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Well, this is a position I never thought I’d find myself in; buried balls deep in Duff’s ass while I watched Slash fuck Axl who was forcing Steven to blow him. Damn, who knew Spanish fly was a for real thing? Slash and Duff have a whole fucking bag of the things too! Damn, we could fuck for years with a supply like that! Seems like everyone is having a little trouble tipping over the edge though; none of us has cum yet and I can tell that everyone is close. Axl has his head tipped back, biting his lip just a little, Slash is thrusting into him hard and groaning like a whore. Duff is groaning louder and is clamped down hard around my cock. I can feel my own orgasm building up but I just need a little something more, seems like everyone does. I’m betting that if one person in this little fuck fest gets off the rest of us will too. I let my eyes roam over all of my friends, all of them so fucking hot at this second and I wonder what I could do to make one of them cum, hmm, which one? My eyes linger on Slash and I grin, I know exactly how to get the kid off. I remember very clearly how sensitive his prostate is when he’s all worked up like this and at this second, nothing is stimulating it. Well, I can change that! But not without permission, no way am I laying a finger on him without asking after what Nikki did to him. But I’d better ask Duff too. “Hey, Duff,” I say quietly.

“Hmm?” he groans, looking up at me.

“Can I touch him?” I ask, nodding towards Slash, “Can I get him off?”

Duff looks up at me, and I can see him weighing the question, does he want to let me touch his precious baby or not? His mind is saying no but the Spanish fly is making his dick say yes. “You need to ask him, it’s his body,” Duff pants.

I just nod. “Slash,” I croon, “Do you want me to get you off? Want me to make you feel good Pretty Baby?”

Slash just says “Umm…” he turns his head to the side so that he’s looking at Duff. He raises his eyebrows silently asking him if it’s ok.
“Whatever you want Baby Boy, I just know somebody needs to get off soon, it’s like I”m so fucking close but I can’t quite get there!” Duff pants.

Slash looks at Duff for a moment longer and then nods. So I run two fingers softly over Duff’s lips and he quickly catches on and opens his mouth and licks and sucks my fingers, lubing them up. When they’re wet enough I take them out of Duff’s mouth and let my hand wander to the side and my fingers slip between Slash’s cheeks and glide smoothly over his hole. He makes a small sound, a tiny gasp, and he absolutely freezes and his whole body stiffens up. Guess Spanish fly doesn’t take away the post rape fear of being touched by someone that’s not Duff. He whimpers quietly. “Shh, don’t be afraid Pretty one, just relax, I won’t hurt you, I’m just going to make you feel good., would you like that?” I ask him. I look over at him and he won’t meet my eyes.

Duff’s head quickly turns towards his lover and he reaches out and takes his hand and gently kisses it. “You ok Baby Boy?” he asks. “Are you scared?” Slash doesn’t say anything but he and Duff must also have the ability to talk telepathically like me and Axl do because Duff starts to quietly soothe him. “It’s ok Baby Boy, I’m right here, Izzy’s not gonna hurt you, he won’t touch you if you don’t want him to, but he’s gonna make you feel good, help get you off. You wanna cum hard so I can watch baby? Watching you get off would make me get off and that would get Izzy off and then Axl would cum from watching him….”

“But it’s not you Duff, nobody’s touched me but you until today and,” but just at that second Axl starts to move again, sensuously sliding up and down Slash’s huge cock; I see it twitch and Slash lets out a startled “Oh!” and draws in a hiss. I can see that he’s thinking about it,

“Slash, I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to; you know that. But I won’t hurt you, I’m just gonna put two fingers inside of you and rub your spot, You always liked it when I would do that to you when you were all worked up the way you are right now, it would make you cum so hard your whole body turned red!” I told him, licking my lips at the memory of how sexy he was when he would lose control of his body, lost in a haze of pleasure, unable to do anything but ride it out. God I had loved sex with that kid, he was always amazing in bed, even when he wasn’t trying. He was like walking sex with a huge dick and Axl looked sexy as hell riding it. I raise my eyebrows at him appreciatetively and he gives me a little grin.

“Yeah baby, Izzy’s right, it’s like when I’m licking your little hole and you get so excited but you can’t get off and all I have to do is push my fingers into you, and massage your spot, and it’s always so hot and swollen, and you arch your back, and clamp down on my fingers, and you cum so hard for me!” Duff pants and groans a little at the thought, plus I’ve never stopped moving inside of him. His body spasms slightly when he thinks about licking Slash’s ass and again when he talks about him getting off on his fingers, can’t blame him for being turned on, it’s a sexy thought. Slash was a spoiled little shit I’d bet you anything, he loved having his ass licked and I bet Duff treated him to it regularly. Duff adored that kid and I’m willing to bet he spoiled him just as much in the bedroom as he did outside of it. What I do know is that they fuck like fucking rabbits, at least once a day and probably more than once, Pretty incredible considering what the kid had been through in the past few months. Axl and I were getting back there, to making love every day; but Axl was already so damaged when Nikki hurt him, he had a lot more wounds to heal than Slash did. Axl had a lifetime of wounds to heal and I’d been trying to help for 10 years; but we had so much history, lots of it bad, and I’d give anything to make Axl feel as safe Duff made Slash feel.

