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Chapter 2

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Eden has brought the Pharoah to the Mission of the Holy God in Likha, Nevada.

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Chapter 2

Thou shalt increase my greatness and comfort me on every side. - Psalm 71:21

"Abba Father, I come to you with open hands..."
A voice sang softly causing Yami to come out of the darkness.
"Abba Father, I ask you... to heal his heart, soul and mind..."
Yami was slowly waking up.
"... with your Unending Mercy and Love..."

All of a sudden, Yami was in terrible pain. He couldn't move his right hand and his left leg felt very cold. He slowly opened his eyes to see a cream colored ceiling. The same voice that coaxed him from his unwilling slumber was coming from his left. He slowly looked over and saw a beautiful girl... A very beautiful girl... She had long teal hair that was in a long braid, a pair of blue eyes, soft pale skin, wearing a white t-shirt with a red cross on it, brown kaki shorts and long red trench coat over them with knee high gray boots with black buckles. "Oh, good your awake." Said she. Her voice was as lovely as waterfall, soothing yet untamed. Yami opened his mouth to speak but she stopped him by leaving the chair she was in. "I'm glad your awake. Pastor Halbrook was worried." She said with a sweet smile. She sat on the bed he was laying in and gently lifted up his head with a pair of dainty yet calloused hands. She gently tugged on something before setting his head back on the pillow then her hands ran down his right arm and his eyes followed. He gasped upon the sight, his arm was in a cast. It was a lime green colored cast with his four of his fingers in splits. "Sorry if it's bulky but it was all the Mission had on hand." The girl said before gently reaching back taking the Puzzle from the table nearby. "Here, you are, Your pendent." said she placing the Puzzle back around his neck. He gave her a small smile before the events of the previous days caught up with him. "Yugi..." He moaned in sorrow, a broken look came to his eyes. "Yugi... Is that your name?" Asked the girl... The Pharoah shook his head. "No... I have no name... I'm not worthy to have a name..." He said tears coming to his eyes. Suddenly he thought of someone else. "Tea? Where's Tea?" Asked the Pharoah with fear in his eyes. "Who's Tea...?" Asked the girl softly. "My friend... She was with me in the train... Did she...?" Asked the Pharoah tears forming. "Sorry... we only found a boy that we brought he before you... He is unconcious." "What does he look like?" He asked her. "He has green hair and brown eyes with buggy getup." "That's Weevil Underwood. I dueled in ontop of the train." Eden hummed and gently covered him up with warm gray blanket that was at the end of the bed. "Your safe here." She whispered before pressing a kiss to his temple and walking to the door. The Pharaoh curled up into a ball and started crying.
Eden sighed she then opened her hands with palms ups and began to sing a song of prayer.

"Lord Jesus... I ask you to stay... Stay by me forever and I love me I pray..."
"You hold the stars, Oh Lord, Now I ask you place Heal this boy of his wounds and his broken heart." She spoke.
"Holy God... I ask you hold me... as I pray... Protect me in thine holy care..."
And hold this youth and let him know he his worthy and loved. Amen." Eden looked outside the window and her view floated out into courtyard of the Mission, A half-house/Church for those who have lost there way. "I hope I can help him, But with God's help I will!"

She gave the crying former monarch a loving glace before leaving, closing the door behind her... "Thank you for waiting Uncle." She said the broad shouldered man waiting across the hallway from where she now stood. "Eden... child... is he well?" Gideon asked Eden. She shook her head. "He's begun the way... But it's only one step... there is still a long way to go..." She sighed and began to walk down the hallway. "Come on Eden... the other's are awaiting your arrival." Eden nodded and then followed her Uncle to a room at the end of the hallway that read: 'Comfort Room'.
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