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OK... Maybe they aren't worn off

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“Come on beautiful one, let’s go get cleaned up,” Duff mumrmurs to me and he helps me stand up and then picks me up and carries me to the bathroom. I love him so much and I whisper this into his ear as we walk down the hall. “I love you too sweet boy,” he tells me, gently sitting me down when we get to the bathroom. He starts up the water and we climb in and he pulls me to him and kisses me gently. “You ok Baby Boy? Lots of people were touching you, are you ok with all of it?” He asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine,you were there the whole time, I knew I was safe. The guys wouldn't hurt me anyway. My nuts are just sore. Are you ok? Are you ok with everything that happened? I ask him, I'm afraid he's going to be upset that Izzy fucked me and I let him.

“It's fine sweetness, it's a one time thing, craziness brought on by weird drugs, I'm not worried. You were sexy as fuck to watch though; it's like my wet dreams brought to life, only Izzy was involved. But it doesn't matter, you were gorgeous. I love you sweet boy.”

“I love you too Duffy, watching you jerk off like that was pretty hot too. Fucking crazy night. But you know what baby? For all that, nothing compares to being with you. Making love with you blows everything out of the water. This was fun but you're the only one I'll ever want. You're my everything, my fiancé now! We get to spends the rest of our lives loving each other. I can't think of anything more wonderful.” I reassure him.

Me either Baby Boy. You're all I want for the rest of my life. You're my beautiful, sweet, love and always will be. Today was fun but I agree with you, being with them doesn't compare to being with you at all. Nothing compares to making love with you.” He leans in and kisses me and I happily kiss back. Ok, maybe the Spanish fly hasn't completely worn off because we're both quickly hard. Despite my aching balls I can't help but grind against him. He grins. “I thought your balls hurt,” he says.

“They do,” I groan. “But, you want some of this cock?” I ask him grinning.

“Oh yeah, everyone but me’s had that monster! Well, I guess Izzy didn’t. What do we have for lube?” he asks.

“Ummm…”I look around, “conditioner?”

“Works for me!” Duff says and hands me the bottle. He’s already stretched plenty from everyone else so he just turns around and sticks his ass out towards me and leans against the shower wall. I move behind him and guide myself into him and then grasp his hips, sliding all the way inside of him.

He lets out this sort of gasping moan and my dick twitches inside of him at the sound. “Mmm, baby, you sound so sexy, does it feel good when my cock’s all the way inside you?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groans. “God you’re so fucking big! I love the way you fill me up!” I rock slightly in and out of him and he jerks and groans “Oh god, fuck me Slash!” I start thrusting in a slow, gentle, rhythm, pulling out slightly and then thrusting back in, relishing in the feel of his ass jerking and squeezing around my cock in pleasure. I growl quietly at the sight of my dick sliding in and out of his body and how his hole stretches around me. I love how his ass bounces a little each time my body connects with his when I thrust in.

Mmm, you have a beautiful ass baby! You look so good taking my cock from back here!” I growl and pure lust just takes over me. I want to fuck Duff’s brains out! Something about actually watching him take it really turns me on all of a sudden and before I even know that I’m going to do it I pull my arm back and spank his pretty white ass! Hard! He lets out a surprised yell but then shocks me when he hisses “Yes motherfucker! Hit me again! Spank me! I’ve been so bad you wouldn’t even believe it!” My mouth hangs open for a second and he looks over his shoulder at me, his eyes aflame with pure carnal need, mirroring what I’m feeling, and says “Well? What are you waiting for? Spank me! Punish me with that huge fucking cock of yours you little bastard!” My eyebrows raise and the corner of my mouth curls up into a smirk. “Come on already!” he growls at me. “Hit..”but before the word “me” makes it out of his mouth my palm connects with his other ass cheek. He arches his back and yells out his pleasure for all to hear; guess it doesn’t matter that this isn’t our house and we’re not alone in the condo!

I rub my palm over the bright red handprint I left behind on his skin. It’s hot to the touch and I know it must hurt, I had hit him hard but he just hisses in pleasure at the soothing circles I’m rubbing into his skin. You were bad huh? What did you do? What did you do to deserve to be spanked?” I ask him crooking one eyebrow at him.

“Well, for starters I let everyone watch while you sucked my dick,” he answers, grinning a little at the memory. He’s not grinning for long though because I bring my hand down on his left ass cheek again and he lets out a pleasured bello.

