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Chapter 8

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Summary: Years of Hogwarts spent with a fascination for you. I finally had you, but then you lost me. Now HE has you and we’re all going to die. ~ Draco Malfoy

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∞ Chapter Eight ∞

Katherine had woken up and left for breakfast, wanting to avoid the four from last night, but instead found Ron and Harry speculating on what the dog might be guarding. Neville was trying to ignore the events of last night and Hermione was still fuming that they had the nerve to go out, refusing to speak to them. A week went by like this, and Harry was noticing that Kat wasn’t around them as much. During classes she’d sit a little further away from them, even Hermione who she’d always sit with if Ron and Harry didn’t have a spare seat.

“Hey Katherine.” Harry said, approaching the girl in question. The students had free time and Kat had chosen to sit beside the lake. Her hair was mimicking the reflective surface of the lake and her eyes were downcast, sea-green in colour. Upon hearing her name she turned her attention away from the small aquatic life that came to play. Her hair stopped mimicking the water’s reflection, going back to green.

“Oh, hello Harry. Figured out what’s down the trapdoor yet?” She replied, glumly.

“No. May I sit?” the boy asked politely. Kat nodded her head, returning her gaze to the abnormal fish nibbling at her toes gently.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked, whilst sitting on the damp grass beside the girl.

“Sort of.” Kat replied, same dull tone. Harry shifted awkwardly beside her, not sure of what to do or say. “I suppose you’re going to ask me what’s the matter then?”

“W-well, only if you wanted to tell me.” Harry really felt self-conscious now.

“I’m annoyed and upset that you all went to the forbidden corridor. I’m annoyed and upset that Professor Snape doesn’t treat me the same or even acknowledge my existence anymore. I don’t know what to do when you or Ron or Hermione or any of my other friends get’s into trouble unfairly. Like in potions with Snape, he’s not supposed to do that to students and I want to stand up and say something but I can’t. I can’t because I’ve lived here my whole life so I know what happens and I know what’s expected of me. I’ve got all this pressure to be a role-model for the other students that I don’t want. I don’t want to have to stand by silently as my friends get bullied because it’s against the rules and it’s not role-model material to help them.” Katherine let out her feelings all at once. All the anger and frustrations flowing from her brain and out her mouth. It felt good, surprisingly good. Harry sat patiently, listening.

“Well, we didn’t mean to go there. We were at the trophy room waiting and we heard Filtch coming so we ran. Then Peeves came along and brought Filtch back on our trail and we ran into the locked room before realising that there was a huge dog there. We didn’t mean to go there, we were trying to get away from Filtch.” Harry explained. He felt sorry for worrying and upsetting his friend. All she had done since she met him was treat him as an equal. Not as a celebrity, not as someone inferior because he grew up with Muggles. An equal. He didn’t want to lose that.

“Filtch found you?” Kat’s interest was grabbed.

“Yeah, well, sort of. He didn’t catch us but he was in the area and knew people were out of bed.”

“Damn it!”


“I tried to make sure he was out of that area.”


“I told him a dummy story that someone was going to be having a duel, a fourth year and a seventh year with two first years as their seconds. He must’ve figured out mine was a phoney story and Malfoy’s was real.”

“Malfoy ratted us?”

“Well yeah, that was his plan all along. He wanted to get you into trouble. I told him not to go or send anyone else from Slytherin, and he promised he wouldn’t. I asked him to not tell Filtch either, but I think he may have already told him before I found him.”

They both looked at the water in silence. The little fish has moved on from nibbling Kat’s toes and were eating away at the vegetation in the sand.

“Thank you Kat.” Harry said after a while.

“For what? Being mad and yelling at you all?” Katherine replied, turning to face the boy.

“For intervening and helping us. If you hadn’t spoken to Malfoy I doubt we’d be here still. He probably would’ve had some other Slytherin’s beat us up.” Harry answered, looking the confused girl in the eyes. They were beautiful eyes.

