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Chpt 16: Not Always the Last to Know.

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Baby momma drama.

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Chpt 16: Not Always the Last to Know.

The drive back to the apartment is quiet and depressing. Evie led the way up the stairs, pausing at the door.

"Ready?" She asked, hand on the knob.

"Do I have a choice?" I gulped, suddenly feeling like my dinner from the wedding might soon be meeting my neighbors ficus.

Evie shook her head sympathetically, " Not really."

The guys heads' popped up at the sound of the door opening, Andy eyed our empty hands suspiciously, "What happened to cup cakes?"

I went to open my mouth, but Evie cut me short, "Vegan bakery was closed. So, this little monster," She paused to gesture to her stomach. "decided it wanted frozen yogurt, so we had to drive across town to Fred's and get some."

Andy shrugged seeming satisfied, "Oh okay."

My shoulders slumped in relief, I offered Evie a smile as a silent thank you for saving my ass. Faking a yawn I stretched my arms above my head, "I'm going to bed. G'night boys."

Patrick gave me a curious glance before walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me, "Okay. Good-night Love." He said kissing me lightly on the lips before letting me go. I made my way down the hall to Patrick's room where I burrowed myself into the blankets inhaling his scent and falling asleep.

When I woke up the next day the house was calm and quiet, almost too quiet. Patrick was gone, but there was a note next to my side of the bed:

Morning love,
Gone to the studio. Hope you're felling better, I heard you get out of bed this morning. Call if you need anything.
Love, Patrick

I smiled, stretched and pulled myself from the bed. I showered quickly leaving my hair damp, hanging loosely around my face.

I'd been occupying the corner of the couch for nearly an hour before a knock at the door startled me almost causing my bowl of popcorn to soar into the air.

"Coming," I yelped jumping up and making my way to the door. I didn't bother with the peephole. Though I wish I had.

"Pete," I said, my breath hitching in my throat. I'm not ready to be alone with him. Especially not now. Not with this. This. This situation.

"Ane, I..." He began, walking past me into the living room.

"Pete we should talk," I said cutting him off, causing him to spin of his heals to face me.

"Ya think?" He said wildly beginning to pace a two foot space of carpet that I'm sure will end up with treadmarks. "You're pregnant Ane."

"Yes Pete, I..." Wait a fucking minute, what did he just say? "Excuse me?"

He sighed, slowing his pace before stopping completely to face me, "You're pregnant."

"But...How did you? I mean...only Evie and Mak..." I rambled on, how the hell did he find out?

"Test in trash can plus Joe equals total flip out. Mak said it wasn't hers, Evie's go no use for one, but you. You did."

"Joe knows too?" I asked raising a hand to my mouth. I have to talk to Patrick.

Pete sighed again, "No, Mac told him it was for her sister Liz."

"Oh," I said letting go of the breath I'd been holding.

"Yeah," He began to pace again running a shaky hand through his hair, "Talk to me Ane, what's going on?"

I bit my lip, I'd tell him if only I knew myself.

"I don't know Pete," I sniffed tears now running down my cheeks.

He stopped pacing again and wrapped his arms around me, "Come here."

"I'm so scared Pete," I said burying my face into his chest. "What am I supposed to do? How do I tell him I might be having his kid."

Pete's hands stopped making the gentle comforting circles on my back, he held me at arms length, eyes locked on to mine with his head cocked to the side curiously, "What you mean might?"

"I mean," I said breaking his hold on my eyes in favor of staring at the floor, "That is might be yours."

The color seemed to drain from his face. His arms dropped from my shoulder to hang limply by his sides, "Mine?"
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