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The Orgy Pt 2

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Just what it says

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Holy shit, I don’t know what was in those little black pills that Mexican dude gave us but I feel like I could fuck all night and still keep going! I just got off, fucking Axl of all people, and my balls are fucking drained but it doesn’t matter, my dick is still hard and ready to go. I’m not sure how I feel about this whole orgy thing but I know I still want to fuck! Just maybe this time I just want to be with Duff. I feel kind of weird about letting Izzy touch me, although hell, Duff had encouraged it but it still felt kind of wrong; I guess it all felt kind of wrong but we were all so horny after we took those pills
The boundaries between right and wrong have been blurred and all any of us can think about is our dicks. Just as Duff is pulling me towards the guest bathroom the front door opens and in walks Erin to find five naked men with hard dicks, Steven still cleaning cum off of his chest, and the apartment reeking of sex. She just stands there for a minute with her mouth sort of hanging open. Duff pushes me behind his body and covers himself with a towel. Steven makes no move to cover himself he just looks at her and so do the other two. "Hey Sugar," Izzy says.

"What is going on here?" she asks, her eyes moving from one to the other of us.

"Band meeting," Izzy replied and shrugged.

Erin's eyes take us all in, her eyes lingering on all of our crotches and widening when I purposefully move slightly to the side of Duff and she gets a view of me hard before quickly turning her back and saying "I'm going to stay at my mom's tonight!" Yep, run away bitch from all these dicks you're not getting!

Axl snorts. "What's the matter? Never walked in on five dudes having sex before?" he asks and we all laugh quietly. She just turns around and looks at him, shakes her head, and walks back out of the door. We all bust out laughing. I hate that bitch for getting between Axl and Izzy but I feel kind of bad because I have no idea what she thought when she walked in and saw all of us standing around naked and hard and Steven covered in cum; if I had been her and walked in on that I would have been at a loss! Izzy told me she's a little blown away by my dick too even though it was limp and cold when she saw it! I saw her eyebrows shoot up when I gave her a little show just now and that was entertaining! I catch Axl looking at me with an amused/annoyed look on his face.

"What man?" I ask self consciously, ducking back into my hair and leaning my chest against Duff's back, putting my arms around him, and burying my face in his hair and neck, gently kissing the soft skin at the base of his throat. He purrs quietly and threads his fingers through mine where my hands are resting on his belly.

"You just had to show off your fucking dick didn't you?" Axl said and smirked so I can tell he's not mad.

"Yeah, now we're never going to hear the end of it!" Izzy jokingly sighed. "All she's going to say for the next week is "Oh my god Slash's dick is fucking huge! How did you guys take that?! Does it hurt? Does it feel good? Does it feel better than normal? What positions did you do it in? Was it easier to ride it or lay on your back and take it? Does it take a long time to get it in? Does he cum more than normal because he's so big? Does he like girls too? Do he and Duff do it with girls like you and Axl do? They're so cute together are they always as sweet to each other as they were the night Nikki died and Duff carried Slash out of the room? It was soooo romantic!"

"Romance, cuteness, and a big dick, how are we gonna compare to that?" Axl jokes and lights up a smoke. He gently places one between Izzy's lips and lights it, taking it away again and stealing a kiss. They can be pretty cute too if they want to be.

"Nothing can compete with my Baby Boy's big dick so no point in even trying!" Duff smirks.

"Uh huh, you were moaning like a two dollar whore for Izzy, it's like he's dancing when he fucks, he makes it into an art and it's fucking amazing! Admit it, he's good," Axl taunts Duff. What he's saying is true though; Izzy is an amazing fuck and listening to Duff moaning for him was kind of hot. This thought makes my dick twitch against Duff's back and he turns his head towards mine in question.

"What? You were hot laying there and making all that noise; I liked seeing you all worked up like that! I like it better when you're moaning like that under me but you were still beautiful Duffy," I reassure him.

"You were pretty hot yourself; I liked hearing Axl get off on that fucking huge cock of yours," Duff growls.

"Yeah, ain't my fireball sexy when he cums?" Izzy asks smirking. This earns him a punch in the arm from Axl. Izzy just grins at him and pulls him close and kisses his cheek to which Axl just huffs but he doesn't pull away, in fact he snuggles a little closer to Izzy. Poor Steven's just sitting on the couch looking back and forth between the four of us coupled up and he kind of looks like he wants to run away.

"Come on Baby Boy, lets go get cleaned up," Duff whispers. I let him pull me down the hall and into the guest bathroom, grabbing two of the towels Axl left stacked on the couch on the way. Duff gets the water started in the shower and we climb in. As soon as the glass doors slide closed his arms are around me and his lips are on mine. I groan and relax into his kiss, happily giving back everything I"m given. I don't care if Axl was on my dick earlier and Izzy's fingers were up my ass; I love Duff so much and there's nobody I'd rather be with than him. Apparently he's thinking the same thing because he pulls back a little and whispers "I love you my beautiful Baby Boy, are you ok with everything that just happened?"