I’m pulled from my thoughts when I feel Duff move slightly underneath me. I look down to find him leaning closer to Slash. Slash leans into him as well and their lips meet. Damn they’re hot together. I already knew this having seen them fuck and I did live with them for months so I saw way more making out than I would have otherwise. Slash groans into Duff’s mouth quietly and I feel him relax a little. I lean over and kiss Axl softly, running my fingers through his long, straight, hair and breathing in the scent of his shampoo. He’s still forcing Steven to blow him but Stevie’s not fighting it. “I wanna cum so bad Izz,” Axl sighs. “His dick feels so good, he’s so big!”

“Mmm, I know, I remember,” I respond. Shit I hope that doesn’t piss off Axl, I can’t think about much other than sex right now be it with Slash or Axl or Duff, sex and thoughts of sex are all there is right now and it’s all concentrated into that wonderful throb in my dick.

Suddenly Slash bucks against my fingers, guess that means he’s decided to go with it. Axl cries out when Slash’s hips thrust. “Oh fuck Slash! Do that again!” Slash lets go of Duff’s hand and grabs Axl’s hips. They never stop kissing though and nobody stops fucking. I gently press my fingers into Slash as he continues to thrust up into Axl who moans like a whore. I’m careful to go slow and not hurt or scratch the kid or it will be over for everyone. I knew exactly where his prostate is and like I figured it’s swollen and hot, he’s so close to getting off, he just needs a little nudge, literally.

“Ready to cum kid?” I ask before I give him what he needs.

“Mmm, please Izzy,” he pleads, pulling away from Duff for a second to look up at me with lustful, begging, eyes. I smirk at him and press down and rub his inflamed prostate. His reaction is fucking beautiful; he grabs Duff’s hand again, arches his back, slams up into Axl and wails. “Oh fuck! Yes!” he yells.

“Faster Izzy!” Duff pants, watching his boyfriend cum hard beside him. I speed up my movements and a second or two later Duff sucks in his breath and I feel him clamp down around my dick, moaning loudly. About the same time I watch as Axl throws his head back and makes a sound only Axl could make. He pulls Steven off of his dick and jets of cum shoot into the air. Between watching the three of them cum and the throbbing, hot, constrictions around my dick I can’t take it anymore I let out a roar and bust a nut inside of Duff. Oh god I’m cumming so fucking hard! This Spanish fly shit is amazing!

We finally all come down from cloud nine and we’re all covered in cum and sweat. I look over at Axl and he gives me a little smile, grabbing his shirt from the arm of the couch and wiping his hands on it. He slides off of Slash and drops the shirt onto him so that he can clean himself off. “I’ll grab a towel,” he mutters and stalks off down the hall. I hear a closet open and close and Axl walks back down the hall with a stack of towels. He tosses a couple at me and Duff and sits the rest of them on the arm of the couch. Duff and I clean up and I hear a little sound of frustration from behind me. I turn and look over my shoulder and see Steven sitting on his knees still jerking off, everyone had gotten off but him.

“Stevie, sit up here,” Slash says softly. Steven looks up hopefully and sits on the couch and Slash moves onto the floor in front of him. We’re all still fucking hard even though we’ve gotten off and I guess the show ain’t over! Slash moves Steven’s hand out of the way and takes him into his mouth. Steven gets a surprised look on his face and then his eyes roll back in his head and he moans obscenely.

Duff laughs quietly. “We told you he gives great head,” he chuckles. I gotta say I’m a little jealous, I know how good that hot, soft, mouth feels on Steven’s cock. We all watch as Slash continues to suck Steven whose moans get louder and he grips Slash’s hair. “Stevie, be still, don’t thrust, you’ll freak him out,” Duff cautions. A memory of Nikki thrusting into Slash’s throat and choking him runs through my head and I quickly push it away. Poor kid, I bet it does freak him out to have a dick thrust into his mouth while he’s blowing someone.

Steven squirms around, fighting to keep his hips still and not thrust into the hot, wet, mouth wrapped around his dick and his moans get louder. “Shit!” he pants. “Slash, fuck, I’m gonna cum, like right fucking now!” Slash sucks him for a second longer and then pulls back, jerking Steven off with his hand as he cums hard and loudly all over his hairy chest. When he finally settles down he lazily opens his eyes and looks at Slash. “Damn, where did you learn to suck dick like that? Those lips, damn…” Slash just laughs and ducks behind his curls.

“There’s more towels in the guest bathroom,” Axl says which I guess is a hint. Duff stands up and pulls Slash up behind him, kissing him sweetly. The way those two are quickly all over each other tells me that this isn’t over yet, I could so deal with that!
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