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Candy Smiles - MLP Creepypasta

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Not The Best At Telling These....In Fact, I Absolutely SUCK At Telling Creepypasta Stories.

Category: My Little Pony - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2017-10-14 - 457 words

In the peaceful, greatly defended mounts for Equestria, lied a candy shop. managed by the passive and self-centered unicorn, Pastel Candy. A unicorn not as powerful as any unicorn when it comes to magic, but gives joy to the ponies, fillies and colts with her sweet and tasty candy, her lime pastel-colored coat, yellow-colored mane and tail, and orange-colored eyes brightened up ponies day.

But the night that changed it all...the night that drove the kind-hearted mare into the devil-hearted candy lover.

It was midnight, half before 6am. Pastel Candy, who was still filled with the joy with he job by putting smiles on ponies across Equestria, like painted smiles. Unable to control her energy, she ventured outside without second thought. Soon enough, the darkness dampened her brightly-colored coat. But that didn't bring her down, she kept venturing on to her candy factory. As she traveled the path down to her delightful factory, slight voices came for the vast winds that blew on her. She couldn't recognize any of the voices, but he can only make out these words:

"Life Is a PARTY!"

She ignored it, only thinking that pinkie pie or somepony other than pinkie pie was messing with her. Continuing on her surprisingly complicated to follow, the wind blew again, strong enough to gently loom her mane. Soon enough, she reached her checkpoint. She approached the door, keeping her happy, joyful manner. This day felt weird to her, even through the mouthful of joy. Although she does come before any other of her workers, but this day...felt weird to her.

The strange feeling....this strange feeling was....something.

As she entered the shop, the darkness inside consumed her again, this time more darker than usual. Then, a unexpected illuminated light shined...on nothing. She rolled her eyes and explored her shop. Eventually ending up on her kitchen. Where everything stood dark, so dark that she can hardly see. Entering the kitchen, steadily roaming the area...until the sudden sound of the light startled her. This time, the light shined down on a pitch black mare with a dark grey mane and tail. Before Pastel Candy can react to the shady pony, the rather-disturbing pony opened its eyes, revealing its bloodshot red eyes from a distance and sending a chill down Pastel's spine.

"Pastel Morgan Candy...I've been waiting for you..."

She was shocked, but surprised as well, as this unknown figure knows her FULL name. "W-Who are you?" she asked, fear running though her body. The distant voice spoke again. "No need to know. Now, I hear this place is yours, right? great place to silence your enemies, eh?" murder? she'll never do murder. Pastel reacted shaking a bit, but stood in position.
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