"Yeah, it was like I couldn't help it, it didn't matter who it was, I've never been so fucking horny in my life! That shit we took is crazy man! My dick is still so fucking hard!" I tell him.

"I know, mine too!" he laughs. "You sure you were ok? You froze when Izzy touched you, were you scared? I didn't want anyone to scare you, I was worried about that."

"It kind of freaked me out at first but then you kissed me and I was ok because you were right there and I knew no one was going to hurt me. I mean I know Izzy would never hurt me anyway but you're the one that makes me feel safe Duff, you and nobody else. You take such good care of me and I love you so much."

"You don't know how long I've wanted to hear you say that, that I make you feel safe and nobody else, it's all I've ever wanted," he whispers.

"Well, you got it. You're all I need, all I want, you don't have anything to worry about there," I reassure him.

He looks down at me for a second and then pulls me to him and kisses me again, kisses that are deep and passionate and happy but yearning for something more. "Let's get washed up and out of here, I want you, I want you under me, I want to be inside of you and feel you cum on dick, and make sure you remember your mine and only mine since you had Axl on your dick earlier."

"Sounds good to me, let's get cleaned up and get the hell out of here!" I say and grab the soap and start scrubbing! When we're cleaned up we get out and dry off and Duff scoops me up into his arms. He carries me out to the bed in Axl and Izzy's guest room and then stands me up on the floor. The bed is fairly tall with a head and footboard made of light colored wood.

"Bend over," Duff murmurs into my neck and then softly sucks the skin there. I moan quietly and then turn my head to kiss his sweet mouth. His tongue massages mine for a second and then he pulls away and gently pushes on my back so that I'll bend over the bed. "Mmm, spread your legs baby," he commands. I do and I feel his big hands knead my ass cheeks. "You have such a sexy little ass," he hisses and spreads me open so he can see my opening. I hear him growl behind me. Then he kneels down and his tongue eagerly licks me from my balls to my tail bone and then prod and swirl around my opening itself and I practically howl and jump; and then push back greedily against his tongue. He keeps licking, those, long, hard, licks I love and prodding my hole, pushing his tongue in a little ways and wiggling it and then pulling it back out.

I'm squirming around in front of him moaning and whimpering and crying out every now and then and rubbing my dick against the bed. I feel like I could cum just from his tongue and nothing else! Duff is making little happy, humming noises and moaning quietly every now and then as he licks me. "Mmm, you like my rim jobs Baby Boy? You like my tongue on your pretty little hole?" he asks and reaches up and tugs on my balls.

"Mmm, Duffy, I, oh shit it makes me wanna cum when you pull my balls like that!"I squeak and that's when I realize that we're not alone, we're being watched. Axl and Izzy and standing in the doorway watching us go at it and gently stroking each other.

"Think Duff can make him cum from that? No penetration, no touching his dick, just licking him?" Axl asks skepically.

"Mmm, I happen to know that the kid loves getting his ass licked so yeah, I'm betting Duff can get him off just from that," Izzy sighs and then throws his head back and groans as Axl strokes him again.

He's right too, I love it when Duff licks me and I'm close already. Just a little more and I'm gonna explode all over the bedspread! Why are those two watching us anyway?! It's gotta be those damn pills! But I don't care, I'm moaning pretty much nonstop now and Duff suddenly rares up and begins to fuck me with his tongue. I let out a pitiful cry and I hear Izzy say "Rub him right behind the balls Duff, right where his prostate is, I bet he'll cum as soon as you touch him there. Duff must have heard him bedcause he moves his hand up and gently pushes down and rubs the spot behind my balls, right in the middle of my taint and as Izzy predicted I lose it and shriek; spewing a second load of the day all over the towel that Duff had put over the bedspread in Izzy and Axl's guest room.

Duff waits until I come down and then stands up and pulls me into a standing position and kisses me. “Feel good baby boy?” he asks.
“Yeah it did, I tell him and smile. I hear a quiet moan from behind us and look over to see Axl and Izzy and stroking each other faster. Duff’s not done yet either; he kisses me down onto the bed and a bottle of lube is tossed onto the bed by one of the other two. I watch as Duff greases his fingers up and and slowly slides one all the way inside of me. He starts to stroke my very over-sensitive prostate and I whimper and squirm. “You ok sweetheart” Duff asks, a little surprised because I normally love this.

“Yeah, but my spot’s pretty sensitive, it just got used to get me off twice, take it easy ok?” I plead.
“Yeah, not a problem, I’ll take it easy on you beautiful,” he promises and he does. He stops putting so much direct pressure on my prostate and instead concentrates on stretching me open instead.

