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Chapter Three

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Emily and Tommy arrived at Tommy's and this get heated

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Half an hour later, Tommy pulled up outside of his house, and cut the motorcycle engine off, I got off so Tommy could get off as well, I was shaking a little because I was cold, Tommy saw me shaking and pulled me into his arms, “let’s get you inside darlin” Tommy said putting his jacket around my shoulders.

Tommy shut the door after we walked into his house, it was huge, you could easily get lost in it, “welcome to my home Emily” Tommy said taking his jacket from me and placing it on a coat hook, “i’ll show you around” Tommy said as he took my hand in his.

We ended the tour in his room, we sat on his bed, this is every fan girl's dream, but I wanted to be the one he remembers, “you are so beautiful, Emily, you have no idea what you do to me” Tommy whispered huskily as he close the gap between us, his lips pressed against mine, moving in perfect synchronization, Tommy grabbed my waist and pulled me closer as he deepened the kiss.

Tommy gently shoved me backwards onto the bed as he climbed on top of me, I wasn't complaining, I want this,“are you sure that this is what you want, I'm a lot older than you” Tommy said, “i’m ready, I'm yours Tommy” I whispered softly biting his earlobe teasingly, making him take my clothes off, everything got heated.

(Use your imagination for the sex scene)

Tommy laid next to me panting heavily, he regained his strength as he kissed my lips again, thankfully Tommy used a condom, I was a bit sore because I willingly gave my virginity to Tommy, though he didn't know that, “good night baby” I whispered softly cuddling up to him, “good night sweetheart” Tommy whispered softly as I slowly went to sleep.

(Next day)
I woke up to Tommy lightly kissing my cheek affectionately, I smiled and sat up, “morning darlin” Tommy said wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight against him, “morning baby” I said, snuggling up to him.

“Em, was last night your first time?” Tommy asked in concern, I nodded, “why didn't you tell me, I'd have been more gentle with you and I would have made it special” Tommy rushed out, “Tommy, last night was special, I'm glad that it was you who was my first, I couldn't have asked for anyone who was more gentle than you” I said, kissing him lightly on the lips, I pulled back to see Tommy smiling, “I still wish that you told me” Tommy whispered softly,“stay here, I've got something for you” Tommy said kissing my cheek affectionately.

Tommy left the room and came back a few minutes later with a small box, he sat down next to me and opened the box, “I got this incase I found the right person who catches my attention, I know I'm making the right decision by giving this to you” Tommy said taking necklace and ring out of the box, he put the necklace on me, and kissed my neck, and then he took my hands in his, “this isn't an engagement ring, it's a promise ring, I promise that when the time is right, I will make you my bride” Tommy said.

I hugged Tommy, I'd love to be his bride
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