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pt 33 Better Days

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Normal p.o.v

You sit up listening hard for any kind of sound or movement. You feel around in the dark for your trainers, you slide your feet in and tighten the laces. You grab the duffel bag and carry it into the hallway. You're about to walk downstairs, but you change your mind. You put your bag down and tiptoe over to Ray and Gerard's room. You push open the door slightly and manoeuvre around it into the room. You stand there listening to them snoring for a while before walking over and kissing Gerard lightly on the cheek, you thought it would be wrong to leave without saying goodbye. You walk out of the room closing the door quietly behind you.
Going down the stairs took ages, you kept stopping mid step every time someone moved. You eventually made it out the front door into the dark night.
You stand on the porch breathing in the cool night air deciding whether or not this was the right thing to do.
'Going somewhere?' you hear someone say to your left.
You spin around quickly dropping your bag. 'Holy crap you scared me Frankie.' You cry holding your chest and feeling your heart beating.
'Sorry I didn't mean to. So where are you sneaking off to?' he asks.
'I'm not sneaking' you say indignantly 'I'm leaving'
'Yes because leaving in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep isn't sneaking off at all.' He says sarcastically.
'What ever' you say grabbing your bag and walking down the porch steps.
'Where are you going?' Frankie says extinguishing his cigarette and following you when you don't answer him. 'Wait a sec' he calls after you.
'Go away Frankie' you say over your shoulder and speeding up.
'Wait a fucking minute' he says coming up behind you and grabbing your bag.
'Let go you asshole' you scream at him angrily.
'No not until you tell me what's going on' he answers back tightening his grip on the bag handle.
'Just let me go' you say attempting to yank the bag out of his grip. You start a tug of war both of you pulling as hard as you can. 'Let go Frankie' you scream at him.
'Fine' he says letting go sending you falling to the ground.
'Ouch why did you do that?' you say angrily looking up at him.
'Because you told me too' he answers with a grin.
'I also asked you to leave me alone, but your still here' you shoot back.
'I'm not going till you tell me what the problem is' he replies.
'Apparently I'm the problem.' You retort standing up 'Why are you stopping me from going I thought this was what you wanted' you say standing up.
'What?' he said looking confused 'I never said...'
'Don't bother.' You say cutting him off. ' I heard you and Mikey talking earlier, neither of you guys like me or even want me here. So it's better if I just go now so you don't have to pretend anymore.'
'Reign I don't know what you heard but you've got it all wrong' he said
'No Frankie I haven't' you say exhaustedly 'nobody wants me around, not you and Mikey, not Benji and Joel, even my own mother didn't want me' you say quietly.
'Reign I have no idea.... Ohhh' Frankie exclaims as if he just struck gold 'I've just realised what your talking about. You silly little alcoholic, Mikey and I weren't talking about you, we were talking about Angela. She was getting on our nervous so we came up stairs to get away and that's when you must of heard us talking.' He says smiling.
'What?' you say shaking your head in confusion 'I thought you were talking about me.'
'No of course not, see what happens when you eavesdrop. Reign we really do like having you here even when your drunk, however we like you even more when your sober.' he says truthfully picking up the bag and flinging it over his shoulder.
'I'm feel so stupid' you say slightly embarrassed at your behaviour.
'Good and you should. Lets go home then' he says turning back towards the house.
'I'm really sorry for calling you an asshole' you apologise 'and I'm sorry for making you stand out here in the cold.'
'You will be sorry, just wait till tomorrow morning when the others find out.' He teases.
'Oh no you can't tell them they'll be really mad.' You say tugging at his sleeve.
'Ok I'll make you a deal if you come back home and watch A Nightmare Before Christmas with me I'll forget all about this.'
'Deal' you say walking back to the house.
'You know Reign, I have this really bad pain in my back too I was just wondering...'
'Nope no way I'm not giving you a back rub'
'Fine then I'll just have to tell the guys about tonight'
'That's blackmail Mr Iero'
'I know' he said linking your arm 'Aren't you glad your staying?'

Gerard's p.o.v

I woke up the next morning to the smell of eggs and pancakes. I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and made my way downstairs.
'Morning everyone' I said walking into the full kitchen a collective 'hey' filled the room.
'Morning Gerard' Reign greeted me, putting a plate and glass in front of me.
'How you feeling doll face?' I ask taking a seat between Ray and Bob.
'I feel great' she replies smiling broadly
'You look much better' I comment eyeing her, she was wearing a pair of jeans and a blue jumper, her hair was combed and tied in a nice bun, she looked fresh and alive.
'Thanks you look good too' she replies laughing at my sweatpants. We all ate in silence before Reign spoke.
'Err while we're all sitting here I just want to apologise for my behaviour lately. I've been rude and inconsiderate to all of you and I'm really sorry.' She says looking down..
'It's okay' Mikey and Ray said in unison. 'We've all messed up sometime or another' Ray says.
'I want you to know I'm really grateful for everything even if I haven't shown it lately, but I'm gonna make up for it.' she add sitting on my knee.
'You don't have to make it up just be yourself again, we really liked her' I say hugging her.
'Good I liked her too' she replies.
'Urgh this is the cheesiest thing that's I have ever witnessed' Frankie says dropping his fork in disgust. 'I demand that it stop right now before someone cries and we start singing Kumbaya.' He exclaims and you all laugh at his outburst.
'I'm glad to have you back' I whisper into Reign ear, she didn't say anything back but just squeezed my hand in acknowledgement.

Normal p.o.v

'I wanna come shopping' Frankie says
'Well hurry up then, I actually want to get there this morning' you reply.
'What sorta shopping is it?' Mikey asks.
'Food shopping, I have no idea how you guys have been surviving lately the cupboards are bare.' You say walking out the front door followed by Gerard and Frankie.
'We've been eating our toe nails and dead skin' Gerard says sliding into the drivers seat.
'That's disgusting' you reply screwing your face up.
'Err I don't think so' Frankie says as you open the passenger door.
'I'm sitting up front' you declare pushing him out the way.
'No no Reign,' he replies shaking his head 'you have to sit in the back'
'Says who?' you question
'Says me and Gerard'
'Gerard didn't say that, so there' you say pushing him again.
He grabs you around the waist and half carries half drags you to the other side of the road then he drops you and quickly runs back to the car.
'SHOTGUN' you scream loudly after him.
'Argh! No way that's not fair you can't do that' he complains when you finally reach the car.
'It is fair man she called shotgun' Gerard says simply 'get in the back Frankie'
'I'm gonna get you back for this Reign wait and see' he threatens.
'That's what they all say' you reply getting into the car 'now don't forget to put your seatbelt on' you tease.
'Is everyone ready?' Gerard asks 'Frankie do you wanna pee cuz we can't make any pit stops on the way to the store.'
'Fuck you man' Frankie laughs as you pull out.
'I love it here' you say ruffling Gerard's hair
'Do you love it now?' Frankie asks giving you a wet willy.
'Eww Frankie, you bastard' you say turning around and trying to slap him. 'And yes even a wet willy wouldn't change my mind.' You say settling back into the seat and sighing. Fuck Benji and Joel you think, who needs them.
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