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Chapter 2-operation: Bring the bitch down!

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Center]Chapter 2[/Center]

woke up the next morning to someone poking me in the ribs. I opened my eye a little bit to see David poking me and looking very proud of himself.

"Leave me alone David. Go bug Chuck or someone else that's not me," I groaned, and rolled over to face the wall. After 10 minutes he still hadn't stopped, so I gave in and rolled over.

"David you can stop now I am getting up," I said, getting up and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. When I stopped it was not David in my face but Hayley.

"What are you doing here? I thought David was poking me?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, he gave up on you awhile ago. The guys went out to get something to eat. So its just me, you and Alexis," Hayley informed me and walked to the front of the bus. I got up and walked to the front as well.

"What do you-" Hayley started to say when I put my hand up in front of her face telling her to stop talking.

"Do you hear that? It sounds like Alexis. Come on. Lets go spy on her. That girl, she is up to no good. I know it," I said pulling Hayley by the shirt and walking to the door of back lounge.

"I am serous Ashley! I have this kid eating out of my hands! He's so dumb. I mean, I told the guy I was pregnant last week and then yesterday he asked me to marry him." She stopped talking for a moment. "No I am not pregnant! I don't wont to get fat! I am just going to tell him that I lost the baby! Of course he will still marry me! I think the idiot actually loves me. Well, I got to go. I think I heard someone get up. Talk to you later, bye." She hung up. I could here her feet getting closer to the door so I pulled Hayley by the shirt again and dragged her out of the bus.

"I knew that girl was up to no good!" I screamed, jumping up and down.

"Come down Rox," Hayley said, putting her hand on my shoulder to make me stop.

"Come down? That little whore is going to break Pierre;s heart! I am not going to let that happen!" I stated then stomped back to the bus and ran up the stairs and ran right into the back lounge.

"Hey Alexis," I said as sweet as I possibly could

"What do you want, freak" She said in a snotty tone of voice and pushed me out of the way.

"Look I know your whole plan. I just wanted to tell you that if you ever think of hurting Pierre I will personally put you six feet under!" I screamed in her face backing her up against the wall.

"Look here. If you tell anyone about this plan, I can and will make your life a living hell," She threatened again in a snotty tone while pointing her manicured finger in my face. "Watch you back Roxanna," She said pushing past me and out of the lounge.

Later that day

"Hey Rox1 what are you up to? You look confused." Pierre stood beside me on the side of the stage

"Oh nothing. Just think about something," I sighed, looking out on to the stage and watched Paramore play one of my favorite songs 'Never Let This Go'. I felt like @#%$. I wanted to tell Pierre about Alexis but I new that he would not believe me. Then he would get all mad at me and never talk to me. Not like he does anyway. I don't care, he's my best friend I have to tell him I can't see him hurt. I finally got the guts to tell him I looked back of to where he was standing but he was not there anymore. "@#%$," I said out loud not meaning to. That is it I am going expose that whore tonight

Later that night we had started to go to the next venue I was about to put my own little plan into action. Everything was perfect. I walked up front from the bunks and sat down next to Jeff.

"So Alexis how is the baby doing? I have been dying to know!" I said with curiosity in my voice "Have you seen a doctor yet just to see if the baby is ok?" I asked looking at her intently with my elbows on my knees.

"Yea baby have you? We should go see one at the next stop just to make sure" Pierre said to her kissing her on the cheek. Then said he was tired and was going to go to bed to rest up for the next show. By this time Alexis was giving me the look of death. Part one of the plan complete.

"Well I'm going to go to bed now good night" I said, the whole time looking at Alexis and smiling as I walked behind the wall that lead out of the front. I smiled to myself as I walked back to my bunk. As I was just about to fall asleep someone opened the curtains to the bunk. But it was not the person that I expected it to be

"Hey Jeff, I was just about to go to sleep. What do you wont?" I asked annoyed.

"What are you up too? I know for a fact that you hate Alexis so why are you helping her?" Jeff asked.

"Well you see my dearest brother, she needs to be exposed for the fake whore she is. Now I am going to go to sleep good night Jeff," I said and closed the curtains to a very confused Jeff
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