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Gossip: boys turn

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ron, harry, and neville are doing basicly the same as the girls just did, but in the library Please read and reveiw ver important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u like it. This is not reko, this is l...

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In the library, three boys were sitting and talking. Harry, Ron, and Neville somehow got on the topic of girls (suprise suprise).
"You go first Harry, tell us who the lucky girl is," pressured Ron.
"Yeah, go on Harry, go on" Neville encouraged.
"Ok, I'll only tell if you guys tell me who you like, deal" answered Harry.
"ok" Ron and Neville, replied at the same time.
"Ok, Ron don't kill me, but its your sister,"said Harry, blushing, and hoping Ron wouldn't hit him.
"I knew it," whispered Ron. "Don't worry though, I guess I knew it would happen eventualy.
"Harry I think she likes you, a lot," said Neville, with a small twinkle in his eye.
" I dunno, I hope so, but i doubt it." said Harry sadly. "Now it's your turn Neville"
"Ok, but don't laugh, you probably will think I'm stupid for it though" he started slowly.
"just tell us already," pushed Ron.
"Luna" Neville replied with some hesitation. He thought they would laugh at him, but suprisingly they just smiled.
"You guys would look great together, and I think you shoud ask her out soon, to the upcoming ball." said Ron smiling, in a devilish way.
" I dunno, maybe if I get the courage." said Neville, lightening up a little bit. "Now its your turn Ron"
"(sigh) I thought it would be obvious, but I'll say it anyway, it's Hermione." confessed Ron
Somehow Harry wasn't suprised by this, I guess he had just read the signs but not really acknowleged them.
"Some how I'm not suprised, and in my opinion, we should all ask them to the upcoming ball, how does that sound?" inquired Harry.
"I think thats a great idea Harry, I'll go for it I guess." said Neville shyly.
"Yeah I guess, I'll probably choke though." said Ron sadly, "not to mention she will probly say no,"
"Then its settleld, we will ask the later in this weekend," announced Harry. "We'll do on wednesday after dinner then?," asked Neville.
"Yeah I guesse we should before someone else asks them." agreed Ron.
"Wednesday it is then," replied Harry. Nobody said this out loud, but they were all extremley scared
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