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Chapter 1- Realization

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"Oh Pierre, stop that! There are people around, or, Pierre you're SO cute, I swear Hayley that is all she said the whole way here! She would not shut up! She's driving me insane, and if he would just open his eyes, he would know she is a fake bitch," I said to my friend Hayley of Paramore as we walked over to her tour bus so I could get away from the thing.

"Come on Roxanne, she can not be that bad, even though I know she's a whore and a loud mouth," Haley replied, punching in the code to get on the bus. When we did get on the bus, all of her band members where messing around like 5 year-olds.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself. As you can tell, my name is Roxanna Stinco. I have blond hair cut at various short lengths with black streaks in it. My eyes are Green. My body is very average; Iam about 5 Feet 4 inches tall, and 20 years of age. Oh, and did mention I was adopted when I was 16? Yeah and my stepbrother, Jeff, is in a band that just gotten signed a couple of years ago. You might have heard of them. They're called Simple Plan. If you have not, you are stupid. But anyway, back to they story

"She is! I am telling you! You try staying on that bus! You try going from North Carolina to Massachusetts. Then you can say she is not annoying!" I groaned, sitting down on the couches in the lounge. "I can't even talk to Pierre anymore! Every time I try, she calls him away. She treats him like a well train Laboratory Retriever!" Hayley was about to say something back when my phone started to ring

"Talk to me" I said into the receiver

"Hey Rox. Where are you? I am bored," David one of my brothers friends wined into the phone.

"I am on Paramore's bus to get away for the fugly little bitch," I said feeling my anger rise

"Oh, ok, so when are you coming back? Everyone is sleeping and Pierre and Alexis (A/N the fugly bitch) are off some where doing God knows what," David wined again into the phone

"Fine. I will come back. But only because Alexis is not there," I caved and hung up before David could say anything else.

"Well, I am going to go entertain David. You want to come?" I asked Hayley, getting up and walking towards the bus door.

"Yea, sure. These guys are acting like 5 year-olds, so let's go," She said with a smirk on her face.

"You know Seb is sleeping." I grinned, knowing that she wanted to see him.

"I don't want to see Seb!" I gave her a look that said, 'that's a load of bullshit'.

"Ok, so maybe I like him a lot. But you are the same with Pierre!" She defended herself.

"Well, I like him for all of the right reasons. Not for money, which he has not a lot of actually," I told her.

As we just got to the bus, the door flew open to expose a very hyper David. We walked past him and into the bus and everyone was awake. Hayley walked right over to Seb and started to talk to him.

"Hey bro. David said that you were sleeping," I greeted, sitting down next to Jeff.

"Yea, well, he found something to make him hyper, but I have no clue what." He sighed, putting his head down on the back of the sofa and closing his eyes.

"What do you think Alexis has Pierre her pet doing for her today?" I asked to Jeff. He lifted his head off the back of the sofa and was about to say something when the door of the bus opened up.

"Pierre is not my pet. He is my fiancé," Alexis retorted snottily to me, walking to the back of the bus to put her shopping bags down. As soon as she said that, everyone went silent and looked at Pierre.

"Umm I have to go for a walk," I said quickly, getting up and walking out of the bus. I just started to stroll aimlessly around the venue when someone came up behind me.

"Hey Rox, it's nothing to be sad about. He's just marrying her because she's pregnant." I noticed the voice to be Jeff's. I did not say anything back to him because I knew that if I did then I would start to cry. I had only just realized a few weeks ago that I liked Pierre, but he did not get any of the hints that I gave him. Not one. And I thought David was suppose to be the stupid one.

"Come on Rox say something," Jeff pleaded, walking up next to me

"What do you wont me to say? 'Oh Pierre I am SO happy for you!' Well, guess what? I cant. One because I cant stand that whore that he is going to marry and two, I don't wont him to marry her. I want him to marry me!" I broke down, tears falling from my eyes. Jeff pulled me into a hug and we walked back to the bus. We got on and went to the back, locked the door, and talked the whole day and into the night
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