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Chapter 9

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Summary: Years of Hogwarts spent with a fascination for you. I finally had you, but then you lost me. Now HE has you and we’re all going to die. ~ Draco Malfoy

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∞ Chapter Nine ∞

It was breakfast time at Hogwarts. Kat was back to talking and laughing with her former friends, feeling decided about her personal conflicts. The owls were flurrying about, dropping off the morning post for the day, when a particularly large flurry with a large parcel came through and dropped it in front of Harry, alongside a letter.

“Woah, what’s this? I never get post.” Harry said, looking at Ron and Kat. Neither of them knew anything about it, but they could all guess what it was inside by the shape of it. It had to be a broomstick.

“Maybe it’s a racing broom Harry!” Ron exclaimed. “You’re in the team after all.”

“Open the letter first.” Katherine said, “You wouldn’t want to open the parcel just now, we’ve got everybody’s attention as it is.”

“Right.” Harry replied, before opening the letter and reading the contents. He then pasted it around to Ron and Kat, who read it together.

“A Nimbus Two Thousand! I’ve never even touched one!” Ron moaned, envious of his best friend.

“Quick, let’s get it to the common room to open it!” Kat exclaimed.

The three left the hall quickly, but were stopped by Draco and his two goon friends yet again. They took the package off Harry, sizing it up, before throwing it back at the boy.

“That’s a broomstick,” Draco spat, his face a mix of jealousy and spite, “You’ll be in for it this time Potter. First-years aren’t allowed broomsticks.”

“It’s not just any old broomstick, it’s a Nimbus Two Thousand.” Ron couldn’t resist himself. “What did you say you got at home, a Comet Two Sixty?” He turned to Harry grinning. “Comets are flashy, but they’re not in the same league as the Nimbus.” Malfoy was furious.

“What would you know Weasley, you can’t afford half the handle. Your entire family would have to save up twig by twig.” Malfoy snapped.

“Shut it Draco or it won’t be Harry making you look like a fool on a broomstick.” Kat challenged, getting a surprised reaction from Draco, but only for a split second before the snarl returned. He had completely forgotten that she was standing there with them.

“Not arguing here boys I hope?” Professor Flitwick said as he appeared beside the group.

“Potter’s been sent a broomstick Professor.” Malfoy said quickly.

“Ah yes, Professor McGonagall told me all about the special circumstances. What model is it Potter?”

“It’s a Nimbus Two Thousand sir.” Harry replied, fighting the urge to laugh at Malfoy’s face of horror. “And it’s really thanks to Malfoy here that I’ve got it.” He added.

“Ah excellent racing broom. Where’s yours Katherine dear?” Professor Flitwick asked, noticing Kat didn’t have a parcel.

“I haven’t got a broom, I’m not allowed one.” Kat said, confused.

“Ah, w-well, um, anyway you should put the broom away now Potter.” Professor Flitwick stumbled over his words. He didn’t realise that Kat didn’t know she would also be getting a Nimbus, but for a different reason.

The three raced to the common room, leaving Malfoy behind in confusion and rage. They made it to the common room, laughing.

“It really is thanks to Malfoy anyway.” Ron laughed.

“So I supposed you believe that this is a reward for breaking the rules?” Hermione said, looking disapprovingly at the package. Before Kat could try to defuse the situation Ron spoke up.

“I thought you said you weren’t talking to us, please don’t stop now, it’s doing us so much good.” The boy said, before brushing past the bushy haired girl with Harry in tow. Hermione put her nose in the air and marched away. She didn’t speak to Katherine on the way out, rather heading straight to class. Kat gathered her things for class and waited for the boys to come down from their dorm, before heading to class as a group.

Throughout the day all Harry could think about was the broomstick and the Quidditch pitch, and he wasn’t paying very good attention in class. Kat would notice he was drifting off and bring his attention back to classes. When they went to dinner that night Harry didn’t pay attention to what he was eating, he just ate. All he wanted was to get to the broomstick.

“Harry slow down you’re gonna make yourself sick.” Kat said, concerned.

“Hmm?” Harry mumbled, looking up from his food.

“I said, you should slow down or you’re gonna make yourself sick.” The girl repeated.

“Oh, right.” Harry said, taking note of how much food he had randomly picked and demolished.

“Come on, let’s go unwrap the broom!” Ron said, having finished his mountain of food and created a separate mountain of the carcases. The boys left the table.

“Kat you wanna come?” Harry turned to his friend and asked.

“Oh, sure.”

The three headed back to the common room and into the boy’s dorm.

“Hey, how come girls can come into the boys dorms, but boys can’t come into the girls?” Ron said, noting that the stairs up didn’t mould into a slide like it does when boys try to enter the girl’s dorms.

“I dunno.” Kat replied, lying. She knew why, but wasn’t sure that they would understand that context yet.

The three turned their attention to the package, pulling it from under Harry’s bed. Harry undid the string and tore away the paper, the Nimbus Two Thousand rolling on Harry’s bed. It was amazing. Kat didn’t know much about broomsticks, she barely used them long enough to know minor differences, only major ones. The Nimbus was sleek, mahogany handle, gold transcript at the head stating the broomstick type and make, with a long tail of perfectly trimmed twigs.