“And you know what, you shouldn’t have to be a role-model. It’s not fair on you. And it’s okay to stand up and fight for something you believe in. It’s what makes you important, and it’s what makes you a good person. Because you’re standing up against everything else and fighting for what you believe is right. You’re not just sitting around and letting people do wrong by you or your friends and just letting it happen. Sometimes we don’t get a choice and sometimes we have to sit and watch. But we don’t have to do that all the time. Some people don’t have that choice until someone gives them the option.” Harry said sincerely. He knew this was bothering Kat for some while. Kat observed Harry’s face as he said those words. His face was saying what his words were saying. He truly believed that this was what made you a good person.

“I told Hagrid about this too, he pretty much said the same thing.” Kat said fondly. Then she remembered, she had to be checking up on Salazar. “I have to be going now, I’ve got something to take care of. But thank you, it means a lot.” The girl with green hair said, before grabbing her bag and rushing towards Hagrid’s Hut.

“You’re welcome!” Harry shouted behind her, turning to walk back into the castle, happy he had his friend back.

Katherine found Hagrid outside the hut, about to go into the forest with Fang. Hagrid had gotten Fang from winning some sort of bet recently, but the poor dog was pretty much useless. He was pretty much scared of everything that was bigger than him, and some things that were smaller than him too. He was woofing and wagging his tail at Hagrid’s heels whilst Hagrid was loading his quiver for the crossbow. Salazar was outside, but on a chain and leash so he couldn’t do damage or escape. Salazar sniffed the air and turned to face Kat, trying to get off the leash to her, yet she was still out of sight.

“What’s ter matter Salaza?” Hagrid said, turning his attention from his crossbow to the dragon. He let the chain loosen and was about to pick the dragon up, but he had wriggled free and bolted across the grounds towards the scent he loved. “OI!” Hagrid bellowed. He was about to give chance when he saw Salazar jump in the air and stopped. He then began to see a figure running with the scaled creature, and calmed down. He knew who it was.

“Hi Hagrid!” the girl said as she bounded towards him, Salazar leaping around her.

“I wondered why he got all excited for a momen’ there.” Hagrid replied, going back to maintaining his crossbow and loading the quiver. “How yeh been?”

“Good. Harry and Ron got challenged to a duel by Malfoy, but luckily I found and talked to Draco first. No Slytherin’s showed up, but they must’ve tipped off Filtch before I could because he was onto them. He didn’t find them though, but they accidentally got into the forbidden corridor and found Fluffy.” Kat said, filling Hagrid in whilst playing with Salazar and checking his physical health progress. The tears in his wings were healing faster now, and he was starting to get some muscle across his body.

“Blimey Kat! They couldeh been killed!” Hagrid said, dropping the quiver of arrows, causing some to roll over to where Kat was sitting.

“I know! That’s what I told them before I went to bed and that’s what I reminded them of after they came back! I was so mad at them. But they didn’t mean to go to the forbidden corridor, they got lost and didn’t even realise they were there till Fluffy growled at them, confused.” Kat continued, turning her attention to the drooling heap that took up residence on her lap, once again soaking her robes in saliva. She then noticed the arrows and crossbow.

“Hagrid, what are you doing with the crossbow out?”

“Goin’ inteh the forest.” He replied grimly, collecting the arrows.

“But, this early and with the crossbow?” Kat turned to face the half-giant.

“Haf teh.”

“What’s happened?”

“The unicorns, somethin’s after ‘em. Been hearin’ from the centaurs that somethin’s not right in the forest and they’re seeing less unicorns.” Hagrid said darky. Katherine knew why someone would want unicorns, and why they could be disappearing. It was dangerous and meant something bad was lurking around near the school. Hagrid saw Kat’s concerned and worried expression and spoke again.

“Or it could be nothin’. Unicorns sometimes like teh migrate an all.” The friendly half-giant trailed off, focusing back on the task at hand. He needed to go back and investigate. “Would it be too ‘ard for yeh to take Salazar back with yeh for a couple days?”

“I can do that Hagrid.” Kat replied, focusing back onto Salazar. “I’ve got to go soon anyway, I’ve got charms next after the spare. See you around Hagrid!” The girl cheerily said, before running off, Salazar bounding after her.
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