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One mistake can take things to far, Dib gets pushed over the edge and finally loses it.

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Author's Note: If you recognize this, that's because I have it posted on FF.Net, it's my second favorite piece I've ever written (this time under the name Angie Holmes, I go by many a name on that website)


Crazy? Crazy they called him?

Dib stalked his way past fellow classmates, pretending to have not heard what they had been saying. He had grown used to it now, it never changed.

"It's been three years now, you'd think he would have gotten over it."

Right, like that was an option. He was sixteen now, that day actually, but no one really pays attention to a known psychopath's birthday. He was sixteen now which meant that it was six years ago that the alien freak had landed...

But only three since the incident.

"Maybe he blames himself..."

"Maybe he did it..."

Three years prior there was an "accident" on a school field trip to a lake. Zim had kept well away from the water most of the day, with good reason, but towards the end of the trip Dib made it a point to casually mention that...quite front of the class. With the risk of his cover being blown Zim would have to go near the edge of the water.

Dib shook the memory away as he reached his home. He was scanned by its recently installed sensors and let in. The two classmates followed him with their eyes before quickly shuffling away.

"Do you think the stories are true? Did he really kill..."

Dib slammed the door, unintentionally startling his sister. Three years ago she would have made him suffer for his action. Today...

"Hey," she said kindly. "Did you want to watch Mysterious Mysteries? I can go play games in my room if you want the living room."

Dib shook his head and continued up the stairs.

"You want chocolate-bubble gum!" Screamed the little blue eyed robot next to his sister. He ignored it and slowly turned into his room.

"Maybe Dib is right, maybe you are an alien!" Zita had shouted.

"Nonsense! I just forgot to bring my bathing suit." Zim had replied. The students all nodded, accepting that answer. Dib didn't even bother trying to convince them of their stupidity. Today his plan was much more vile.

His room was a wreck. The walls were black with a slightly red glow. All of the computers were dismantled and scattered about the floor, each piece looking as though it had been stepped on countless times. The room looked as though it had been destroyed and abandoned years before.

Three to be exact...

The ground was slick and he was close to the edge. It could easily have been an accident. That was what everyone else believed, but not Dib. He knew the truth. One push, one earsplitting scream...

Somehow it added up to three years of regret.

The first month after was shock. The second was denial. He had just saved the world! Everyone should appreciate him! It was that robot...that sad eyed robot...

He had shown up at the Membrane household terrified, clutching a little rubber piggy dearly to his heart. "Master not come home."

That moment changed the boy. The realization hit him about what had really happened.

He contacted his old rivals leaders later that day to alert them of what happened (he later received a medal for this, which he promptly destroyed.) Later he gave the robot to his sister, it always had seemed to have a thing for her.

It was the last sane thing he would do...

Lightning outside the window lit the dark room. On the walls in a gruesome red was the word MURDERER, the depressing paint staining the sleeves of a jacket that told another story. The boy stared into the sky, a dead look in his eyes. He hadn't killed an alien, he had killed a classmate, he had killed someone that, like him, was only trying to get the respect of those he idolized.

The kids at school all still called him crazy...

It was for a different reason now...

And they didn't know the half of it.
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