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Shado learns a secret hidden from her past.

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Shado flickered into existence on the roof of a three-storey townhouse. It was one of many attached. They lined the road. And there was a large park across the small quiet road with more townhouses the other side.

Frowning, Shado couldn't help but laugh.

"This is more like it."

Shado was quite gleeful as she looked down to see some men in black robes with skeletal masks of varying materials hiding their faces, and hoods up to hide their hair. There seemed to be some 'fuck off' spell up to keep normal people away, so Shado wouldn't have to worry about them while kicking arse.

"Fucking supervillains," Shado declared in glee. "I really get to kill supervillains," Shado continued excitedly. "First slave traders. And now this? My birthday couldn't get any better than if I got to fight that Dark Fucker, bastard I heard about."

Looking down, Shado growled deep in her throat as anger took hold of her excitement. Shado watched for a moment as a heavyset Skull-Mask guy was using his little stick on a red-haired girl. She was cute too.

The cute red-haired girl screamed as she contorted in pain on the ground in her blue robes, crying and begging for help. However, help couldn't get to her. There was a fat woman nearby fighting with two Skull-Mask guys, frantic with panic.

"It must be nice having a mother to worry?" Shado muttered to herself.

However, Shado's eyes were alight with anger as the Skull-Mask man. A full-grown man was giggling with glee while he used the cast from his little wooden stick to torture a girl of around fifteen.

The torture stopped as the orange light broke away. Shado appeared at the Skull-Masks side, and grabbed his stick arm and snapped his wrist as she pulled the wand from his grasp. The wand burnt to dust in her grip while it was his time to scream.

The Skull-Mask staggered back in shock as Shado let him go. The cute girl on the floor was covered in sweat while she shakily pulled herself to her knees. Looking to her saviour, the red-haired girl could only stare in awe as she was saved by a teen girl in a dress.

However, after giving the red-haired girl a wink, Shado turned to the large Skull-Mask and shattered his face with her left fist. The man cried, screaming as blood exploded from around his mask and his mask melted away leaving angry red welts on his ugly bloodied face.

"I thought you liked to play violently?" Shado asked whimsically with a sweet smile on her lips, "so let's have some fun, shall we?" Shado continued with a question while he held his face, looking at her in terror.

Shado slid in, punting his chest with her right palm. Blood erupted from his mouth like a volcano as a huge crack reverberated throughout the street. The man dropped to his knees. His eyes lifeless before he finally keeled over dead in the gutter.

Turning to the red-haired girl, Shado rose her left hand, arm out, palm straight, to her side in nonchalance. Blue flames blazed up and around, curving into a sphere an inch from her palm. Then Shado fired the blue fireball. It shot with a burning ring of blue flames and a boom, shaking some nearby windows.

The red-haired girl was still on the floor and turned to see the blue flames take out two shocked masked men. They roared in agony as they were set alight. They had noticed Shado and turned to fire at her. But Shado took them out without a motion of concern. They flailed and screamed, begging for help that never came as they lost to the flames and stopped, dead, burnt husks on the road.

However, the rest of the fighters. The people dressed. 'Normally'? Not in masks? And the Skull-Masks looked to Shado. And Shado could sense the worry. They were afraid. Shado knew then that they were far beneath her in power and talent combined.

However, Shado ignored them as she smirked. Shado offered her right hand to help the red-haired girl up.

"My name is Shado." Shado introduced herself.

Shado held back laughed as she rolled her eyes while ignoring the three multicoloured spells that flew her way from off to the side. The spells shuddered as they exploded into an invisible barrier to Shado's right, curving around her and the red-haired girl, fizzling to nothing as Shado's eyes lit up with a golden light.

"G-Ginevra … I mean Ginny. Yeah. Ginny Weasley." The red-haired girl shakily introduced herself as she timidly accepted Shado's offered hand as she wouldn't want to offend her saviour.

Shado pulled the red-haired girl, Ginny to her feet without effort before swiping her free hand towards an attacking Skull-Mask. His orange spell was obliterated by a wave of scorching heat that continued toward the offender.

