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Chapter 1

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Summary: Years of Hogwarts spent with a fascination for you. I finally had you, but then you lost me. Now HE has you and we’re all going to die. ~ Draco Malfoy

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∞ Chapter One ∞

Katherine was an orphan after the war. Her mother died in labour due to one of the Dark Lord’s curses. Her name was Delila Smithy, a witch in charge of finding HIS location to end this war. The father was a Death Eater by the name of Antony Chuckle. They had gone to Hogwarts together and were, in Delila’s hopeful opinion, friends. But in their sixth year together Antony left school and never came back. Long story short, she was kidnapped, he raped her, she fell pregnant, she got hit in the field by a curse from the Dark Lord, and died in labour. Antony died in a crossfire later on, and never knew of his child.

After the birth, Delila managed to say one final word before dying. Katherine. So that became the girl’s name. But since Delila had no living relatives left, and Antony was a dead Death Eater, who was going to look after the girl? After months of debate, where Katherine was kept in the baby ward at the hospital, a decision was reached. Professor Dumbledore would house her at Hogwarts until she was old enough to fully understand what happened to her parents, and make her own choice of if she wanted to stay or go. They didn’t give Katherine a last name. They left that for her to decide when she grew up.

After rescuing the Potter’s child, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall debated where they would keep Katherine.

“We can’t just put her in one of the dorms with the other students and we can’t keep her in the staffroom or our offices. And since she’s only a small child, she needs to have constant attention from someone who knows how to handle a baby, and we have no spare staff, they’ve all got classes. Oh Albus, what do we do? We can’t take her into the classrooms with us, she’ll get hurt, or she might break something!” Professor McGonagall exasperatedly stated.

“Erm, might I be able ‘ter look after ‘er?” Asked Hagrid, still upset about having to give up the Potter child to the horrible Dursleys. “I mean, I don’t know everything but, I have room for ‘er in my hut. A-and I’m out ‘ter the way of the students.” Hagrid quietly trailed off, shyly.

“You know what is required for a child Hagrid?” Professor Dumbledore questioned.

“Well, I know that they need ‘ter be fed milk, and that they need ‘ter sleep, and that they can’t go ‘ter the toilet by ‘emselves.” Hagrid started, trying to remember what else a child needed.

“They require much more than that Hagrid.” Professor McGonagall pointed out in a kind and gentle way.

“Well, I could learn how ‘ter look after ‘er, couldn’t I?” Hagrid pleaded.

“I believe, that Hagrid will be fine looking after the dear, once we set up a space for her.” Professor Dumbledore concluded. Hagrid beamed. But Dumbledore continued.

“However, we will be coming around every now and then to check on her and how you both are doing. Just to make sure, as a safety precaution.”

“Oh of course sir, I mean, I don’t know everyt’ing so it’d be a great ‘elp sir.” Hagrid humbly replied.

Professor Dumbledore apparated the four back to Hagrid’s Hut, outside the Forbidden Forest. Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore raised their wands and before Hagrid’s eyes his small little hut had a room extension on the back of it. After the spell was completed they went inside to furnish it correctly to a baby’s needs. They made it plain and simple, a cot to the side beneath the window, a fire place with a massive protective grill to prevent Kat from burning herself, and soft rug in the middle of the room with a few toys and play things scattered around. There was a big comfy rocking chair in the corner, beside a bookshelf with books of children’ lullabies, nursery rhymes like Babbity Rabbity, and parenting guides for Hagrid to read. Hagrid took the sleeping bundle of blankets and lowered it gently into the bottom half of the cot, then raised the gate and latched it, so she couldn’t escape. The adults slowly backed out of the room and closed the door.

As she grew up they realised she could change what she looked like instantly. Katherine’s basic features stayed constant, which is how they were able to identify her. But small details changed. Her eye colour changed to suit her mood. Her hair could be shortened or lengthened at will, the colours in constant change, cycling through the rainbow colour spectrum. Her nails could be lengthened and coloured too. But everything else remained constant. Her near snow pale complexion, her small nose, her crooked and crowded teeth, her faint freckles that dotted her skin, and her blue/purple veins that were very noticeable against her pale skin tone.

Skip ahead in time a few years and Katherine was showing incredible powers without using a wand. She could manipulate things like water and air to make wonderful creations during the winter for the Christmas Tree in the Castle. Whenever Hagrid needed to go into the Forest, he would take Kat with him. She was so interested in learning the wonders of the magical wizarding world around her. Sometimes she even got to sit in the back of the classroom and observe how real magic classes happened inside Hogwarts. Kat couldn’t wait to turn 11 years old. She’d be able to finally get her own wand and robes and her own books. She’d be able to be a real student, not just a pretend one, watching at the back. As she continued to grow and her powers continued to develop, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore became worried.

