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Chpt 15: Just a minor, scratch that, major setback.

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Wow. I think this story is about four years old now. As most of you don't know. Situation Hopeless was originally a Billy Martin Story from my Good Charlotte days first titled "Hit or Miss." There ...

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Chpt 15: Just a minor, scratch that, major setback.

The sign hanging above my head seemed to mock me, "Family Planning" I snorted sarcastically glaring at it.

Evie stood beside me, hand on my shoulder the other pointing to a blue and white box on the shelf, "I used that one." she said.

I shrugged grabbing one of the shelf, " Thanks for coming with me."
She shook her head, "No problem. I just wish someone had been with me."

I let out a deep breath, one that I hadn't realized I'd been holding. We slowly made our way to the front of the store. "What am I supposed to do if its positive?"

Evie stopped, turning to look at me, "Tell him." She said flatly as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Which him?" I asked biting my lip.

This only warranted a strange and more shocked look from Evie, "What do you mean 'which one' Ane? What exactly are you not telling me?"

"Long story short?"

"As long as it's the truth," She said, hand now perched on her hip, eyes boring into me.

"It goes something like this; " I told her about Patrick and Nan, the kiss on the couch and running to Pete's, "Then when we went back to the apartment, we kind of ended up sleeping together, and Patrick kind of walked in." I took a deep breath, "So I hid in Glenview for a week. Didn't stop them, both visited. And Patrick kissed me again, asking for time" I told her about the afternoon on the highway, and the conversation with Mrs. Pat, "So, then Patrick and I talked about that, which led to him showing me how much he loved me, and well..." I said trailing off.

Evie looked at me for a good two minutes processing everything that had just been said, before opening her mouth to speak, " So let me get this straight, this 'possible' fetus has two 'possible' fathers?"

I gulped and nodded. It sounded that much worse when someone else said it out loud. I felt like I was going cry, and breaking down in the middle of Nelson's Family Pharmacy wasn't my idea of fun.

Evie shook her head and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, "What ever am I going to do with you Ane?"

I sniffed and shrugged. She pulled me toward the register, "I'm calling McKenna."

After we paid Evie drove us to the all to familiar medium sized brick house in the middle of Suburban Wilmette. We pulled up and she grabbed the bag from between the seats, "Come on," She said opening the door, "Time to go pee on a stick."

This isn't going to be fun.

I could hear Evie and Mac pacing outside the bathroom door, complaining about my inability to, and I quote, "pee on that damned stick."

What they didn't know was, that I had. The truth was I had been staring at it for the past five minutes. My hands were shaking so badly when I held it up to examine the two clear blue line that it fell from my hands into the sink making a deafening clank against the porcelain.

This cannot be happening.
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