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Im Not Gay, Right?

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I'm not gay. Or at least I always thought that I wasn't. I mean, I'm pretty sure I can't recall ever being turned on by a guy before. I'm also pretty sure that I've never had any thoughts on sleeping with a guy...well unless I had to. How is it that now I suddenly am? I've never felt like this, never!! But there's just something about Slash soft lips, Duff's moaning, Axl's Bedroom Eyes, and the way Izzy rolls his hips. All of these things make me hot as hell.

We've been at this for hours now. Everybody has cum at least once but nobody is even thinking about stopping. Infact, right now I'm fucking Duff. Yeah, that's right, my dick is up Duff's ass. Every fucking time he moans it makes my cock dance. I'm so hard infact that I could cut goddamn diamonds. I guess Duff doesn't mind my fast pace, but then my dick is nowhere near the size of Slashs. I could probably fuck the hyde off my dick without discomforting him any. And I should be embarrassed about my little dick, but I not I guess cuz the little fellow I giving all he's got. Duff isn't exactly complaining. I guess I must be doing something for him.

As I'm pumping away I feel two hands rest on my hips. Then gin tinged breath is warm in my ear, "Wanna feel something amazing?" Izzy asks me.

The way I see it, I've come too far to stop now. So I say yes. I feel Izzy pushing two fingers up my ass. Granted, that's the smallest thing my ass has seen so far, but I moan. Izzy fishes around and prods at me like he's looking for drugs up my ass or something. But then his fingers brush across me and something happens. I almost lose my balance because it makes my knees weak. But fuck it feels so fucking good! Whatever he's doing he keeps doing it and before I realize it I'm cumming. Hard!

Axl chuckles, "The sex ninja strikes again!"

I just crumble to the floor on my knees. I'm not sure if Duff is even aware that I'm not fucking him now because he's still moaning. That's when I notice that Axl is sucking him off, and Slash is blowing Axl. I don't get the chance to get back up though because Izzy gets on his hands and knees next to me and motions behind him. I guess he wants me to fuck him. My dicks not objecting or even trying to go limp so I get behind him. I steady myself with his hips and line myself up. I start fucking him and watch as Slash switches from blowing Axl to having Izzy blow him. Duff is now hammering away on Axl.

To my surprise I find out that Izzy doesn't only move his hips when he's the one doing the fucking. And it's amazing. I don't know if it's the Mexican fly I took or if I have been magically conformed to a fag, but the way Izzy moves is better than any fucking porn on the market. I've honestly never really seen anything like him before. Lots try to fuck like they're dancing or something, but Izzy just looks so goddamn good doing it. I can't even mimic what he's doing, trust me, I've been trying.


I'm really not sure if this big band orgy thing is a good idea or not. For one, is this gonna start shit when these pills wear off? Is Duff gonna go crazy on Izzy for touching Slash in the most unholy of ways? Or even me for that fact? Am I gonna wanna pull Slash curls out with my hands? Or am I gonna chop Duff's balls off for fucking Izzy? You know, there's just a lot of fucking room for error here. Fuck, who knows, maybe Steven still has fucking crabs and in the morning, the rest of us too. Hey, what if I just can't live with the fact that I let Steven put his dick in me and I have to kill him? There's a lot of goddamn if's in this situation. What if Duff feels awful tomorrow after he realizes what a phenomenal fuck Izzy is and feels he can't compare? Which he can't, but that's just my opinion for now. And dear god what if Izzy decides he just can't go on without Slash another day?? What if Steven suddenly goes queer and starts developing feelings for one of us? Or all of us?

I'm driving myself crazy. I should concentrate since cumming seems to take so much. Maybe we needed to turn fairly normal homosexual sex into something more kinky? But then, not everyone likes kink. Thank God I'm not one of those people, or Izzy. These other three probably consider this experience as the most kinky thing in their repitoirs. I could definitely make this shit more kinky! Maybe that's all my dick needs?

I'm thankfully snapped out of my daze when I hear Steven's sounds of discomfort. Slash has him on his back and is shoving his big cock in him. He's taking it easy, but Steven is thrashing around. He's fucking crying. Like literally. But then, I guess there would be no reason to assume he would be accommodating to something so big. It's not like he was used to this sort of thing. I slap Izzy's ass and he looks back at me. I motion to Steven and Izzy takes him by the wrists and raises his arms above his head and kisses him. The whimpering stops but I can see his knees shaking. But Slash is being as gentle as he can.

"Do you need me to stop Stevie?" Slash asks showing concern.

My eyes fall on Duff's fluffy hair as he's blowing me. Which is good and all but I wanted to fuck. I pull back on his hair and he looks up at me with my cock in his mouth. "Turn around," I raise an eyebrow at him. To which he naturally does without bitching. Duff has fucked me before but I have no idea how it feels to fuck him. Time to remedy that.

Maybe a vengeful part of me hopes that Duff's ass emits an electric charge or something. I think a tiny part of me would always wonder if Izzy preferred fucking me or fucking Slash? I think I'm looking to enjoy fucking Duff. Maybe too much, but as I said it was my vengeful streak. Maybe it was to put a trump card in my deck the next time Izzy and I fight. Unfortunately however, there's no electrical carge emitting from Duff's ass. It was just a hole that my dick fit in. Infact, it wasn't as tight as everyone else. Again, Slashs cock gets the blame for that. Still I fuck him. Maybe it's just to say that I have.

Wow, I'm such a whore. I've fucked my entire band. But then, after this incident, so have they. Boy, talk about sharing everything. Speaking of sharing, I wonder if this will become a recurring theme between us? But I don't think I could ever fuck Steven without the Spanish Flies. Well, definitely not looking at him, he's as furry as a wild animal. However, fucking those fluff bunnies, Duff and Slash, again wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe just fucking our respective halves while the others were there. Pay me no attention, I don't know what the hell I'm saying.


What the fuck am I doing fucking Steven?! I'm not in any way attracted to him. Fuck, he's not even into guys...well he wasn't before now. Shit, did we make him gay? Or is it the evil fucking pills we brought back from Mexico? No wonder that guy just gave them to us,. Who the fuck would want to be this horny?? I guess we would fuck chicks if there would have been any around. I guess too bad for Steven that there wasn't.

Steven's never gonna be the same again. He winced when I stuck my cock in, and was biting his lip the entire time. But with Slash he's crying like it was rape or something. I guess Axl thinks the same thing because he has Izzy shut him up and calm him down. Slash seems to hesitate too. He asks if he's ok. Steven has Izzy's tongue down his throat so he doesn't answer. So Slash very carefully continues.

When Axl decides that he needs a change of view or something he pulls out of me and Izzy quickly takes his place. My moans increase ten fold because Izzy really knows how to fuck. I don't know how he does so much better than Axl. You'd think that after twelve years together that those two would be just alike in bed. They're not. Don't get me wrong, Slash is great and I love the way he fucks, but right now I'm really enjoying this. And given how strained things had been between Izzy and I this last year, it kinda bothers me that I like it so much. It feels great, yet wrong somehow.
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