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At 16, Shado (fem) ruled the streets of London with violence and murder. A protector of the innocent. She liked her life the way it was. Using her powers to save the defenceless. Destroying the gre...

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"How did you get out!?" The man demanded. His voice was rough and he spoke with an Eastern European language with a strong accent.

It was a dark warm night in London. But the sea breeze brought with it a chill towards the freight ship as it finished docking, ready to unload its cargo.

The man was dressed warmly, in his mid-forties. Sweating a little as the air was humid. He watched the girl coldly as he drew his black handgun on her. She looked no older than fifteen. Sixteen at a stretch.

However, the girl looked unconcerned. She looked bored. She wore a breezy crimson coloured summer dress. Her breasts were full pushed up by her crimson bra hidden in her dress, and though they weren't small they weren't big either. Something in between.

The dress reached the girls midthigh on her long pale legs. Her skin was like that. Flawlessly smooth and milky white. The girls dress hugged her delightfully athletic body, curving into her beautiful shape with thin spaghetti straps over her slight shoulders.

The strange girl watched him with cool emerald coloured eyes that clashed and accentuated her pretty face at the same time. She wore no makeup, but her lips sparkled bright red and she didn't need anything more.

Her hair was short, and the colour matched her dress, fading into a blond at the edges, very short at the back, but hanging long over her ears, and longer on top.

The red-heads crimson dress breezes back, flowing behind her in the breeze from the sea. She was bare foot and emptyhanded, but she gave off an aura the man couldn't understand.

"You are in my city." The girl suddenly spoke, crisp and nonchalant with a perfect accent like his own, speaking his language with a fluent ease.

The man took an involuntary step backward. He didn't know why, but he shivered looking at those cool unconcerned eyes.

He shuddered as he let his eyes dart from her for less than a moment. Looking around deck. They were alone. He turned back to her and stuttered back as she had closed the distance by half.

The man had been patrolling in amongst large metal containers. They were set out like a maze. He hated himself as he thought about running and hiding. He knew the layout of the ship. She didn't.

"Return them to me." The girl spoke again. Nonchalant. Her voice soft and pleasant to the ear. "Return them to me," she repeated after a moment. "And I shall not destroy you."

The man gritted his teeth. He had to get angry. Who was this creepy girl? She spoke his languish perfectly but he was starting to believe she wasn't ever cargo.

"W-who are you, bitch?" he demanded as commandingly as he could while she continued to stare at him unblinkingly.

The strange girl wasn't even very tall. She was just under average height for a girl her age. She was just a weak kid. A girl. So why did he feel that dread while staring into those eyes.

"This is my city," she replied coolly. "You are in my city," she added with a hint of aggression this time. "You have to return them. If you choose not to. Then you and every other thief on this boat shall die."

The man staggered back and bumped into a huge red container. It clung loudly and startled him. His gun went off in a ringing bang. He could only stare at the girl as she stood in the line of his fire.

He prayed in that mere moment for her to die. But his prayer went unanswered. He shit himself as she moved like flickering images from a horror film. Her left hand flickered more with a back handed swipe.

There was a flash of golden sparks on the back of the girls' hand with a fizzled sound before the man heard the ping of his bullet hitting metal. The man's eyes frantic with horror followed the path of the bullet as the girl stopped. There was a small burn mark on the crate beside her.

The man looked back to the girl. She had a huge grin on her lips, showing off her perfect white teeth. Piss was dribbling down his trouser leg while he shook, unable to steady his gun as he kept it aimed at the girl.

"I don't give second chances often." The girl spoke coldly this time. "But since shooting at me was an accident. I'll let that slide. So here is my offer, Mister." She took two small steps closer, but he had nowhere to run. The mans back way pressed to a container. "Return what does not belong to you and your people, and let the authorities have you. Confess to all your crimes. And go to jail for the rest of your lives. Or die here and now? I won't ask again."

The man; in his fear and horror was barely listening as he pulled the trigger of his gun. He fired and fired, emptying his gun while screaming and squeezing his eyes tight. He continued pulling the trigger even after his gun was empty, clicking uselessly.

It took him a moment to brave opening his eyes. Tears ran freely when he saw her. The girl was still where she was. She had a cruel smirk lining her pretty lips. She was unharmed. She was a Devil of Vengeance.

Each bullet he had fired. They were held. Paused before her. The red-haired girls' emerald eyes were alight with a golden energy. The bullets were still spinning furiously. They hadn't lost any energy or momentum. But they just hung before her like something out of a Science Fiction film.

"Filth like you never learn." The girl spoke coldly. "I am Shado. And this is my city!"

The man only had a moment as the bullets turned to face him. But that moment wasn't enough to think straight. It wasn't enough for his life to flash before his eyes. It wasn't enough to scream.

He was dead before he hit the ground. Riddled with his own bullets. Blood pooled around his body, smearing down the container he fell back on it as he slid down to the deck. His eyes void of life or thought.

