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She waited while her world crashed around her, now she still waits for it to rebuild, PG13 for character death, slight ZAGR

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"Stay there, Gaz, I'll be right back!"

So she stayed. She waited for her brother as the world around her crumpled. She waited as the hideous Irken ship crashed through the ceiling of her home. She waited as the house support beams severed her lower half.

And now she lay bleeding on the ground, waiting, just like she's been told.

Did you know this would happen? Did you know they would destroy our home, our world?

The pain was less and more now. Her body was numb, yet her mind was racing.

I should've cared more, I should've fought alongside him, I should've turned off my stupid game once in awhile.

How long had it been? A minute, ten minutes, and hour? Time didn't matter anymore. Life didn't matter anymore. What was life? She couldn't remember, shouldn't remember, wouldn't remember.

There were flashing lights and lasers above her home. Smoke from fires, screams of both Humans and Irkens alike, that was all that filled the air. She didn't want to end like this, she didn't want to die alone with nothing but pain to surround her.

There were footsteps in her home, she could see little black boots and silver robot legs running around. None of them bothered glancing in the direction of the shattered wall. "There's no life here, move out."

Gaz wanted to cry out, just to have them end this, but no noise could emit.

The screaming outside subsided and Gaz assumed they had all moved on to a new neighborhood. She could hear a soft pattering of shoes on concrete running towards her. Her eyes were opened but no longer focused, she could feel a hand in her hair and something strange around her stomach. There was a horrible cracking sound and all went black.


She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and readjusted her pendant. It was newer and better than her old one. This one had the skull of an Irken as opposed to the hideous human one. She smoothed the tight pants covering her metallic lower half and looked into the mirror.

"Not bad for someone who was dying six months ago," she whispered. To bad I'm still dying now...

"Captain, are you ready?" A short Irken soldier asked. She sneered and shrugged before pulling a laser from her collection.

"Fine, let's get this over with."


Gaz stood next to the one who had saved her life, Zim, on the platform in front of the crowd. A prisoner with a bag thrown loosely over his head was pulled violently through the crowd and thrown at her feet. The bag was pulled from his head and he gasped for air. The purple haired girl placed the barrel of a gun to his forehead before he looked up.

"Gaz! You're alive!" Dib exclaimed as he saw his sister. Her expression was cold and sinister.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for you..." she said as she pulled this little silver trigger...


Author's Note: So feedback is appreciated. Anyone want a chapter 2?
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