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pt 34 Happy Birthday

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Normal p.o.v

'What time you coming home from work today?' Ray asks.
'I finish at 6:00, but Gerard said he can't pick me up so I'm going to have to take the bus so around 6:45. Why?' you say curiously.
'No reason just asking.' He replies shrugging and walking off.

It's been six months since the accident and things are just getting better and better. Your relationship with the guys has gotten stronger you've built this weird dysfunctional family unit. You got a job as a sale assistant at the mall, Gerard insisted that you stay at home but you felt you should pull your weight. As for your appearance, you gained back the weight you lost during your drunken stage and your hair is jet black as all the colour has finally grown out.
You haven't told them but it's your birthday today, your not sure why you haven't mentioned it, it's just seems like another day to you.

'DollFaceif you wanna ride we gotta go now' Gerard calls from the hallway.
'I'm coming' you say switching off the TV and walking out to meet him.
'Ready?' he asks
'Yep I got everything I need' you say doing a mental checklist and walking out the door followed by Gerard.

Gerard's p.o.v

I dropped Reign off at work and drove back home to pick up Frankie and Mikey we had shopping to do. Reign hadn't told us it's her birthday, I'm not sure if she was going to mention it at all, but we were one step ahead.

'Gerard I don't think it's a good idea to bake her birthday cake, why don't we just buy one?' Mikey asks as we enter the supermarket.
'Because it means more this way, plus I always wanted to bake and now's my chance.' Gerard says.
'Your chance to give everyone food poisoning' Frankie replies getting a shopping cart.
'Shut up and have some faith man we can do this' I say taking out a list I made earlier.
'This is what we need eggs, sugar, flour and butter' I read.
'Is that it' Frankie asks
'Yeah that's all' I say
'No it's not all, we need a baking tin and a book on how to make a cake since none of us have ever done it before.' Mikey interjects.
'Holy smokes Batman your right' I cry as we headed further into the store to find the stuff we need. After a lot of arguing and swearing we got to the check out and paid for the goods.
'Hey I just thought of something' Frankie says grinning 'does the oven even work?'
'I dunno, I think it does' Mikey says uncertainly
'Don't worry you can bake cakes in the microwave' I say with certainty.
'Bullshit no you can't' Frankie say pushing the trolley out to the car.
'Yes you can, that's why it's called a microwave OVEN.' I said empathising the last word.
'ohhh I see' he replies. 'This is gonna be fun.'

Benji's p.o.v

'I am not having fun' I complain. We were moving into our new apartment and I was carrying a box of Paul's crap inside.
'Stop whining that's it all the boxes are finished all we have to do now is unpack' Joel states closing the door behind me.
'Noooo Joel I don't wanna I'm tired' I whinge sitting next to Billy.
'Yeah Joel we don't wanna. Who died and made you the boss of moving day?' Paul asks.
'No one did but it's better if we just get on and do it' he reasons.
'I'm with Joel on this one, the quicker we get it done the quicker we can chill out' Billy says standing up and taking a box into the kitchen.
'Your right lets get unpacking then we should go out for pizza' I suggest.
'Sounds like a plan' Paul says jumping up.
'I have the feeling we're forgetting something today' Billy says scrunching up his Face like he always does when he can't remember something.
'Don't know man, I think we've got everything.' I answer. I wasn't about to remind them it was Reign's birthday it didn't matter anymore.

New Jersey
Frankie's p.o.v

'A little bit higher on the left' Ray orders 'that's perfect.'
We were decorating the living room for Reign's birthday we bought banners and cheesy party stuff.
'How's the cake coming along?' Bob asks jumping off the chair he was standing on.
'It looks okay I think' I say honestly
'You think, let's rephrase does the cake look edible' Ray asks again.
'Yeah I'd eat it' I admit.
'That doesn't help considering you'd eat anything' Bob says laughing.
'Did you guys get her a gift?' Mikey asks walking into the room.
'Yeah but mine's a surprise' I say grinning.
'It better not be X-rated' Ray warns
'Of course not' I say
'I don't know how to shop for girls so I got her some gift vouchers' Ray answers
'I got her some DVD's' Bob says 'I originally got her beer but then I remembered she on the wagon so I drunk the beer.'
'What did you and Gerard get her?' I asked.
'I got her the Vampire Chronicles by Ann Rice she was looking at it when we went shopping last weekend. I'm not sure what Gerard got her. I think it's clothes coz he took Angela with him.' He replies adjusting his glasses.
'I hope you guys make this much effort on my birthday' Ray states.
'When your birthday man?' I tease knowing it July 15th.
'Eureka! The cakes ready' Gerard screams from the kitchen.

Normal p.o.v

'Is anyone home?' You call from the hallway.
'Yeah were in the living room Doll Face'
'I had a really crappy day....' You start.
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' they scream at you.
You stop short as you enter the living room. There's a happy birthday banner and streamers decorating the room, loads of coloured balloons with the number 20 covered the floor. The guys are all wearing pointy party hats and Gerard's wearing an apron.
'Oh my God you guys' you squeal excitedly.
'Are you surprised?' Frankie asks
'Of course I'm surprised, this is really nice of you' you say taking your jacket off and tossing it into the chair.
'But wait there's more' Gerard says disappearing.
'Where's he going?' you ask kissing each of the guys on the cheek.
'To get you another surprise' Bob says.
Gerard walks in with a cake in his hands, it's has green uneven frosting on it with squiggly black writing that says "Happy 20th Birthday Reign".
'You made me a cake' you exclaim walking over to the table where Gerard placed it.
'Yes me, Frankie and Mikey made it' he said proudly.
'It's gorgeous' you say picking up a fork on the table and taking a piece off the side of the cake to eat.
'NO!' everyone screams in unison.
'What!' you say as Gerard slaps the fork from your hand.
'You can't eat it' he says moving the cake away.
'Why not?' you say looking at it.
'Because we made it and there's a good chance that it could be hazardous to your health.' Mikey explains.
'Oh' you say disappointed.
'Its for display purposes only' Frankie chimes in.
'No matter' you say smiling 'it's the thought that counts.'
'That's what I said this morning' Gerard replies hugging you.
'Time for gifts' Ray says leading you to the couch.
You open all of your gifts and you love each one of them.
'You guys are so sweet to do all this for me' you say throwing the wrapping paper in the bin.
'But wait there's more' Frankie says
'More' you say getting even more excited.
'Yep. As you probably noticed I didn't get you a gift. I wanted to take you to get your first tattoo.'
'OMG' you scream jumping up and down. 'Are you serious?'
'Yeah if you wanna' he says smiling broadly.
'Yes I do, I do ' you say hugging him then running around and jumping/hugging all of them.
'Can we go now?' you ask excitedly.
'Yep I know the guy who owns it, he's keeping the parlour open just for you.'

That evening you got your first tattoo, it was of a butterfly that you and Frankie picked out together. It was black and blue with the letters MCR written onto the upper right wing. It took you ages to decide where to get it done, but you finally decide to have it tattooed onto your wrist.
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