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Just friends

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Melyssa took of her robes and threw on her a large T-shirt, which was taken from Malfoy. She walked in the bathroom she had to share with Tom and looked in the mirror. Red lips, smokey, green eyes, pale complexion and blond hair.... her make up was as perfect as it was in that morning. 
With a flick of her wand, the make up was gone. Deciding that it was already late, she tucked under her blanket, waiting to be welcome in some dream. 
Tom Riddle was in the common room when the girl entered, she as always made her presence heard. One of the few girls  that would wear high heels and the only one that would walk with such confidence after the curfew was Melyssa Leigh. A rich, proud, pure blood witch who has half of the students at her feet. 
Malfoy started a fight with her just for the fact that she is talking with Potter. He always watched her, she was interesting enough. Malfoy and the rest went to bed right after they heard the door of her room being closed, letting Tom with his thoughts in front of the fire place.
Deciding that the Leigh girl would be an important asset to his followers, he teenager boy left the common room for his room, but while passing her room he heard a cry of pain. He wanted, he needed to get under her skin, so how other way to start? Entering in the room, Tom was able to see her form on the bed moving, her irregular breath was filling the room. Moving slowly, the boy made his way to her bed and started to call her, while slightly shaking her.
The man in front of her was white like the snow,his face resembling a skull , the whites of his eyes was blood-shot red, , snake-like slits for nostrils, and long, thin hands with unnaturally long fingers like spider's legs. Tears were filling her green eyes.His wand was pointed at her:
'You betrayed me, Melyssa. You could have been the strongest witch, you could have ruled the world along-side me. But you decided to help Dumbledore! he shouted before hitting her with the killing curse.
And she was dead, but not even in her deepest parts of her human being the idea of falling in darkness was not part of her description of death.
But then she opened her eyes. In front of her was the Tom Bloody Riddle, but Melyssa didn't care. Her arms tangled around his neck, while she sobbed in the crook of his neck, she couldn't stop the tears. Melyssa felt how his hands found her waist, and dragged her in his lap.
"Shhh, everything is alright. I'm here." he whispered in her ear. 
"Tom, can you stay a little longer?" her voice was muffled by his dress shirt. With a smirk on his face, Tom climbed in her bed, dragging Melyssa. This time her head was resting on his chest.
"I need something in exchange. Tomorrow, at Slughorn's party, you are going to be my date."
"I go with Gray." she whispered. It was obvious that she was trying to regain her composure.
"No, I'm taking you to the party. Also it's not a question, it's a statement." Melyssa wanted to say something else, but she fell asleep.
The next morning, Melyssa woke up feeling rather cold, not that it was something unusual in the dungeons. Looking at the watch, a curse escaped her lips, while getting out of bed. A quick hot shower and she was in front of her wardrobe getting her clothes. A black knee length, a white dress shirt, nude high heels, which had a small strap around the ankle, her hair braided, some make up and she was ready to go to the library to meet with Potter. 
Grabbing the bag that was near the bed, Melyssa made her way out of the dorms. Saying hi to some people in the common room, she passed Riddle and his gang. Malfoy was red out of anger she thought, while Tom was smirking sly at her. 
It was Saturday, and for her happiness, the library was empty. She wasn't in the mood to deal with noise. Walking to her usual spot, Melyssa saw Potter there with some books.
"Someone really need the mark if he isn't being late."she said as sit.
"Indeed. So, potions....I don't understand how you can remember all these." the boy mumbled as he looked over his notes. Melyssa took all the pieces of parchment from him.
"First of all, try to write in a way that you'll understand later. You aren't able to read these notes, I can't understand what is written here, Charlss." Melyssa pointed her wand to the paper. At first nothing had happened, but the ink started to move. All the messy hand writing was neatly and legible.
"Second of all, you should pay attention to Slughorn and not to my ass. Also you should stop pranking Malfoy in Potions." a small smile graced her lips as she spoke.
"Come on, Lyssa, but you have a nice ass. Plus, I made you smile. You are prettier when you are smiling. Not that you are prettier. You are looking good always. But you usually looked bored, and that makes you seem cold...." the boy started to speak faster and faster until Melyssa hit him under the table.
"Potter, calm down. Look, tomorrow, we go flying,ok? Now, look over these and tell me what you don't understand." 
Hours passed, at first the young witch explained things , but when Charlss got bored there was no way that he would look over the notes.
"I have to go. Quidditch practice."
Melyssa rolled her eyes, and started to read. Or tried at least, her thoughts were running to her promise to Dumbledore. How was she supposed to change the boy?
 It didn't pass much time, before someone sat opposite from here.
"Potter is your friend,unusual, indeed....A Gryffindor befriend a Slytherin."Melyssa didn't look up from her book.
"Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor were once good friends."
"Melyssa, I hope that you didn't forget about me taking you to the party."
"And why would you do this? We are hardly speaking to each other." the book was closed and shoved in the bag.
"You are interesting, different. I never thought that I'll see Malfoy so angry over a girl." his voice was cold. Just looking in his eyes, Melyssa was able to understand that something was not alright. It was like, only the thought of Malfoy showing feelings was making him sick.
"I, unlike many girls around the place"she began as she approached him" don't fell neither for the looks, there is always better, nor for the money, I have more than enough."while speaking, the witch touched his jawline, her green eyes looking in his cold ones. She wanted a reaction from him. " Also, I'm proud, selfish, I don't bow in front anyone, I'm my father's daughter, I do not take 'no' for an answer." mischief lurking in her eyes, while the corner of her lips curl, her boredom disappearing.
The girl was indeed beautiful, gorgeous , and those who would deny must have been blind. If he cared about love, he would fall in love with her, but that was not the case. She had personality, something that most females didn't. He wanted to see her mind, but the walls were up, and strong.
"Indeed. I can say that I saw all these. Malfoy is always talking about you, plus you are not quite the type to blend in the crowd." His eyes were getting darker. 
"I hope that you clean up well." grabbing her bag, Melyssa left Tom alone, if she considered to tell Dumblerdore that she wouldn't be able to do anything, she made up her mind. She was curious. She wanted to know him.
Heading to the Great Hall, Melyssa met with some so called friends of her. She had to share the dorm with them for a few years before becoming a prefect.
"Melyssa,  looking good like always, I do not understand why you do not have a boyfriend. I sure that Malfoy wouldn't say no, nor would any other boy." sitting down, the girls started to talk about their usual topics.
A few minutes later, Melyssa excused herself and leaving for the common room. She spent the rest of the day in front of the fireplace reading. People came and left, she ignored most of them.
"Lyssa." a very well known voice spoke while he sat on the armchair opposite from her.
"Gray, fancy seeing you here, alone." putting the book down, Melyssa looked at the boy, who handed her an envelope.
"The Ball, considering that I love you too much to let you alone, I'll come. I'll be heading to my room, the Party is in like one and a half hour, and I have to prepare myself.I assume, that Tom told you."
After a long shower, Melyssa was wearing just her underwear, as she was in front of her wardrobe looking at her dresses. On the invitation was written semi-formal attire, so she decided to wear a dark-blue, knee length dress, and some black heels. Some make-up and she was ready just in time.
Tom was in the common room waiting for her. 
"Shall we go?" she asked while he kissed her hand.
"We shall. Now, I wanted to speak with you. Considering that we were not on speaking terms until recently, and the fact that I have been founding you interesting, I though we maybe we can become friends." a chuckled escaped from her red lips.
"Friends? Yeah, sure why not?"
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