The heat hit the Skull-Mask and vaporised him into a husk of bits and blood, splashing to the street where he stood in a roar of nothingness.

Ginny turned away and almost threw up, dry retching for a moment before collecting herself she turned to look at her heroine.

"Whoa. Y-you. You just stopped the torture curse," Ginny stuttered out weakly. "That's-that's impossible. The torture curse can't be stopped by magic like that."

Shado eyed Ginny while she babbled. "Well nobody told me that. And I just stopped it. So obviously you're wrong, Ginevra," Shado said coolly with her collect emerald eyes holding Ginny's brown.

Ginny's cheeks lit up, which only increased as she realised she was still holding Shado's hand and quickly let go in awkwardness.

"Ginny. Are you… okay?"

Shado and Ginny were interrupted as a girl as she ran, panting for breath in her hurry calling out in a light Welsh accent. The new girl had green eyes and long black hair to her waist. She tripped as she dived through a few spells charging to get to her friend.

"Rose!" Ginny cried out in terror as Rose fell to the ground a few metres from them with two Skull-Masks leering down at her as she had tripped over the hem of her dark red robe.

Shado frowned. "She looks familiar," she muttered to herself. Cute too. She smirked as she reached out her hands and gave a slight tug motion.

Rose flickered away and straight into Shado's strong arms. Rose considered Shado's eyes with bright red cheeks and pounding heart. Rose couldn't figure out what just happened. How could anyone do something like that? She looked extraordinarily befuddled.

"D-did you just apparate me?" Rose asked fearfully.

Shado tilted her head to one side as she considered the question. "If you're asking whether I just teleported you to me, then yes. Yes, I did. Unless you wanted to play with those Skull-Mask morons?"

"Skull-Mask?" Rose asked stupidly before looking up and back as the men had only just noticed where she went. "Oh, you mean the Death Eaters? And no. Its nicer here with some strange murderous girl."

Shado laughed. "Well, good to know. I think you both owe me dinner or something for saving your lives. But this one is on me," Shado said as she shifted her weight; her right foot slid forward only an inch and crushed into the concrete ground a couple inches.

However, Ginny and Rose jumped as the ground roared up, shooting forward in sharp spikes and impaled the Skull-Masked men. They hung, impaled, twitching, blood dripping from their bodies, dead, blank looks in their eyes through the eyeholes in their masks.

"Oh Goddess," Rose whispered while looking sick. "Who the hell are you?"

"Shado," she answered. "And this is my city. These things decided to attack innocent girls in my city. But then this is a lovely birthday treat for myself. Though, I'm very disappointed. I expected more from these pathetic little stick waving mages. And they've killed quite a few of your people."

Shado paused to let the other two girls look around as people they were with lay dead around the street while the only dead Skull Masks were those that Shado slaughtered.

"You should tell your people that they need to be quite a lot more violent," Shado said. "You shouldn't show mercy to any piece of shit that giggles while torturing innocent people. And I can smell innocent people a mile away. Especially cute little virgins like the both of you."

Ginny and Rose went bright red while Shado nonchalantly back handed a black coloured beam of light fired by a Skull-Mask trying his luck. Unfortunately, he had used all his luck thus far. The spell hadn't been travelling that fast before it returned. The spell swished back, straight into its sender, tearing him apart, ripping his skin to the bone while he roared in agony.

There weren't too many Skull-Masks left as a few had already seen what Shado could and would do to them so they fled in fear and caution. Shado had killed the others. The fighting slowed to a stop as everyone watched what the Skull-Mask (technically) did to himself.

"Eww," Shado muttered to herself. "Even I wouldn't do that to someone," Shado said while wrinkling her nose. "Well… okay, I kind of did that. But it was his spell. So that doesn't count as me doing it… does it? I tend to kill a lot faster than that."

"I-I don't think it counts if it's not your spell," Rose stuttered after having thrown up alongside Ginny.