“What else did you do besides letting me suck you off in front of the others like a $2.00 whore?” I demand.

“Then I let Stevie touch my dick and I watched him jerk off and I enjoyed it!” he tells me.

Whack! I bring my hand down on his already tortured left side again and he cries out in pleasure but also a little bit of pain. I soothingly rub his reddened skin again and he sighs in relief as my fingers brush gently across the red marks. “Oh really? You liked watching the hairball spank his monkey? I think you might need hit in the head for that one Duff!” I tease but then quickly wipe the smile off my face so he knows it’s back to business. “What did you do then slut?” I snarl.

“I watched you and Izzy jerk Stevie off and then you climbed up on my dick like the needly little shit that are and I let you ride me and your tight, sweet, ass felt so good on my cock that I couldn’t stop twitching inside of you while you rode me!” he tells me, His ass is twitching in front of me right now! Not sure what his dick is doing because I can’t see it from behind him but I’m sure it’s rock hard, twitching, and precum is probably dripping from it, what hasn’t smeared onto his belly or run down to the base of his shaft. I hadn’t been thrusting, I had become still as part of his punishment; he could be filled up but not fucked while I gave him a good spanking. The sight of his ass cheeks tensing in anticipation and his enjoyment of getting roughed up was a huge turn on and my fucking dick was was throbbing; I needed to move to get a little relief for myself! Your dick was twitching and you couldn’t control it? You little whore! I’ll make your cock twitch!” That’s the only warning he gets before I start slamming into him, our bodies hitting together so hard that clapping noises fill the small room and echo out into the guest bedroom beyond. Duff makes a noise that sounds like a horse someone just shot and then just tilts his haid back and wails in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I dig my fingers into his hips as I move in and out of him, and a sadistic sounding groan leaves my mouth. "I bet your dick is twitching now isn’t it? Can’t help but twitch and bounce now can it? I look down and watch is ass jiggle and bounce and my cock plowing him so hard that my own hip bones ache painfully where they’re slamming into him when I enter him. Fuck this feels good! Just what my dick needed! I know that if Duff was really hurting he would tell me to stop.

After about 15 or 20 of those fast, violently hard thrusts I do stop. “So, did that make your dick twitch slut?” I ask him. "I bet you’re enjoying this punishment so much that not only is your dick twitching but I bet you’re precum is all over you, I bet it’s dripping off your balls and smeared all over your stomach isn’t?" He nods eagerly. "Well, since you wailed like a whore when I was fucking you just now you’re going to act like a good little whore, and run your fingers up the back of your dick and get them all wet with your juices and then let me taste you. Got it slut?" Again he nods his head like an over eager kid. "Only sluts get so excited they leak that much!”

Duff scrambles to comply, running two fingers up the back of his dick and then turns to me slightly and brings his fingers to my lips.
I open my mouth and he gently inserts his fingers and runs them over my tongue. My knees almost go weak when my mind registers the familiar taste of his arousal, only this time he’s way more turned on than normal, that salty, slightly sour, taste is way stronger than I’ve ever experienced. “Mmmm, you really are enjoying being a naughty slut for me aren't you? Your taste is so strong today!”

“You should see how much I’m leaking for you, it’s like I’m crying cum I’m so turned on!” he says in amazement.

“Turn around a little and show me,” I order him. He does what I tell him to and I groan out load at what I see: His big, beautiful cock is swollen to larger than I’ve ever seen it and is shiny and totally soaked with his leaking seed, I don’t even say anything, I just need it in my mouth so I bend down and take him in, all the way down my throat until my face is pressed against his crotch. I haven’t done that since the Nikki incident and I’m damn proud of myself

“Duff strokes my hair and says “Whoah, that is not what I expected you to do but fuck it feels amazing!” I pull back a little and then suck him in again. He moves one of his hands to the back of my head and tangles his fingers in my curls. “Slash, that feels fucking phenomenonal. I can’t even tell you how sexy it looks to see you swallow my whole cock, right down to the base! Fuck I’ve wondered for months if you’d ever even want to suck me like that agiin! Holy shit that’s sexy!”

I give him one more deep suck and then turn him back around and bend him over. “Fun’s over, that was your reward for taking it so well when I fucked you like a two dollar hooker! But that’s what you get when you act like one! He starts to protest and I shut him up by spit lubing my cock and shoving it back into him; hard. He lets out a surprised cry. “Now, what other bad things did you do today Duffy?” I growl, once again in charge.

