face in his hands and kisses me. I feel my entire body go nimble and start quivering.

Izzy moves away with a "Mmmm, I've always wanted to do that."

"Yeah?" I ask with raised eyebrows. Izzy had thought about kissing me?? Yeah, didn't see that one coming either.

"Oh yeah, you don't really think Axl didn't tell me all about you do you? He said you were...hey Axe, how did you put it?" Izzy asks Axl and glances his direction.

Axl raises up off Steven's dick long enough to say, "Romantic." Really? They're so totally at ease with all this. How? Izzy's a jealous motherfucker. And Axl has his moments too.

"Yeah, that's it," Izzy smiles and watches Axl gobble up Steven's knob again. "He says I'm passionate. Wanna see what happens when passionate meets romantic?"

I nervously chuckle because Izzy is hitting on me. Thats so fucking off the wall. I have no fucking clue why I find that funny. Or why I'm not strangling him because Slash is kissing his neck. Then I watch Izzy's expression as he very slowly lowers himself down onto my dick. He looks like he's in rapture. He's perfectly content and I don't think I've ever seen him like this...ok, I know I've never seen him like this, you know, on my dick. He starts to roll his hips as he moves up and down. Fuck it feels so fucking good! He keeps clenching and unclencing his ass. My breath starts to race. Wow, Izzy was really good at this. I should be threatened by this and feel inadequate, but... I'm fine. Everything is fine. So I start thrusting from under him.

Slash is on the other end of the couch kissing Steven. I don't know why, but it reminds me of wolves fighting. Like teeth gnashing and slobber trying to outright kill one another. Wow, that's really fucking fucked up man. Steven's hands are all knotted in Slashs hair. I think Slash's hands are a bit full at the moment, full of cock. When they separate they look at one another and bust out laughing. Shit I can't help but chuckle too. I guess they're laughing at the ironic fact that they're actually doing this.

"Your lips are so soft," Steven says from his laughter.

"You think they're soft now, wait till you feel them around your dick," Izzy smirks but never stops his relentless Pace with me. Normally I would probably give him a left hook for that comment. I guess right now it's not important.

"Yeah, I concur," Axl says coming up off Steven's dick. Really? Damn, I never really thought about the fact that everyone here knows how it feels for Slash to Blow them.

"Will you?" Steven asks Slash and it sounds so hopeful.

Slash looks at me like maybe I'll have something to say. But what the fuck could I say? I'm fucking someone else...right in front of him. Truth is, right now I just can't be against it. So I just point to Izzy and give Slash a shrug, like whatever. I had zero room for objections. Actually I kinda wanted to see the expression on Stevens face when he feels Slash blow him. My baby knows how to give great fucking head.


I get Steven down on his knees and have him suck off Slash while I slide my dick into him. I can't even stand Steven, but I'm really enjoying breaking him into our deviant sexuality. Plus Slash and Duff are finally learning how to share. Duff sees me and doesn't say a word. But come on, what can he say, his dick is up Izzy's ass. I learned how to share Izzy a long long time ago. Though I never thought I'd subject myself to watching him with Slash, not after everything that went down. However, I feel pretty ok with all this. I didn't want to punch anyone, so that's good huh?

I guess this is what Spanish Flies are supposed to do, seeing as how everyone else seems to be feeling the same. This band meeting has taken a very unexpected turn. Ah, the things orgies are made of. I just never thought it would be the five of us in the same one. Honestly I'm kinda surprised to see Duff and Slash in such sharing moods. I mean fuck, Izzy's riding Duff like fucking Sea Biscuit. There is a tremendous amount of bad blood between those two, but right now it just doesn't matter. Duff seems pretty into what Izzy's doing. Like really really into it. I can't blame him though, Izzy is a fantastic fuck. He's the best I've ever had. Slash is sitting right next to Duff letting Steven blow him. Where's a goddamn camera when you need one?

I look down at Stevens ass and my dick sliding in and out of him. I take it slow since he doesn't do this all the time. I kinda like fucking him doggie style because it just has tons of innuendo because I know I hate this motherfucker. I'm not mad at him right now, which is strange. In all honesty I don't think I'd mind fucking Nikki Sixx right now. But I don't feel euphoric or anything, not the general way drugs are supposed to make you feel. All I feel is the throb in my cock and any way I can think of to elivate it. Even fucking Steven. At least I don't have to look at his hairy fucking chest. That would be a mood killer, Spanish Flies be damned.