"What the…?"

Shado turned coolly to her left as three men with machine riffles charged towards her between a passage of containers.

"This is too easy," Shado said.

Shado rose her right hand lazily with two closed pointer fingers she swiped them to the left as if flicking over the page on a Kindle. Metal bent and moaned, but it took only a moment. The men didn't have a chance to realise they were dead as one rusty yellow container slid closed with a red one, splattering all three men between them.

"Why do they never listen to their survival instincts?" Shado asked herself in mock sadness. "It would be so much easier for me – and less bloody for them."

However, Shado grinned as she pushed out her left hand towards the containers. The sound of metal on metal screeched throughout the night as the containers blast up and towards the bridge of the boat in a hurricane of energy, roaring and rolling across the ship tearing and shattering the deck and other containers.

Explosions rippled through the night as Shado's eyes were alight. The metal of the deck tore and split as Shado pulled her arms up. And then three dirty and rust covered white containers tore through the deck floating above the ship.

Shado could hear screaming from the men on the ship. But she could also hear the cries from within the containers she had claimed from within the boat.

Floating up, Shado rose from the broken deck of the ship, not caring if anyone saw her crimson coloured panties. Or saw her flying.

Shado could hear sirens in the distance as emergency services raced to the scene. But she didn't pay that any attention as she flew away from the ship as it started ripping itself in two, water gushing in through the giant brakes in its hull, slowly sinking.

Shado's containers touched down, thumping to the concrete ground of the dock. Workers and security watched in shock as Shado landed her bare feet on top of the front container.

Smirking, Shado made a gesture and the chained container doors tore open to reveal people inside, young boys, small girls, and women, huddled together, filthy and wearing rags, nearly filling the three containers, and looking out at the fearful dockworkers.

However, when the men and women looked up, back towards the girl, Shado.

She was gone.

Shado watched coolly from a distance as the police, firefighters, and paramedics started arriving with the Coast Guard by ship and land, saving and arresting the odd surviving sailor. The paramedics were helping the timid people from the containers while the firefighters assisted the Coast Guard.

Then finally the police. They were taking statements from dockworkers and security. Listening. They knew about Shado. They had seen her handy work before. If she was real. They weren't sure they wanted to find out.

Meanwhile Shado turned from her entertainment while stretching the kinks from her muscles and yawning cutely.

"Now that's what I call a birthday party," Shado said to herself with an amused smile. That was the only thing she really knew about herself. Her birthday. She used to hate her birthday. But now her birthday was a day that any and every bully in London should fear.

Shado laughed as she flickered away to reappear in a huge open plan apartment. It only had one room leading from the main area which had a kitchen leading on to the living area with sliding doors to her room where she had a huge wet room and toilet.

She had huge tinted one-way windows looking out over the lights of her city. Shado had a dining table and chairs. Not that she ever had company. She had comfortable couch that curved round under the side window that looked out over the Themes and London Bridge, opposite her huge OLED 4K curved TV.

She liked her apartment. It was airy and open plan. It was comfortable, and just the way she liked it.

Shado smiled as she flopped down onto her couch as she had some PlayStation game cases, (PS3, 4, and Vita) lying around haphazardly with a few old pizza boxes she needed to clean up.

However, with click of Shado's fingers the pizza boxes dissolved away into nothing. Shado figured that would do. She would sort her games out another time as that was much too intricate for her to do with her powers and she didn't want to ruin her stuff trying. That meant she would have to tidy them by hand.

"Well that was a sweet sixteen." Shado chuckled. Her accent had changed back. It was proper English and cool. And she was no longer speaking another language. She had learnt several different languages during her short life and enjoyed adding the accent as it made her easier to understand when speaking to a native of that language.

Smiling Shado shrugged that off as she grabbed the nearest PS4 controller from her coffee table. The table needed a wipe, and for her to get rid of some of those old newspapers, but they had her in the headline so she wasn't quite ready to melt them. It also held her VAIO laptop open to an article about her burning down several warehouses used to make some illegal drugs a few days back.

Shado was about to press the PS button to start the system and continue her game when she was startled by an odd feeling. Her senses alert and her curiosity was piqued.

Shado placed her controller down as she frowned. Shado moved to the window, kneeling on her couch, Shado looked out into the darkness. Lit by the lights of London and the mild lighting of her apartment Shado could see a slight ghost-reflection of herself.

However, that wasn't what startled or gained her attention. She frowned. Shado let those bastards pass through her city. And she left their strange little shite holes alone. The least they could do was not cause trouble where she could sense it.

"It looks like I'll have to continue my game later," Shado said thoughtfully. "Maybe the amusing little stick-wavers will actually give me a fight. A very sweet sixteen this is turning out to be."

Shado smiled as she sat and pulled on her black half-boots, and fastened them to her feet.

"Now I hope this will be a great test of my power," Shado said to herself as she stood and stretched with a wicked grin on her lips before she flickered away with a distortion of the space around her.
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