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Gir finally managed to drag Zim to a dance club.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim (But oh, how I wish I did).

Song is by Flogging Molly. Very minor changes to lyrics ("She"s to "He"s), just for Dib's sake ;P



Zim glared at Gir, who was sitting happily next to him. The stupid thing had finally gotten him to come to one of As he looked around the large room at the strangely-twisting humans, a shadow fell across his face. Looking up, he paused for a moment, surprised. As he quickly thought up a scathing remark, the Dib-human held out his hand, an invitation to dance.

~I quite forgot to speak as he stood right in front of me, the color of his eyes was the color of insanity.~

Zim took the human's hand, Dib was better company than Gir, at least. Dib immediately swung him out onto the dance floor, where it was all Zim could do to keep from being lost among the wave of bodies.

~ Crushed beneath his wave like a ship that could not reach the shore, we're all just dancing on the devil's dance floor.~

Zim moved his feet cluelessly until Dib, laughing, slowly began teaching him the steps. The alien caught on quickly and was soon an even match for Dib, their dance becoming something like a battle, trying to outdo each other while dancing together.

~Well swing a little more, little more the merry-o, swing a little more, little more next to me, swing a little more, little more the merry-o, swing a little more on the devil's dance floor~

The music finally slowed down and the two nearly collapsed, leaning on each other's shoulders for support. Zim glanced at Dib's face. The human's eyes were closed, he almost looked like he was sleeping.

"Why are you here, Dib-human? This does not seem like the sort of place you'd be found."

Dib grinned, almost laughing.

"Had to get away from my family. Besides, people here are nice, as long as you don't step on their feet."

Zim nodded, he'd learned alot about the human's family through his research. His mother had been killed in an accident, his father was almost never home, and his sister was just...scary.

~Brushed against his face, I could feel his insecurity, mother'd been a drunk and his father was obscurity. Nothing ever came from a life that was a simple one, pull yourself together man, and have a little fun.~

The music picked up again, and Zim pulled Dib up and began dancing again, quickly changing the simple dance into another challenge, which Dib gladly accepted. While they' been dancing mostly seperately before, this time Dib grabbed Zim's hand, and began a much more difficult dance, which consisted mostly of throwing Zim around, which the alien found highly unenjoyable, though it was an interesting experience. In fact, it wouldn't have been all that terrible if it weren't for the fact that it once again reminded him that Dib was a good deal taller.

~Well he took me by the hand, I could see he was a pretty one, his legs ran all the way up to heaven and past avalon. Tell me something man, what it is you have in store; he said come with me now, on the devil's dance floor.~

In the middle of the dance, Zim found his lips locked onto Dib's. They parted, both boys equally surprised, before Dib grinned and kissed the alien again. They managed to work it into their dance, every so often bringing their faces close enough to kiss, or lick, or nip (Dib didn't much like that one). Zim found that the longer the dance lasted, the harder it was to keep his face away from Dib's. And the strangest thing was, he didn't mind it.

~The apple now is sweet, almost sweeter than it ought to be. Another little bite, I don't think there is much hope for me. Bleeding hearts are crying 'cause there's no way out.~


Bit short, kinda out of nowhere, but hey, it's cute.
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