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Chpt 13: Just thought I'd let you know.

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This one's for you Evie my love.

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Chpt 13: Just thought I'd let you know.

Over the last month I have suddenly developed a sex life. Who would've guess Patrick Stump, reluctant rock star, had the libido of a sixteen year old boy on Viagra. I smile when I feel his arms wrap around my waist from behind me and his breath is on my neck.

"Hello lovely." he whispers before kissing the spot on my collar bone where my neck meets my shoulders causing me to melt. This has been the ritual for the past four or so days. And I'm not complaining.

"Hi." I squeak. He's got me squeaking, Anemarie Harris doesn't squeak, well at least not often.

"So, are you exited about getting to spend all day and night with the extended Stumph/Hurley family?" He asks squeezing my midsection and placing his head on my shoulder. I nod remembering that today is in fact Becca's wedding, and I am required to wear not only a hideous bride's maid dress but, heels as well.

"Lucky. You don't have to wear a stupid dress, and high heels." I say with a frown, he spins me in his arms so that we're face to face now and smiles at me.

"Eh, that maybe so. But I get to take you out of that dress later." He says with a wink, before his lips meet mine.

Later that afternoon, after an all too long ceremony I find myself seated next to Patrick at a tiny round table talking to a million people I didn't know. And that he probably didn't either. Finding the song over the radio as a convenient escape Patrick holds out a hand and asks me to dance. I follow him out on the floor as we're surrounded by a flood of happy couples centered around Becca and Jason.

I see Patrick's mother smiling at us from her seat next to Mr. Stump at the wedding party's table, and I can't help but smile back.

The song ends, but we remain close the floor is favor of avoiding more awkward conversation with various family members. A hand touches my shoulder, but instead of turning to see Patrick I'm faced with a face I didn't think I'd be seeing ever again.

"EVIE!?!" Patrick's voice startles me causing me to lose my balance and nearly meet the floor face first. Stupid heels.

"Evie! Its you, wow. Evie, did you know you were pregnant?" I ask my voice changing pitch as I notice the bump that resides in the front of her pale blue dress.

She smiles at me with a bitten lip, "Yeah, I kinda figured that one out. But thanks for the news flash all the same Ane." Her arms wrap around my waist and I spy Andy approaching from across the room. I wonder if he knows who I've got in my grasp.

"Evie, I never..." His voice drops as his eyes reach her pertruding belly, "Evie, you're pregnant."

"Why does everyone keep telling me that?" She laughs, "Its nice to see you too Andy."
Rewind. Here's the thing to know. Evie and Andy have a history. A long one. A very long one. And kind of drawn out. But the short version goes something like this:

When I first met the guys that would someday make up the rest of Fall Out Boy Andy and Evie were happily dating. On their way to being happily engaged. That is until the guys got signed and Andy freaked about dating someone while touring, convinced it would tear them apart. So, he kind of took care of it before hand. I kept up with Evie, I had to. She knew what it was like to be me. She'd chased Andy since the fifth grade. Always friends but never quite more, until she took charge and threw him against the garage door kissing him like she might die tomorrow. Eventually after the first and second albums failed to gain momentum the guys settled in Wilmette again for a while and Evie and Andy settled in to each other again for a while. But things were only happy for so long. A tour came, then recording, and another tour. And one after that, so Evie gave up on ever making Andy see that she wanted to make it work no mater what it took.

So here I am faced with a very pregnant friend, a somewhat shocked boyfriend, and a soon to be overly distraught Andy Hurley.
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