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End Of The Orgy

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The Spanish flies wear off

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God I don't know when this shit is going to wear off but we’re still going and after watching Duff make love to the kid I soo want to put my dick in him but I'm not sure anyone but Duff is going to get that privilege; I'm not sure he's past the rape enough to let anybody else take him. I don't want to make him uncomfortable or scare him but I remember how good it felt to fuck his tight little ass and I want it sooo bad. Right now Axl is fucking Duff and I'm fucking Stevie and fucking blowing Slash and I'm enjoying every second of having his huge cock in my mouth and amazingly Duff hasn't ripped out my hair for touching his precious baby boy. So maybe if I can get away with sucking him I can get away with fucking him. He tried to fuck poor Stevie a few minutes ago but Stevie had cried and not even my kisses could stop his cries of distress for long. Slash didn't want to hurt anyone so he stopped. So he hasn't gotten to fuck anyone this time around but I could take him or give him a good goddamn fuck. But I don't want to make Duff angry or scare Slash.

He moans as my mouth takes him in and down my throat and he grips my hair tightly in his hand as he thrusts into my mouth. I'm wondering if I could ask to fuck him when Axl stops fucking Duff and moves behind Slash and whispers in his ear. Slash looks at Duff who says “It's up to you baby, it's your body.” Slash nods at Axl who greases up Slash’s hole and gently thrusts into him. Slash bites his lip and groans. Axl grins at me and we begin moving in tandem, double pleasuring the kid. He starts to moan and whine totally lost with a surprised look on his gorgeous face. I realize Duff has pulled Stevie away from me and is fucking him, burying himself completely inside of Stevie's ass while watching Axl and me drive his beautiful boyfriend crazy.

“Switch with me,” Axl says and I look to Duff who shrugs so I trade places with Axl.

I lean down and whisper in Slash’s ear “You ok with this kid?” He nods vigorously and I lube up my cock and slide it in. I don't move too fast or too hard, I take it easy and move at a medium pace but fucking him deeply, aiming right for his prostate with each roll of my hips. I can feel that little spot get hot and swell inside of him as my dick glides over it again and again. God I still remember how he likes it and where to aim but I had forgotten how fucking tight he was and how good that felt! I mean I love the way Axl feels but there’s a reason record execs were competing to fuck Slash after word got around from those two sickos he’d had to sleep with about how good he was. Duff is one lucky son of a bitch getting to fuck this kid every day, especially after the horror he so recently went through. But after watching them together a few minutes ago I know how much love and trust there is between them and it is beautiful when they express that physically. I thrust a little harder, making sure I’m aiming right at the kid’s inflamed prostate and he groans loudly and fists Axl’s hair.

Duff leans over and murmurs “You're so sexy baby boy, and kisses those soft, full, lips. Slash groans into Duff’s mouth and their kiss deepens. Slash is kneeling in front of me, leaning into Duff’s arms slightly but gripping his shoulder tightly and Axl is in front of him bent down over the kid’s dick. “Mmm do they feel good baby? You like having them both at once?

“Yeah, it feels good, I've never had two people at once like this before. It feels really, ohhh,” he groans, “good. I’m gonna cum again soon Duffy, touch yourself, cum with me!” Duff licks his hand and starts to stroke himself. Slash watches with heavy, lust filled eyes. He starts to clench around my cock, moaning and gripping Duff’s shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s it, cum for us pretty one,” I whisper into his ear. I long to lean down and suck the soft spot behind his ear where he’s most sensitive but I know that would be going too far. Instead Duff pulls him into a fierce kiss and Slash moans into his mouth and clenches even tighter around my cock. I watch as Axl very carefully takes him into his throat and Slash shudders. Duff pulls away from the kiss and does what I had wanted; he gently kisses up the side of Slash’s neck and sucks at the soft spot behind his ear. Slash grips Duff’s hair in his fist and cries out in rapture.

“Oh fuck! Duff! Izzy! Oh!” he pants and I feel him go rigid as I thrust my cock right into his pleasure zone. He lets out a high pitched whimpering moan and contracts around my cock as he cums hard. Duff groans too and spurts into his own hand. I can’t help myself and I use the kid’s tight little body to bring on my own climax, thrusting hard into his tight, hot, little ass and fill his insides with my own load. We ride each other out until Slash sags forward into Duff’s strong arms. He can’t hold himself up he’s so spent but Duff gently pulls him over into his lap stroking his hair and feeding him small, soft kisses and whispering sweet things into his ear about how beautiful he was and how hot it was to watch him cum just now. Slash just wraps his arms around Duff’s neck and buries his face there as well. Duff just cradles him close and nuzzles into the top of his head. They’re too freaking adorable to be real but I’m watching it happen right in front of me.

I’m so wrapped up in watching the two of them I don’t realize that Axl’s come up behind me until I feel his cock at my entrance and hear him growl “Bend over my Dark Angel!” I do as I’m told and Axl thrusts into me hard. A few short, hard, thrusts later he lets out a groan and I feel the warmth of his spent desire inside of me. At some point Steven had gotten off using his own hand I suppose, I hadn’t really been watching the little hairball; I was too wrapped up in getting to fuck the kid again and how good it felt. I take a look around the room. Axl is sitting back against the couch with a towel in his lap looking satisfied. Steven is cleaning himself off with a second towel. Duff isn’t even worried about cleaning himself off, he’s holding an exhausted, shaking, Slash in his arms and Slash himself looks so exhausted that he might pass out. I think the Spanish fly has run it’s course; my dick and balls can’t take an more and I don’t think any one else’s can either. But man, what an afternoon!
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