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The Twins of Heaven

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Long ago a pair of twins were born. Together, they were fated to change the world, but then the twins were seperated...PM2

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The Twins of the Heavens

Summary: Once there was a pair of twins who came from the heavens to earth. Their destiny was to change the world for all of time. Then, they were separated; only fulfill their destiny when they should be reunited. But what if their fates cause them to never meet...

Once upon a time, or so it is said, a great battle took place between a city of good and the forces of darkness. A certain hero, who had already foreseen the difficulties of the battle, led the city's army.

As the hero fought against these forces, he came to realize the price of victory would be great indeed. It would cost the man his life and that of his men. Therefore, he wrote one final letter to his wife.

In the depths of the Underworld, the king of that dark realm summoned a demon that was well known as a wielder of dark magic. The king commanded him to seek a woman and curse the child she carried, so it would die before birth.

The demon went as he was commanded, to the home of the woman. The only one who saw him was the servant girl, but he froze her and her warning. Then, he leaped across to the woman.

There, as he reached to curse her, he drew back, shocked. The demon found that the woman carried twins. Then he happened to look at the woman. She wept over the letter in her hand, the letter in which her husband told her the cost of his victory. When the demon saw this, he was moved as never before. He found he pitied the woman, and could not complete his task. Therefore, he returned to the Underworld.

The demon was exiled for his disobedience. The hero won the war, but died in battle. And his wife, weakened by her grief, died giving birth to the twins.

The twins themselves were caught up to heaven, where the gods argued over who should have guardianship of them. At last, the twins were sent to two different gods, who caused the girls to sleep in the heavens until their time came to be awakened. And so the infant girls slept.

However, the gods had no peace. For they feared that the twins would never be adopted. For who would raise two girls whose beginnings already had two deaths and an exile. Who would adopt these heavenly twins? And so centuries passed but the babes slept...
However, the time was coming when the two girls would awaken to see their fates. Destiny whispered that each would change the world for all of time, but only if they should be reunited. For the ones who adopted them were enemies. And this is their tale.
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