“What of the rumours Albus? The curse can’t have possibly affected the baby, could it?”

“I fear, Minerva, that the rumours may be true, to a degree. The rumours say that she may develop extraordinary powers. That much we can already see is true. However, the other thing the rumours say is that she will become evil very quickly. And this has not happened as of yet.” Professor Dumbledore calmly replied.

“So what if that does happen? She’s already proving herself to be a fast learner, and she has a wonderful mind for experimenting with her new found abilities. If she does turn evil, how will be restrain her?” Professor McGonagall quizzed.

“Perhaps, with the help of the Ministry, we can bind her powers.”

“Bind her powers?”

“Yes. We may be able to use magic to enchant jewellery that she can wear comfortably. The enchantments will limit her ability to perform and severely restrain her powers. However, it will not hurt her or cause her pain at all, and she will still be able to entertain herself by creating little things. But she will not be able to do major spells without the aid of a wand.”

“Can this be done though Albus?”

“I have been communicating with the Ministry and, they believe that it can be done. They’ve been testing this and their findings are proving to be promising. However, Katherine’s level of power will be the ultimate test.”

“What will we tell her? She surely won’t want to wear the charmed bindings all the time?”

“We shall tell her the truth.”

“But is she ready for this? Will she understand?”

“I believe she is ready to know.”

With that, they summoned Katherine to the Headmaster’s office. She was so excited, she had never seen this room before. As soon as she got there she began looking around and observing all the different magical instruments floating and moving along the shelves. An abrupt cough demanded her attention, and her eyes snapped to the source of this noise. It was the Minster of Magic himself, standing beside several men in very official uniforms.

“Ah Katherine my dear, please come sit beside me.” Professor McGonagall gently said, guiding Kat to a big, comfy chair beside her. Once seated, Katherine spoke.

“Who’s he?” She whispered to McGonagall.

“I am the Minister of Magic; I work for the Ministry.” The Minister stated, very proudly and sternly, with an air of importance about him.

“My dear, we believe that it is time for you to know what happened to your parents.” Professor Dumbledore started, attracting the girl’s attention.

“But I’m only six? I thought you said that I needed to be-” Katherine questioned but was cut off by the Minister.

“Yes we know that child, but –”

“Don’t call me a child sir.” Katherine sharply but formally said, making her point very clear by the sudden shift in the air. It was slightly darker in the room and the air around them was tense. Some of the officials standing around the Minister drew their wands in response to this, all aimed at Kat, which only made the situation worse.

“Put your wands away you fools!” Professor McGonagall bluntly ordered. “If you really knew what Katherine could do you wouldn’t be threatening her.”

“We are not thre-”

“Yes you are.” Kat bluntly interrupted. “Your weapons are your wands because that is how you channel your magic to cast spells and hexes and whatnot. By aiming them at me you are threatening me automatically, even if it is for protective purposes. Please lower them, they make me uncomfortable and I don’t like being threatened.” The officers, at the nod of the Minister, did as they were told.

“This is why we believe you are ready to know what happened my dear.” Dumbledore began. “Because you have shown to us that you have a very in depth understanding of magic and because you are able to easily pick up things taught to you. You are a very fast learner and because of this, we believe that you will understand now.” After a pause, he launched into a very detailed account of who Kat’s mother and father were.

Kat didn’t like either of them very much. They were both stupid. Delila, her mother, because she was a love sick puppy and was constantly fooled by the man. And Antony, her father, because he’s just stupid and rude. She was told that she could choose which last name to inherit. Either Smithy, after her mother, or Chuckle, after her father. Katherine chose neither.

“Now this brings us to a touchier subject, Kat.” Professor McGonagall said sensitively.

“Why?” Katherine asked, becoming worried.

“Well, there have been rumours about what will happen to you because of the Dark Lord’s curse.” Professor McGonagall continued. “Some people, the doctors mainly, believe that the curse may have affected you. They believe, that you may develop abnormal magical powers that are extraordinary. This has been seen in you, you’ve been able to manipulate many things and create wondrous decorations for the Castle. Most children in the wizarding world cannot begin to do such things until they are 10 years old.” Professor McGonagall paused, observing the girl’s face. It was filled with joy and pride. Katherine felt special, in a good way. She felt appreciated. McGonagall didn’t really want to have to take that away. So Professor Dumbledore finished for her.

“However, my dear, there is another part to these rumours. That is why the Minister is here today. There is worries, that the second half of the rumour may come true.”

“What is it? What do they say will happen to me?” Kat asked, scared.

“They say that you may start to turn evil.” The Minister bluntly stated. “Which is why I am here, as Albus said. I am here because my team of experimental science/magic workers have been developing binding spells that they can use to enchant wearable items. We’ve tested these binding cuffs and other wearable items and they appear to be working. However, the real test will be if they bind your powers and limit what you can do, to make you safer to our community.” Katherine was scared.

