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Love Blossms

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Jean has known that Roy and Riza have had feelings for each other, but are to stupid to admit know he needs Fullmetals help in getting the two together. But another question is, will he eve...

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Nether of them pulled out of the kiss, and it seemed to go on for ages (as you can all guess Maes was having a field day...and he had blackmail for sure). At last they pulled apart when they ran out of breath. Roy just stared into her he amber eyes, which were now the size of saucers.
"Are you going to help me up or what Roy?" Riza asked bring him out of his daze.
"Uh-yeah" he said blankly as he hosted her up out of the water. Riza giggled (i know, VERY rare) "something on your mind sir?"
"Yes, Lieutenant" he said trying to sound stern but failing horribly.
"And what would that be?"
Roy didn't answer; instead he pulled her into him. She looked stunned, but fell into his brace nonetheless. As she tensed up he started to run his hands through her long golden hair. He noticed her body loosened up, and dove in kissing her; she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, her lips harshly dominating his. Roy looked nothing short of stunned, but was over that soon enough. He pulled her into him, not caring if she didn't want what he did and easily took over the position of the dominant one. The sharp shooter gasped slightly and her Colonel took his chance and deepened the kiss by thrusting his tongue through her open lips. Roy grinned into her lips...this was better than he ever dreamed of...he was kissing her...exploring the mouth of his Riza, yes she was, it had a nice ring to it...his Riza.

They slowly broke apart, not averting each others gaze. Roy then brought his mouth to her forehead kissing it lightly, then resting his cheek on the top of her head, bring her closer. She shifted her weight so that she could sit on his lap.

Roy looked down at his beautiful angel...words unable to escape his mouth..but alas, he'd never get them out, because she was so much perfection, and there were so little words to describe her. He caressed her cheek and breathlessly she spoke,
"Roy...if were going to keep this up we-" but she didn't get to finish as he spoke lovingly,
"Riza...your perfect, you're an angel..and you bring me so much happiness. I love you, with all my heart" his lovely goddess just gapped at him...she loved him to, but weren't they going to fast? This was only their first date...and she liked to take things slow.
"Roy...goddammit, I love you too, but I-I like to take-"
"I understand..."he said sighing dramatically "you the type that likes to take relationships slow..." Now she was hurt...was she just another toy? Like all those skimpy sluts? No, she was not goin to stand for that. She jumped out of his grasp and opened her mouth to argue right as Mustang spoke up,
"Riza, darling, calm down I was just kidding, you now that" he said with a small laugh "Now come over here, just like before I quite like you on my lap, even if you are soaking wet."
"May I remained you that you are as well" she questioned as she placed herself back into his lap and resting her head on his hard muscular chest.
"And whose fault would that be, darlin'?" He spoke kindly "Yes, I plan to spend the rest of my life with my sweet...there is no other girl for me. I know that your not a slut, and won't come crawling to me for sex in one night, and I want you to know I'm fine with that...and not the part of you not being a slut (I really do hate them)...I just want you to know I will always wait for you, even if it takes for eternity. I love you Riza Hawkeye..." he ended his speech.

Riza just beamed at him...she just loved this side of Roy, and could tell from the look in his eyes that he would never cheat on her or think of another girl. She also knew that I might be a bit of a challenge for him not having sex...but she had faith in him...besides she'd reward him...once it was the right time.

"I promised you a long time ago that I would always be at your side protecting you, and I want you to know that this doesn't change that promise. Roy...if you die because of me I'll never forgive myself" In fact she knew she'd never be able to live without him "and I won't ever let that happen, because I will help you succeed in your goal"

"Riza...I can't ever let you get hurt...I won't let you...I'm not strong enough" he said smiling slightly "I can't let you die...protecting me-"
"Roy no, I made a promise and I intend in keeping it"
"Hon, you didn't let me finish...I promise to you that I will always be at your side protecting that way we will always be there for each other, through good and bad. And if a time ever comes where I slip up...I'll make sure to get myself killed, so I can be with you forever" Roy finished with tears in his eyes. He looked at his angel and noticed that she was crying; silently, but crying none the less. Riza Hawkeye the Ice Queen was crying, because of what he said. He had never seen his brave solider cry before...this had to be a first...he couldn't believe it...
"Please don't cry because of me...I'm sorry" he said as he whipped away her tears with his thumbs.
"It's not your fault...I've never been so emotional before..." she stated wrapping her arms even tighter around him.
"I think we should row back, what do ya say?" Roy asked
"I think it's a brilliant idea, but it's your turn to row...think you can handle it?" she questioned quickly becoming her old calm self again. Roy just grinned wildly in response.


"Awwwww, aren't they just the cutest things ever?" Maes asked as he noticed Roy and Riza breaking apart and Roy grabbing hold of the oars rowing back. They had been hugging, kissing, and talking together for so long, Havoc didn't think they'd ever start back.
"Well, they aren't as cute as my Alicia, but they sure are something..." Hughes trailed off
Jean sighed. Everything had gone according to plan...and they didn't suspect a thing. It was almost perfect..well he didn't have a girl, and he had to listen to Maes rambling on and on and on...well at least his friend were happy. And that's all that really mattered!
He smiled at the happy couple and they walked hand-in-hand out of the park.


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