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Chapter 3

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Eden has meeting with the half-way-house teens and they sing a song without knowing a certain someone is listening at the door...

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Chapter 3

Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise. -Psalm 33:3

Eden entered the Comfort Room to see a handful of teenagers sitting in chairs in a circle. "Good Afternoon, Everyone!" She said with a smile. "Good Afternoon, Eden and Mr. Fleece." Eden took her chair at the head of the circle and began to speak. "Blessed is this day for the Lord has made..." The teens replied. "...And be Glad in it." Eden smiled at the group and began to speak again. "Zach. Why don't you start us off?" She asked to the boy to her right with shaggy black hair and lively blue eyes. He was about 16. "Sure..." Shrugged the boy and stood up. "I'm Zachery Natch and I was addicted to Crack." He started. "We're here for you, Zach." said the group. " I was first brought here by my Dad. He just couldn't take it anymore and he gave up on me..." Zach broke off and felt tears begin to fill his eyes. "I felt all alone, but I then met Eden, Mr. Fleece, Pastor Holbrook, then my new girlfriend, Alice and I then met God. God is my Father, and He will never..." Zach felt those tears pour down his face. "He will never leave me!" Declared Zach with joy and then sank back into his chair. Then the girl to his right stood up. "I'm Alice Hogen Fleece, age 15, and I was abused and was addicted to Coke." She said before the group said the same as before. "I was abused since I was eight by my mom... she hated me. I was brought he by Mr. Fleece, He became my new dad and Eden became my cousin. And God has took care of me..." She began to cry too and felt her boyfriend's hand clasp her's. "Ever since I drew my first breath and I will proclaim Jesus's name until I draw my last." She said with great faith before sitting down and feeling Zach's arms wrap around her. "Okay... Fisher... your next." Said Eden before a boy with red hair and glasses stood up. Then after him was Katrina Hassier, an orphan, Sean Lee, left behind with his twin sister by his family when the visited here at the beginning of March,and Kiya Lee, Sean's twin sister, who was pregnant.
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