“I, I let Izzy ride me, then I let him fuck me and he made me cum really, really, hard!” Duff says,

I don’t hesitate for a second; I bring my hand down hard on his right cheek. Then I watched Axl ride you and watched you getting off from Izzy putting his fingers up your ass!” I smack him even harder for that. He whimpers and I’m quick to rub my palms soothingly over his reddened skin.

Mmm, then what you naughty little whore? Then I made love to you in the other room. Then I went back to the living room, fucked Axl for a little while, (this earns him a smack,) Then I fucked Stevie while I watched Axl fuck you while Izzy sucked your dick. (Smack!) and to finish it off I jerked off while Izzy fucked you and Axl sucked your giant cock. I growled and hit him even harder on the opposite side. Then I fucking got off watching you getting pleasured out of your mind and come so hard that you collapsed into my arms because your legs were too weak to hold you. I was definitely a naughty boy today,” he says, finishing his story.

“Yes you were and for that you’re getting ten more smack!” I announce, trying to surpress a grin.

“Ten?!” Duff replies in alarm, how about maybe five or OW! Six?

“That’s one,” I tell him. I raise my hand again and smack the other side of that beautiful ass and watch it tremble and listen to Duff’s cries, which are no longer pleasured, this is starting to hurt. I once again brush my fingers over his hot, reddened skin “Spanking’s over, you can’t take it any more, so, time to end this. I want you on your hands and knees on the bedroom rug, face down, ass up, got it?” He nods and scrambles out of the shower, grabs, a towel, and hurries toward the bedroom. I do the same and grab the lube we left on the bed and grease up my cock.. He looks back at me and grins, his eyes once again iit up with that animalistic need that we were both feeling. This was both the icing on the cake for today and revenge and we both knew it.
“Ready for this dick?” I hiss.
“I’ve been ready,” he says and I can see that he’s stroking himself.

“Hey! No Cheating!” I growl and lean over him, fist his hair and push his head down to the rug. “You cum when I say you can cum and you’ll cum from my dick and nothing else, got it?” I ask through my teeth. He nods meekly but grins behind his hair. I line myself up with his opening and push in hard with no warning. He feels so good, so hot and tight and he’s mine, and that feels the best of all. But this isn’t about lovemaking, this is straight fucking. I move around a little to find his prostate and when I find that perfect angle, the one that will let me fuck him deeply and hit his pleasure zone every time I start fucking him and I don’t stop. I give him everything I’ve got, every bit of pent up emotion and sexual energy is poured into those thrusts and I pound him mercilessly. He cries out in rapture and moans and begs and tells me how good it feels. When it gets to the point where it’s starting to feel too good for me I reposition Duff slightly and deliver a series of brutally hard, deep, direct thrusts to his prostate. He cries out and starts to shake a little he’s already so tensed up, he’s clenched around me so hard that it’s almost difficult to thrust but I never stop. “Come on Duffy, be my good little slut and cum for me. You understand me?” I ask, twisting my fingers tighter in his hair. “You.,, are,, going ,,, to,,,(wait for it Slash, he’s almost there, he’s shaking, his body’s spasming around my dick, and his prostate is so engorged it’s pulsating. I thrust a few more times saying “Cum..on..this..big..fucking...cock..and then I feel it, the tipping point, he can’t hold out any longer, he steps up to the ledge and lets go. I thrust twice more “!” and he does, he cums with a roar and so do I but I don’t give either of us a break, I keep moving, pounding the hell out of his pretty ass until neither one of us can move. We just lay there for a while, weak, and stunned, and totally drained both physically and emotionally. I’ve never fucked Duff that way before, never been so dominate, whatever was in those pills brought that out in me, it was a side I had no idea existed. But I’m done now for sure, I can hardly move my eyelids, much less any other part of my body to fuck. I

I pull out of Duff and roll over onto my back. He looks at me and I reach out for him. In a flash he’s in my arms, head on my chest, face snuggling into me.“Where did that come from? He asks.

“I don’t know, it’s the drugs,” I reply.

“Well I liked it,” he says and then rubs his abused ass cheeks.

“It was ok, don’t get used to it. I like things sweeter than that normally, I felt kind of mean sometimes.,” I admit.

“No, you were perfect. You’re hot when you’re that dominat. But you’re right, I love my sweet Baby Boy the best, not commander huge dick. I have to laugh at that. We cuddle some more and make one more half hearted attempt at clean up and go to tell the other guys we’re gitting the sac.
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