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Chpt 14: Not exactly what I had planned.

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The one you've been waiting for kids. This is for Evie aka Moocow. My lover. My wife. The bearer of my pot roast.

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Chpt 14: Not exactly what I had planned.

Andy finally stopped hyperventilating an hour ago. He doesn't do well with sudden news. Especially of this magnitude. Oh, did I mention its his kid? Yeah. Evie dropped that on us about two minutes into the reacquaintance conversation. Then again the girl really knows nothing of subtlety. Mind you this is the same person who used to run around the apartment raving about her redecorating uterus. Like I said, she lacks subtlety.

"I'm gonna be a...a..." Andy gasped for air like a fish out of water.

"Father." Evie finished for him flatly. "You know, sperm meets egg, that whole thing?"
Andy nodded with a gulp, " Well, that's what happened dear."

"Well, at least I'll have a few months safe from hearing about your Uterus." Patrick said wistfully. I smacked him the bicep causing me to receive a 'what? I was just being honest' look.

"What he means is, Congratulations!" I smiled widely hoping to reassure Andy, but I don't think it worked. His normally pink complexion had gone almost green and he looked as though his vegetarian dinner might meet the nearest pot plant in the not too distant future.

I watched Evie's eyes scan the room before following her gaze to the buffet table, she
smiled widely before ambling to her feet. Our eyes had landed on Pete.

I hadn't seen him since that night at rehearsals. And really I hadn't thought of him
since that night, until now. The familiar tug of guilt pulled at my insides, and I'm sure
by the look on Patrick's face that it showed.

"Ane, you okay love?" He asked his eyes shown with concern.

I bit my lip and forced a smile though the wave of sickness in my stomach. Now I know
how Andy feels. "I'm fine." Liar.

His eyes agreed with my gut, but his actions betrayed them when he leaned over placing a
soft kiss on my forehead. "Okay love."

I took a deep breath in when Pete appeared at the table beside Evie, "Hey kids..." His voice dropped when he too notice the bump in Evie's dress, "Evie, you're pregnant."

"Yes, Pete. We've established this. Now, hug your favorite side kick." Evie said flatly, her voice holding a tone of mock boredom. Pete shrugged and wrapped his arms around her middle.

My eyes moved over him, he looked different. He wore, in his opinion, a suit. This meant a Clandestine blazer, shirt, tie, and tight black pants. His eyes met mine, they held a tired smile. He released Evie and turned his attention to Andy, "What's with him?"

"Impending fatherhood." Patrick said, patting Andy on the shoulder.

"Nice," was Pete's only response.

Hours later the reception had ended, which led to Evie, Pete, Patrick, Andy, and myself retreating to the apartment.

I had long since traded my taffeta dress in for a pair Patrick's jeans and one of his hoodies. Evie too had traded in her dress for a pair of maternity jeans, which she cursed like the devil. And shirt that voiced "Vegan in training" with an arrow pointing down. Her bags now resided in my room, as Patrick and I would be housing her for the weekend.

"What's with the Patrick pant?" Evie asked, leaning over the sink to reach for a knife. We were in the kitchen, hastily put in charge of snacks and soda by the men. Really meaning, I don't trust Pete in my kitchen.

I shrugged, "More comfortable than mine."

Evie eyed me sharply, "You're not," she paused to wave a hand about her growing midsection, "are you?"
I shook my head in disbelief, "Of course not. I had a period like five...weeks...ago." My voice slowed, trailing off as I realized what exactly I was saying. Evie's left eyebrow raised.

"We have to go." I said with more panic than I'd expected.

"Where?" Evie asked, eyebrow still arched.

"The store. Now."

"What about them?" She said jerking a thumb toward the living room where the guys could be heard laughing.


Quickly, well as quickly as I could without looking suspicious I drug Evie by the arm behind me toward the door.

"Hi guys. Bye guys." I said grabbing my keys and bag from the table by the door.

Patrick looked up from his conversaiton with Pete, "Where are you two going?"

"Store. We need cup cakes."

It was Patrick's face shown with skepticism, "But babe, we went shopping yester..."

"We forgot." I said cutting him off before placing a kiss on his cheek, "Won't be gone long."

Evie waved good-bye as I pushed out of the door ahead of me. Once it was safely shut I leaned against it for support.

I looked over to Evie, eyes wide, "Shit."

She nodded in agreement, "Pretty much."
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