I really want to cum too but I don't know if I can. I feel like I'm right on the brink but nothing's happening. I hope that pill don't keep you from it. That would fucking suck to be this painfully aroused and not be able to get rid of a raging boner. I'm not trying to have marathon sex or anything. I just wanna have some fun, bust a nut, have a shower and go about my business. However, I don't seem to be anywhere close to that. Maybe my dick remembers that I don't like Steven. Maybe I should try fucking somebody else besides him. Sure his ass is tight and all, but he doesn't have anything on Izzy. Izzy knows how to move around and drive you crazy. Well, in my case, crazier.

Ok, this ain't doing it for me. My predator eyes fall on Slash. I wanted his cock in my ass while somebody blows me. Hell, yeah, that's what I want. I guess Steven will do as long as he can give decent head. So I push Steven out of the way and sit on Slash's lap with my back to him. I slowly lower myself down on his big salavated cock. I grab Steven by the hair and put his face to my junk. I give Slash enough room to thrust while keeping myself still so Steven can get some suction going. And he goes to work on me like a pro.

Izzy gives me a curious stare then smiles, "Damn Fireball, that's fucking genius. Why haven't we ever thought to do that position?"

"I don't know, but you gotta try it," I smile broadly.

"Ok, Duff, my turn," I hear Izzy saying.

He stands up and gets Duff slouched down on the couch with his ass at the edge. A few seconds later Duff is moaning in rythem with Izzy's thrusts. And Slash is moaning behind me. Izzys lust laden eyes watch me with interest. I just keep a hold of Steven's hair so he can't stop sucking my dick. I admit the thought of choking him with my dick should cross my mind. I guess I'm just being very sportsman like at the moment. Steven better thank the creator of Spanish flies.

I look over at Izzy, he's doing Duff with that tortuous slow rolling grind. His gypsy dance that I find worthy of video taping. Seriously, he can be a porn star if this music thing doesn't work out for us. There's just this elegance to his moves. Its like a seductive dance. They kinda like the girls at the Cathouse on the stripper poles. Chicks always say Izzy's great in bed. Watching Izzy fuck has always been one of my dirty little pleasures. I'm not sure why, but it is. When we're doing threesomes it always takes watching Izzy to get off. I just find him so sexy.

However there's this dude on the strip that the girls always get Izzy confused with. His name was Gilby something. What kind of name is Gilby? Anyway, he had hair like Izzy, about his build and about his height, and played rythem guitar. He was one of the first people Izzy met when he came out here. But now he was more like Izzy's rival. Shit, why the hell am I thinking about this? I'm the middle of probably the strangest orgy I will ever be in. Get your head in the game Axl. Thank God there's no mirror to taunt me. Billy had no business being here.

Izzy was right, this position is sheer fucking genius! It feels pretty amazing. Slash big cock fills me up and has hella friction. And Steven can give a decent blowjob. Man this is awesome. If you've never been double pleasured before you should try it, both male and female both.. it makes you cum so hard that your throbbing aches inside you. It would be really nice to be able to cum, however I'm not sure if I can or not. Goddamn I hope I can eventually. Fuck, talk about blue balls if I can't.

I look over at Izzy and Duff. Duff is almost salavating over there. Sure Slash is good and all, but I like Izzy better. Infact I think Duff is learning why Izzy's the best fuck on Sunset. Somehow the perverted record executives never figured that out. They always wanted to be the ones doing the fucking. They sure don't know what the fuck they were missing. Duff is over there moaning like a girl. He's not even grabbing his own cock because Izzy's multitasking and doing it for him.

I feel Slash hands on my hips and he starts thrusting into me harder. I look back at him. He's biting his lip as he watched Izzy and Duff. I work my hand between us and grab his balls. It makes him groan. My other hand is still holding Steven's fucking hair like handlebars.! Steven try to pull back a couple of times but I don't let him. I know his dumb ass probably wants to talk or ask questions. I didn't want to answer questions. I have no answers, there are none i don't think.
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