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Chapter Two

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Emily goes to the Sunset Strip

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After Slash had left, I walked into the kitchen to speak to my Mum, “Mum, can I go to the Sunset Strip?” I asked as I grabbed a couple of Monster Energy drinks from the fridge, “it gets tough down there especially at night, but I trust you, be sensible, and no drinking alcohol” Mum said sternly, “Mum, I'm Sixteen and I have purple belt in Martial Arts, and I'm taking Monster Energy drinks” I said putting my backpack on.

“Oh and Emily, if you by any chance met Tommy Lee and want to do you know what, use protection” Mum said winking, “MUM!” I exclaimed, blushing bright red, “he’s in his early fifties, though he's still as sexy as hell, but I doubt he'd want to do that with me” I added, “you never know” Mum said smirking, “god, you're such a teenager at times” I said and dashed to the door before she could say anything else.

I put my helmet on, it's just my bicycle helmet, I got on my Harley Davidson motorcycle, I clicked the engine into life and set off, along the way I saw four unexpected people on Harley Davidson motorcycles, I know it was Mötley Crüe and I dressed like Vince did in the music video for Smokin’ in the Boys room, even my hair was blonde, I stopped at traffic lights, “Hey Vince, check her out” I heard Tommy say, the blonde lead vocalist looked at me, and he smiled, ‘hurry up stupid traffic lights’ I though desperately, I saw Mick tip the brim of his hat to me and Nikki winked, just as DJ Ashba and James Michael turned up in DJ’s Lamborghini, the traffic lights went green and I sped off as fast as possible without breaking the speed limit.

I came to a stop outside side the Troubadour and I cut the engine off, I got of my motorcycle, I walked into the the Troubadour just as Tommy parked next to my Harley Davidson, I quickly found a table and took my helmet off, I was sorting my hair out, “there you are darlin” I heard Tommy say behind me, I froze, trying to contain my excitement, I felt him take my backpack off me and he sat down next to me as he placed my backpack under the table, “what’s your name beautiful?” Tommy asked, “E-Emily” I stuttered as we sipped on Monster Energy drinks from my backpack, “there’s no need to be shy babe” Tommy whispered as he wrapped his arm around my waist and gently caressed my hipbone.

After roughly an hour and a half, Tommy looked at me, his warm brown eyes looking into my brown eyes, “Will you stay at mine Emily?” Tommy asked, I hesitated, “Please, I don't want you to be riding a motorcycle in the dark” Tommy said caressing my cheek affectionately, awe he's so sweet, “ok” I said giving in to him, Tommy smiled down at me before taking his phone out, he must be texting the others, I quickly texted my Mum that I was staying with a friend until morning, though knowing her, she'll know who it is.

“We’ll take your Harley, James will look after mine” Tommy said standing up, I grabbed my backpack and helmet and stood up, Tommy wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked out of the Troubadour, I put my helmet in my backpack and put my backpack on, I got on my Harley and sat behind Tommy, I wrapped my arms around his waist, Tommy patted my hands and set off, I buried my face in his neck for a bit before looking up.
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