“I’m a threat? I’m going to be evil?” She whispered, horrified. Tears were welling up inside her beautiful (now ice blue for fear) eyes, threatening to spill. When they did spill they left shining, wet streaks, gathering under her chin before falling like rain to the floor. The air around her was cold.

“Not yet Katherine dear. You are not a threat yet. But we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening.” Professor Dumbledore calmly reassured her. Taking the bracelets, anklets and necklaces out from their protective cases, he continued. “Please Katherine, look at these and try them on.”

“Are these the binding cuffs?” The girl questioned, intrigued by them.

“Yes my dear.” Professor McGonagall replied.

Kat took them into her hands and they activated, glowing a deep, regal green and black from within the cuffs. They were all made up of a simple, silver chain that had no evident clasp to seal it. No charms or jewels, just a simple yet elegant chain.

“Is it glowing in my hands because it’s been set for me and it’s starting to be activated?” Katherine asked, still examining the items she held in her delicate hands.

“Yes.” The Minister curtly replied. “Please, allow me to fully activate them and begin restraining your powers.” He came over and took the anklets, one at a time, and wrapped them around her feet, then said an enchantment in another language that Kat had never heard before. The chains glowed a fierce red before calming down and returning to the green and black glow that swirled and pulsed. He continued with the wrist chains, and then the necklace. All did the same fierce glow before calming again.

“Now, I need you to try and create the most powerful thing you’ve done so far.” The Minister instructed. Katherine obeyed.

Trying with all her might, she tried to create, from scratch, two portals. She had done this once before a couple days ago. She created one portal, but she couldn’t see anything through it, it was just a swirling purple void. She then created a second, a few metres away. The second that portal activated, she could see herself, but from behind. She turned to look at the first portal and realised that they connected. She tested this by sending a water stream through the first. It travelled through, exited the second portal, and hit her in the back.

However, with the binding cuffs now fully activated, she couldn’t create either portal. Her veins were slowly colouring. The harder she tried to cast her magic, the darker her veins went. It got to the point where she was so frustrated that she couldn’t cast her portals that every single vein in her body was showing, full of black, and her eyes were both hollow, black voids.

“Katherine stop.” Professor McGonagall sharply stated. Katherine immediately calmed, and returned to her normal state.

“I can’t do it Professor. I can’t cast the portals. I can’t even make one of them appear briefly unactivated.” Katherine exasperatedly said.

“Perfect. Well I must be going, my work here is done, however, Albus, you will need to maintain a close eye on the child-”

“Don’t call me a child Minister.” Katherine said coldly. The pair death glared each other for a minute, before the Minister broke contact by turning away and moving to the fireplace. His officers followed suit and, grabbing a handful of Floo Powder, threw it in the fireplace and were whisked away in the emerald green flames. Katherine waited a few minutes before speaking again.

“He doesn’t like me.”

“He doesn’t like very many people dear.” Professor McGonagall responded.

“I’ll never be allowed to take these off will I?” Kat asked, more to herself than to anyone.

“We don’t know at this point. But I’m sure you will be able to take them off one day, when you’re older.” Professor Dumbledore replied caringly.
Hagrid came to collect Kat and told her about his day. Katherine listened, but was distracted.

“Kat, are yeh okay? Yeh seem te be a bit outta sorts.” Hagrid asked when they were sitting down eating dinner.

“Not really Hagrid. I have to wear these binding cuffs,” Katherine glumly told him, showing him her wrists with the glowing bracelets, “and I can’t do my special magic anymore.” She ended, her voice breaking. She put her head in her hand on the table and cried. “I can’t make my special friends appear anymore when you’re off doing things that I can’t do yet. I can’t make the helpful portals. I can’t make force fields and energy fields. I can barely make things grow, or move small bodies of water, or make a fire start anymore.” Kat continued in between her sobs.

“Aw Kat.” Hagrid cooed, coming around to her side of the table and hugging the girl. Kat fell into Hagrid’s massive embrace and cried into his overcoat. “It’ll be okay, you’ll grow more powerful yet, just ye’ wait. An’ then you’ll be doin’ other stuff. You’ll be a real proper witch soon ye’ know, an’ then you’ll get ter’ do the stuff I didn’t. You’ll get ter’ learn new magic stuff that I can’ teach you.” Hagrid continued, rubbing small circles on Kat’s back, soothing her. His chest rumbled as he spoke with his low voice, vibrating Kat’s head and calming her, increasing her tiredness.

“Come on now, best be off te’ bed now. Big day tomorro’ in the forest an’ all.” Hagrid said, before picking Kat up and carrying her to bed, tucking her in, giving her a kiss goodnight before closing the door to let her sleep.
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