The Skull-Masks looked around at each other before looking toward Shado. It was obvious. They were crazy murderous bastards. They could be stupid. They would admit that. But they weren't that crazy or stupid. They fled in whip like cracks, disappearing as they teleported away.

"Y-you!" A woman with deep red hair shouted out turning to Shado once it was certain the remaining Skull-Masks had gone. She didn't look very thankful. "Get the hell away from my daughter you murderer."

"Umm… which one is that?" Shado asked. She was unconcerned.

"M-mum," Rose stuttered. "She saved our lives."

"I don't care!" she roared angrily. "She's a horrible killer."

"Hey, for your information lady, I only kill bad guys," Shado corrected. "Killers, rapist, bastards like these cowardly Skull-Mask guys. You don't care whether they kill you? That's your fucking problem. But when I see dickweeds torturing an innocent girl while laughing in fucking glee, I'm going to melt his face a little before I kill him."

"Dumbledore will have you behind bars," Rose's mum hissed out spitefully. "He does not condone such violence. They deserve the right to change."

"Dumble-who-now?" Shado asked. She already didn't like the sound of this guy and she hadn't met him yet.

"Dumbledore," Rose whispered while her mum glared at her too. "He's really-really-really old, and he's the leader of the Order of the Phoenix."

"And this is his Order of idiot fodder?" Shado asked.

"Umm… I guess," Rose replied sheepishly.

"Wow… just wow, and added wow," Shado said sardonically. "You follow a pensioner around… do you have meetings at his retirement home?"

"How dare you speak about the Headmaster like that?" Rose's mum demanded while other members of the Order nodded in agreement, not brave enough to risk pissing Shado off themselves.

"Wait," Shado said in shock. "This crazy son-of-a-bitch is a teacher?" she asked. "And he wants to give these murderers infinite chances…? To do what? Murder more innocent people? You guys are fucking crazy. Shouldn't the cops be dealing with these basket case murderers?"

"Dumbledore has a lot of influence in the Magical World," Rose quickly said.

"Okay," Shado said slowly. "Right… so as long as I put on a skull-mask I can do whatever the fuck I want?"

"Well when you put it like that…" Rose said thoughtfully.

"Rosette!" Rose's mum said coldly. "Here. Now." She demanded, startling her daughter as she pointed beside her.

Rose gave Shado a quick look before rushing to stand with her mother.

"You too, Ginevra." Next up was that fat woman Shado saw before and Ginny sighed as she rushed to her mother's side.

"Well, I know when I'm not wanted," Shado commented with mock sadness. "And on my birthday too."

"Wait," Rose said as Shado went to leave. "It's my birthday too."

"But you're the Girl-Who-Lived, she's a nothing." It was a revoltingly smug ginger boy no older than them. He moved to stand the other side of the fat woman. It seemed he was her son.

Poor Ginny.

However, Shado laughed.

"Coming from someone as magically weak as you?" Shado asked.

The ginger boy went to wave his wand, but muscular male arms wrapped around him from behind, pinning his arms. It was a strong looking man with long hair tied into a ponytail with claw like earrings.

"Don't be an idiot Ron." The young man demanded. "She could squish you like a grape with nothing but a look." The man looked at Shado coolly. "What happened to you that you became so… this. You said your name is Shado. I overheard you tell Ginny. But what's your real name?"

"Honestly, I don't know," Shado replied while shrugging. "But if you must know. I was left on the doorstep of my aunt and uncle's when I was about a year and a half. They were magic hating racists. I barely survived. But I grew strong. And they threw me away. I didn't get to go to your little school. I just got Vernon Dursley's fist to my face until I…-."

"Dursley?" Rose interrupted while her mother had paled as she looked at Shado. "Isn't that the name of our muggle relatives…?"

Rose trailed to a stop as the air got thick and cold suddenly. She looked back at Shado in shock, her eyes widening as unheard-of pieces clicked together in her mind.

The ground around Shado's feet cracked and shook as she looked at Rose's mum in suppressed rage.

"You sicken me!" Shado hissed before she flickered away. Her teleportation blast out ripping apart the ground around her as she left.
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