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What am I supposed to do?

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Melyssa Leigh, a pure blood, Slytherin witch, received a mission from Dumbleodre. She had to make sure that the future that saw wasn't going to happen. She had to change her house mate, Tom Riddle,...

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She walked along the dark corridors, her heels clattering as she was heading to the Headmaster's office. Albus Dumbledore, one of her favorite people, called her after the curfew in his office to discuss something with her. She hoped that it wasn't about her fight with Malfoy.
Dumbledore didn't put them in detention, but told her to visit his office after the curfew. Different theories and thoughts were flying around her head as a chuckle escaped from her lips when looked down at her green robes. She remembered the fight she just had with Malfoy.
'A Slytherin befriend a group of Gryffindors. It's impossible."he shouted at her after he saw her with the Potter boy. She could understand why Gray Malfoy was hurt when he found out. His best friend, the only girl  in the house that wasn't drooling all over him and his friends, the only girl that he would ask at a ball to be his date, was helping Potter with his pranks. 
She stopped in front of the door that was marking the entrance. As she said the password, the door opened.
"Professor Dumbledore, I'm here." she announced.
In the office was a tall, thin, man with auburn hair. The man that was in front of her was a very well known and powerful wizard.
"Please, sit." Melyssa did as she was told, as she saw Dumbledore searching her eyes for something invisible. Her blue eyes were searching her green eyes. He smiled a little.
"You must be keen to find out why I did called you here. I need a favor, quite a large favor. However, before I trust you with certain information, I need  your word that everything I'll be saying here will be just for your ears."
"You have my word, Professor." Melyssa learned something over the few years she had his as her teacher. Everything he did, it has a purpose.
"I had used a  Time Turner to go to the future.I think that you familiar with the time turner from your studies. I cannot tell you the reason.  Only me and the Minister of Magic know about the details. But, believe me when I say that it was a dark one"
Melyssa looked at him a bit puzzled, she was a little taken aback about what she was hearing. She was aware that he was a great wizard and that it was quite odd for a teacher, but time travel. She couldn't understand why was, her role in the story.
"Death, torture, fear, I saw all of them." he began" And all these horrible things were done at the orders of a student from Hogwarts." 
"I do hope that I will not the be the one responsible of those hair-raising acts." added Melyssa with a strong confidence. 
"You are not the one to do these, not that I think that you are capable. There is no doubt that you have strong morals and beliefs. I shall tell you the name: Tom Riddle, fellow Slytherin." Her eyes widened. 
"I understand that he is quite, and has this strange air around him, but I do not think that he would do all these crimes." 
"I'm sorry, but he wants to make a Horcrux or more. I do not know. "he paused a bit before speaking again" He will become a Dark Lord, and with his charm and his mind, you would think that he won't even try something like this."
"Professor, I understand this, but where is my part in this whole story? I do remember that you needed a  favor." Melyssa was eying Dumbledore waiting for his answer. She, maybe was a Slytherin, but she was intelligent. Also, she wouldn't stick her neck out just for fun.
"Yes, indeed. However, I'm asking to much, I need you to help, to change Mr. Riddle, to stop him from his quest of power."he paused for some moments, it was like he was searching for words, but she knew Dmbledore better." I want you to stop him from becoming the monster I saw."

"Professor, don't get me wrong, but why should I do this? I mean, Riddle and I aren't not even friends. I think that we can be called strangers."
"You are the only one, he can see as an equal in this school. Both prefects, both top of your classes, you are the only one that doesn't bow in front of him, he finds you interesting. He can't read you, since you know Legilimency  and Occlumency. Also you are a better liar than him. After all, the best liar is the one that is always saying the truth." his blue eyes were looking at her, waiting for an answer.
Her mind was blank, a lot of questions, but no answer. Was she supposed to help him? It was her going to be  killed along the line? Why was Dumbledore asking her and not doing him this?
The man chuckled a little, as he looked at her.
"I can not do this, since I do not know if he started. I can not accuse him of something like this." he was smiling at her, he was watching her. Everything he was doing was done with a reason, so he wouldn't put all the trouble on her shoulders if he didn't believed in her.
"Professor, I am going to accept this task and I'll do my best."she stopped for a second to make sure that it will sound as good as possible "But I do not promise that I'll be successful."
"I am aware that you can not promise such a thing, but I must thank you that you accept. Also, if you need something, please let me know, or of course, if you find out. Now, I do not want to rush you, but you should return to your common room. Have a good night." Melyssa stood up as she bid a good night to her teacher.
As she entered in the common room, Melyssa hoped that everyone was already asleep, but unfortunately, Tom Riddle and his friends were in front of the fire place.
"You were out there snogging Potter, right?" she knew the voice very well and when a person stood in front of her. Her hand touched her wand, as looking up at the blond boy.
"None of your business, neither me kissing Charlss, nor why I was out." Malfoy Gray was so close, that she could feel his breath on her face. "Move, Gray. I'm not in the mood to argue with you."
Melyssa wanted to get past him, but he wasn't going to let her go so easy. Not after what she have done to him, transforming him head in a pumpkin in front of the class.  Malfoy grabbed her forearm, her wand was pointing at his neck.
"Hands off, Malfoy." she warned while her eyes shot at the audience. Tom Riddle's lips were graced by one of his well known smirks, while the others were waiting for their next move. In the next moment Malfoy was on the ground, her wand still at his neck.
"Charlss Potter... You are not going to be not even half of the man he already is, not in this life. You are just a coward, just a pathetic coward that hides behind his name of Malfoy. A coward that can't start a fight without his friends behind him. After all, you played my servant for a week last summer." she put her wand in her pocket, as she turned fully to Tom, who had been watching everything.
"Riddle, nice try. But you are not going to enter in my head." with her last words she disappeared in the dorms. She entered in her room, and closed the door.
What was she supposed to do?
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