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Divine River

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After the train wreck, Yami is saved by a beautiful young girl... She has been commanded to save the captured souls. With her God's help nothing can stand in her way, not even the Oricalchous. Yami...

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Yami Yugi,Yugi Mutou,Raphael,Seto Kaiba,Joey Wheeler - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2017-09-14 - 582 words

Chapter 1

"I said, Lord, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee."
-Psalm 41:4

A young woman stood on a rock ridge was she watched a white train fall over the edge of the of the cliff. She had long teal hair that hung down in a braid, soft blue eyes that reflected the light, pale skin that was warm and alive. She glided down the slope and down the cliff without fear. She landed on top of the metal heap that was the train. She leaped off the wreckage and began her search. She pulled out some of the smaller pieces when a tall man came to the sight. "Hello... Gideon..." She spoke softly. The man, Gideon Fleece by name, was a man of great stature with dark hair that he grew out in a ponytail. He had dark eyes that matched his hair with hairy arms. He then turned to the wreckage and began to peel the metal heap bit by bit.
After digging for a while the pair found a hand. They soon heard a moan and the hand slowly curled into a fist. Gideon pulled the large piece of metal off of the hand's owner and the youth underneath was curled up into a ball. She knelt down and took hold of the hand causing the youth to weakly look up at her. He had tri-colored hair blond bangs that fringed and framed his face along with three lightning bolt shaped locks that jolted upwards. The rest of his hair was black tipped with red. He had weary violet eyes that were peircing yet filled with sorrow and fear. He wore a black choker around his pale throat with a golden puzzle on the chain. He also wore a black sleeveless shirt and a dark blue school uniform jacket, royal blue leather jeans and black studded boots. "Don't worry, Pharoah, you safe now..." She whispered. She and Gideon pulled the youth from the wreakage. He now laid on the hard ground so the girl could see his injuries. "He has a broken arm, his left leg is spained along with his right ankle, he has four broken fingers yet until I get him home, I won't know the interal injuries if he has any...?" Thought the girl. " We must go, The Dark ones come..." Gideon said catching the maiden's attention. "Course." Gideon bent down and picked up the former king gently. The Pharaoh, gritted his teeth that the pain. "Sorry." Whispered Gideon before cradling him as if he was bride. The girl went on ahead. After waiting for a few minutes the girl came back pushing a black jeep with an open back toward them. She got in the back then Gideon placed the Pharoah in her lap with his head on her shoulder. "Go... Gideon drive fast." Gideon hit the gas and they were off in a shot. "Well Eden... what do you think of him?" Asked Gideon. "Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be saved by God's Grace and Jesus's Sacifice. He is just a lost lamb with a broken heart. He just need guidance." Eden cradling the unconcious form of the Pharoah with tender arms. Gideon nodded. They drove into the distance just as a motorcycle arrived at the train wreck. "Dear Pharoah your safe now... We're here." Whispered Eden as she held the Pharoah's head against her neck as they drove away. She closed her eyes and smiled. Step 1 complete.
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