“I want you Duff, now, please, I beg him, my dick once again throbbing with need. He smiles down at me softly, lubes up his cock, and slides himself into me. His arms slide under my back and I wrap mine around him as he begins to slowly make love to me. Our mouths find each other’s and his tongue gently prods my lips. I open my mouth and surrender myself to him. “I love you Duffy,” I murmur in his ear.

“I love you too my sweet Baby Boy,” he whispers back.

“God they’re so fucking sweet together, but so fucking hot at the same time,” I hear Axl mutter and I look over to see that he has Izzy bent over a chair and is alternately licking his ass and staring at us. I had been hearing Izzy moaning on and off for a while now but I didn’t know what was going on because I had been so zoned in on Duff. My dick twitches as I watch Axl run his tongue up Izzy’s crack and I hear Izzy let out a desperate sound. “Touch yourself while you watch them fuck and I lick you,” Axl commands and smacks Izzy’s ass.

Izzy groans and begins to jerk off, alternately pushing back against Axl’s lapping tongue and thrusting into his hand all the while watching Duff’s cock sliding in and out of me. “Yeah Duff, fuck him!” Izzy moans.

I let out a groan of my own and Duff looks down at me and grins. “Mmm, you like that? Does my cock feel good inside of you?” he asks.

“Yeah, but I don’t know how I’m gonna cum again, my balls hurt!” I complain, squirming around.

He reaches down and gently squeezes and tugs on them and I whimper. “Does that hurt?” Duff asks.

“Mm, a little, just be easy with them ok?” I ask.

“You know I won’t hurt you sweet boy, you don’t have to worry about that. But your balls are full again, that’s why they’re so sensitive, you’re ready to blow again. You wanna cum on my cock?” I nod and curl into his deep thrusts. “Good, watch Axl licking Izzy’s ass, watch Izzy jerk off, and think about how good it feels when my cock is so deep in your ass; you’ll cum in under two minutes I’m betting. I just writhe and squirm and whimper underneath him as he continues to fuck me. “Oh fuck your tight little ass feels so good Baby Boy,” he moans.

“Better than Izzy’s?” I tease.

“Better than anyone’s, I love you so much,” he pants. I can tell he’s holding on so that I can cum again. He doesn’t have to, I mean I totally just got off from the rim job he just gave me, he could just fuck me and cum but he won’t, he has like some unwritten rule about not walking away leaving me unsatisfied. Works for me. I look up into his beautiful hazel eyes and my heart swells, those eyes are so full of love for me and I know he can see my love for him reflected back in my own eyes. I’m distracted by a surprised sound of pleasure from Izzy and I look over to see Axl tongue fucking him and rolling and tugging his balls. Then his fingers caressed the spot behind Izzy’s balls, the same place that Duff had touched me a few minutes ago and he does it just as Izzy strokes up and over the head of his cock and Izzy lets out a breathy, but surprised yell and explodes all over his hand and stomach. Shit Izzy’s beautiful when he cums; I’ve always liked to watch the looks on his face when he cums; it’s like one of the few times his walls come down and his face shows nothing but pure pleasure and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I watch as thick ropes of cum shoot up onto Izzy’s chest and Duff’s dick strokes just the right spot inside of me and I feel myself let go as well. It feels incredible but it’s painful at the same time. I pull Duff down towards me and bury my face in his neck as I arch up into his body and cum hard again. I breathe in his familiar smell and my heart throbs along with my dick. “Oh Duffy!” I squeak weakly as I feel myself start to shake as I cum hard for the third time.

“Yeah Baby Boy, that’s it!” Duff growls and holds me close to him as he explodes inside of me. We ride each other out and end up wrapped around each other, exchanging small, soft, kisses and whispering to each other about how much we love each other. “You’re shaking baby,” Duff says quietly.

“I know, it was hard to cum again, it took a lot out of me You made me cum so hard both times,” I tell him.

“Mmm, I like feeling your little body quivering under me like that; I like making you feel that good,” he says and smiles.

“Good lord you two make me want to gag,” Axl says from across the room. “But damn Duff must be good to get you off twice that quickly. The time we fucked we sorta got interrupted…” I glare over at him and he quickly looks away. I don’t want to think about the time that Axl and Duff fucked; but then I’m guessing the two of them don’t want to think about me and Izzy fucking either.

“Duff is damn good and you can play with him but remember, he’s all mine,” I tell Axl only half playing.

“Believe me, after watching the two of you together, we know you only belong to each other, just relax,” Axl; reassures me.

“Duff’s not the only one that’s damn good; fuck Axl that felt amazing!” Izzy sighed. “Watching you two together was sexy as hell too; you’re beautiful together”

. I blush and Duff kisses my cheek. “My Baby Boy is always beautiful,” Duff says and smiles.

“Yeah but when you two make love together it’s a whole other level of beautiful,” Izzy says. “Now, what do you say we go see what Steven’s up to? Because I don’t think I’ done yet.” I don’t think any of us are done yet, geez, how long is this stuff going to last?
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