“Woah.” Ron breathed, as Harry picked it up and held it out for the other two to see.

“It’s pretty fancy.” Katherine admitted. She then remembered Salazar was waiting for her, and this was a perfect opportunity to let him out of the bed covers a little longer now that nobody was there and they were all at dinner. “I’m gonna go do some homework now, but thanks for showing me the broomstick Harry.” She turned and walked back out of the dorm, leaving the two boys.

She walked up the girl’s dorm staircase and went straight to her bed with her four drapes completely closed. She carefully sneaked to the side of one, before pulling it sharply across, startling Salazar. The dragon eagerly leaped into her open arms, his rough tongue sliding across her face in affection.

“Alright, alright Salazar calm down you saw me this morning!” Kat giggled, setting the scaled creature down. “Wanna have a look around the common room?” She asked the creature, which responded by sitting up excitedly. “Come on then, but you need to stay with me.”

Salazar nodded his head and then proceeded to wrap himself securely around Kat’s neck whilst the witch put on her big trench coat to cover him. She walked halfway down the staircase and stopped, listening for anybody around, before continuing to the common room. Harry and Ron were still upstairs aweing over the broom, and nobody else was back from dinner yet. They were probably onto dessert by now. Salazar stuck his head gingerly out of the fabric folds, sniffing the air. His eyes reflected the flickering fire as they scanned the surroundings.

“You ready to see outside the common room Salazar?” Kat whispered to the scaled creature, who nodded in anticipation before ducking into the fabric again, concealed.

“What was that moving on your shoulders Kat?” Ron asked. Kat rounded and realised that the boys had stopped talking about the broom and Ron had seen Salazar duck back into the coat.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just the coat, it’s enchanted.” Kat lied, not sure if she wanted to tell Ron. Harry came down the stairs and stopped, looking between his two friends.

“Harry, tell me you saw something move in Kat’s big coat.” Ron said, turning to his friend.

“I just came down Ron I didn’t see anything. But why are you wearing a big coat inside Kat, the fire’s going and the windows are closed.” Harry answered, curious as to what Kat was up to.

“I just told Ron, it’s enchanted. I’ve been working on it to-” Kat began, fabricating a realistic story when a little hiccup and flames came out from her shoulder. Kat was defeated.

“Okay Salazar, come out.” Kat sighed after a long pause. The scaled creature slowly poked its head out of the fabric, blinking at the two boys who were gaping at it.

“What is that Kat?” Harry asked, slightly afraid. He didn’t know what the creature was.

“It’s a dragon, we’re not sure of the breed yet, nobody has ever seen him before and we’re keeping it that way. Or we were. You can come out completely Salazar.” The dragon climbed out of the coat, stretching his still torn but healing wings, and yawning. He stayed on Kat’s back and shoulders, wary of the boys in front of him.

“Blimey Kat!” Ron breathed, his eyes wide in shock. “Where’ve you been keeping him?”

“In my dorm, and at Hagrid’s house.”

“Is he dangerous?” Harry whispered.

“Not unless he feels threatened. He’s on edge now because he’s never seen anybody else but me and Hagrid. But always remember, he’s just as afraid of you as you are of him. That’s a generic rule of thumb for all creatures, magical or otherwise. They’re not gonna hurt you buddy, it’s okay.” Kat ended, whispering to the dragon. Salazar responded positively, climbing to the floor and circling the girl’s feet. “Boys you can come closer.” Kat said, encouraging them to come investigate and get to know each other.

Harry was the first to step forward, Ron hesitant. He came over and kneeled a metre away from the scaled beauty. His green eyes looked up to a pair of rainbow orbs, asking what to do next. Kat knelt down behind Salazar and reached out for Harry’s hand. Harry took hers, and Kat pulled it gently towards Salazar. The dragon sniffed, recognising the friendly scent of his owner, and the alien scent of the boy before him. Kat slowly removed her hand and left Harry’s there whilst Salazar continued to sniff. He eventually licked Harry’s hand, moving into Harry and snuggling him. Harry looked back to Kat, who nodded, reassuring him that he was safe. Ron came up behind, and kneeled down beside Harry, holding out his hand. He felt safe in the knowledge that Harry and Kat were both there. Salazar sniffed his hand too, and snuggled him, deeming him safe and a friend.

“Well, now you’ve become acquainted.” Kat said, happy that her friends trusted her and weren’t being horrible to Salazar. She looked to the clock and gasped. “Harry it’s nearly seven you need to go!” She said, startling Harry who looked to the clock too.

“You’re right, thanks.” He stood up and went back to the dorm before Kat stopped him.

“Wait. I need you both to promise you won’t tell anybody about Salazar. I mean anybody, not even Fred or George yet. He’s still weak and healing from past treatment and he’s technically not supposed to be in the castle.” Kat pleaded to the boys, desperation in her eyes.

“We promise we won’t tell anybody at all.” Ron said sincerely.

“And we’ll help you with him whenever you need it. Promise.” Harry added.

“Thank you.” Kat sighed in relief. “Now go before you’re late.”
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