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Chapter 7

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Summary: Years of Hogwarts spent with a fascination for you. I finally had you, but then you lost me. Now HE has you and we’re all going to die. ~ Draco Malfoy

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∞ Chapter Seven ∞

Kat made it to the common room and went up to her dorm. Most of the girls were already in their pj’s and Hermione was eagerly awaiting her. She went over to her bed and Hermione followed, drawing the drapes.

“So, what happened?”

“Well I told the boys that you told me and I told them the truth, that the castle is dangerous at night and I doubt they’d have much of a chance against the Slytherin’s if it came to a punch-up.”

“Okay, so you gave them the necessary information to make a more informed decision.”

“Yeah. I also told them I’m not going to dob them in and I advise against doing it, but I’m not going to stop them.”

“Fair enough. So you don’t know if they’re still going to or not?”


“Well at least they know what they’re getting into. What about Malfoy?”

“I found him with Crabbe and Goyle hanging around, but as soon as he say me he sent them off and it was just us.”

“Weird, he’s never without them, except when he challenged Harry in the air.”

“I know, he mustn’t have heard the rumours about me. Then again, he has to have he lives with one of the most influential pure-blood wizarding families. Anyway, I asked him a favour, asking him not to show up for the duel and not to send anyone else there too. He asked what he’d get in return.”

“What did you offer?”

“A favour that he can redeem from me when he wants, as long as it’s reasonable and sensible like my request.”

“Did he take it?”

“Yeah. I also asked at the end if he’d kindly not tell Filtch, making a point to call him out on his plan all along. He wasn’t actually going to duel them, he was going to set them up to be expelled. I left before I got an answer to that.”

“Did you see Filtch at all?”

“No. Damn, I should’ve tried to tell him a diversion to advert his attention away from the trophy room.”

“No Katherine! That’d be lying to him and he’d surely track you down the next day for telling him the fib!” Hermione exasperatedly whispered.

“Well, anyway I’m here now and my part’s done. If you still want to stay up and risk getting caught and in trouble yourself you can.” With that the Kat left with her bed attire to wash and brush her teeth, leaving a confused and torn Hermione.

11:30 pm and everybody in the dorm was supposed to be asleep. But Hermione was awake. She began to make her way past the girls sleeping and down the stairs, when she stubbed her toe on Kat’s bedpost and cursed under her breath. Kat rolled over and pulled the drapes open slightly, the full moon lighting her face, making her look almost paler than the ghosts.

“You’re going to follow them then?” She whispered.

“No, just going to meet them in the common room and make them go back to bed.” Hermione responded.

“I’ll stay up then I guess, at least wait for you to come back before I go to bed.”

“Thanks.” With that, Hermione walked out of the girl’s dorm and into the darkness that the moonlight wasn’t reaching. Kat sat up and yawned, stretching her back before walking to the window and opening it. She climbed out and sat on the roof, watching the night life make their way about. She spent a decent 30 minutes there before getting cold and returning inside the dorm. Hermione wasn’t back yet, so she pulled out her trunk and began to do more homework that wasn’t due for another three days. Suddenly there was a noise and people rushing into the common room, whispering hoarsely. Kat stopped her homework and went to investigate the sounds.

“There you are Hermione, you’d been gone for ages! Neville? What are you doing out? And why are you all so red-faced and panting?”

“What do you think they’re doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a school!? If any dog needs exercise that one does!” Ron blurted out angrily. Kat froze.

“You don’t use your eyes do you? Didn’t you see what it was standing on?” Hermione continued.

“The floor??” Harry suggested. “I’m sorry but I wasn’t paying attention to it’s feet, I was a bit preoccupied with its head!” He continued.

“Or hadn’t you noticed, there were THREE!” Ron finished.

“The dog was standing on a trapdoor which means it wasn’t there by accident. It’s guarding something.”

'Oh no, they found Fluffy!' Kat thought to herself.

“You went to the forbidden corridor on the third floor!?!?” Kat yelled at them. They all were taken aback, looking at her. “Don’t you dimwits listen to anything you’re told! That floor, especially the corridor, is FORBIDDEN! You’re lucky to even be alive right now you’re all stupid! How could you let your idiotic pride and ego get over your safety? You’re damn lucky the dog was fed recently, not that it won’t take thirds. All of you, bed NOW! You could’ve been killed boys!”

“Or worse, expelled.” Hermione added, before turning on her heel and heading up to her dorm.

“Go on, up!’ Kat instructed the boys, making sure they all went into the dorm before returning to her own. She ignored Hermione and went straight to bed, furious that they put themselves in such danger.
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