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Gossip: who do you like?

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Luna, Ginny and Hermione are talking by the lake one day. Just a few little confesing goingg on. The usual girl gossip. Please read and reveiw ver important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u like it. ...

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"So, Hermione", questions Luna, at a totally random time." To me it looks like u have a bit of a crush"
"And who is this you think?" replies Hermione, raising her eyebrows.
"My brother, no offence, but it's pretty obvious" interrupts Ginny
"What" Hermione looks up surprised, and turning a violent shade of red.
"sigh, hermione its ok we will all tell who likes who, you can't keep a secret forever you no" says Luna in an all knowing way" Hermione sighs and the surprisingly say "Why the hell would he ever like me back though, I'm to mean"
"Hermione, don't be so negative, its bad for the soul" says Luna giving her a strange, off in her own world look, the one she was so famous for.
"Luna's right you know, I'll bet he likes you back"
"I bet not" says Hermione sadly.
"So who is it that you like Ginny" asks Luna, even though she had a pretty good guess. And that's only because she has caught her staring at him multiple times.
"(sigh) Harry, but I know he wont go for me, I'm just his best mates little sister, a little sister to him as well" replies Ginny, looking sad all of a sudden." I mean why would he even like me, look at all the prettier girls rather then plane Jane here"
"Well I think he likes u back" Luna said this because, once again she had caught HIM staring at HER. She thought in her head: this is like a chain reaction.
"Now it's your turn Luna, tell us who it is," says Hermione, she had been wondering this for a while, because as far as she new, Luna had never had a boyfriend.
"Ok I'll tell you, but don't tell him, I know that he will never like me, I'm to weird"
Just tell us who it is"
(sigh) "It's Neville" Luna said, her eyes seemed to light up at the thought of him.
"Awwwwe" said Hermione and Ginny together
"You guys would be such a cute couple, you should totally ask him out," said Hermione in a un-Hermione-ish way.
"Did you guys hear about the ball coming up, it's for the 6th and 7th years, I was hoping Harry would ask me" questioned Ginny in a gossiping way.
"Why don't you ask him,?" asked Luna
"Because, it's the boys job to ask the girl, and u MUST have a date, there's strangely an even number of boys and girls this year, strange how that happened," says Hermione
It's settled then, we will hint at the boys to take us." declared Ginny.
"When did we decide this?" asked Luna looking puzzled
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