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A Wet Kiss

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Jean has known that Roy and Riza have had feelings for each other, but are to stupid to admit know he needs Fullmetals help in getting the two together. But another question is, will he eve...

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Cain Fury, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang - Published: 2006-09-05 - Updated: 2006-09-06 - 959 words

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Anyway on with the story (sorry if its not very good, im kinda losing my inspiration, sorry!)

I don't own FullMetal Alchemist...otherwise Roy would be the Furhur!!!! YAY ROY!!! Oh, and he'd be married to Riza as well!


"Roy, earth to Roy!" Hughes said in a sing-song-voice, that man was about to burst and Maes knew it "Roy? Why are you-what's with the death glare?" Maes just spotted Roy pulling away from Riza "Did little Royie find himself a wife?"
"Hughes" Mustang growled angrily
"...Riza you would look stunning in a wedding dress, in fact I'm sure Gracia would love to help you find one-"
"HUGHES" Roy yelled about ready to snap his fingers, while Riza took out her gun turned the safety off and cocked it at the Lieutenant Colonel.
"What I'm just trying to help your future move along" he said while shrugging "In fact-"
"Ummm Maes?" a forgotten Havoc asked uncertainly "maybe you should stop, I'm sure none of want to waste our time filling a report on your death"
"Um, excuse us gentlemen, but we've got some rather important business to attend to. Good day Hughes...Havoc" Riza confessed putting away her gun as she led Roy to the other side of the park.


"Wow Riza, you sure know how to get out of sticky situations!" Roy beamed
"Well you've got to give me that date you promised me"
"Wait, you really want to?!!??!?"
"Don't you?"
Roy just grinned
"Riza, would you be up for a small boat ride"
"I don't know, will I get to dunk you afterwards?"
"Of course baby"
Riza gave Roy a small smile
"Unfortunately for you, I'm not a baby"
Ignoring her last comment "Well come on then..." Roy said as he grabbed her hand and led her to a small rowboat tied up to the dock of the pond.
"Well Roy ladies first" Riza said while gesturing for him to get in.
"Haha, very funny"
"Honestly, get in first..."
"You win this round Beautiful...mind you, its only 'cause your so sexy" As soon as the words were out of his mouth the Colonel knew he made a mistake. Just as he was about to apologies for his words she smacked him with the butt of her gun. Roy howled in pain like a baby.
"That really hurt! But I guess I deserved it..."
"Damn straight! Now get into the boat before I shove you in the water!"


"Wow, look at this Roy's gettin' beaten' up by his girlfriend!" Havoc exclaimed "Well I guess that's Riza for you"
"I hope she doesn't bruise his face...otherwise he won't look too great on his wedding day" Maes said as he snapped picture after picture like a madman.
"Hughes, you're going to break the camera"
"No worries I've got more" he said while takeing dozens out of his pockets
Havoc sweat-dropped.
"Well one things for sure" Jean muttered "Roy's gonna be whipped by the end of all this"


Riza climbed into the boat after Roy and sat down gracefully without rocking the boat as Roy had clumsily done seconds before. She went on the task of untying the rope that anchored the boat to the dock. Then she swiftly pushed off, grabbing hold of the oars, rowing with a powerful force.
"Riza-you don't have to, I am perfectly capicable of rowing the boat"
"I know, but I think its only fair if we both can do it once we decide to head back is that ok with you?"
"It-of course" Roy replied with a huge grin "Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?" he asked noticing how the sun hit her hair in just the right way to make it shine and glisten.
Riza just gapped at him...did Roy Mustang just tell her she was beautiful? No one had ever told her that before...
"No, but did anyone ever tell you how handsome you are?" Riza replied snapping out of her amazment
"Many a thousand" he said jokingly, suddenly becoming more serious "but just know it only means something when you say it" Roy was now staring deeply into her eyes with a burning passion. Riza suddenly stopped rowing, she was caught in Roy's gaze and gave him a small smile. They leaned in closer. This is the moment Roy had been waiting for...he was about to kiss her! When suddenly out of the blue Riza pushed Roy over the edge of the rowboat, sending him flying. But with the sudden change of weight lifted, the boat toppled over sending Riza in to the icy coolness of the water. Roy and Riza both came up laughing.
"Come on lets flip the boat over" Roy said between his laughing fits. Riza had never seen Roy like made her feel so proud of herself for that for making him laugh with pure genuine happiness.
Mustang flipped the boat over and pulled himself up then he bent down to pull her up. As he did this she shot her head up toward his, as he bent his further down, he filled the gap in between them and gave her a soft passionate kiss.

A/N: well I gave them a kiss...idk was that I cliffy? im not very good at them so...Oh I might not update in a while since school just started for me today...
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