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Suprises, dancing, and new people, oh my!

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It's the big night, everyones excited. But there might be a little bit of a twist, mabey some new characters. Please read and reveiw ver important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u like it. This is no...

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The big day had finally arrived, classes were ended early, so everyone had time to look there best. The one particularly excited was Luna, who strangly enough (more so then usual)She had a feeling something important was about to happen. Something between two people,. But she didn't know whe these people were, she wished she did though. "Hey Luna, theres a new student, from your year, her name is Valerie, do you want to meet her," asked another girl from her dorm. "Ok," relied Luna with a grin on her face. She had always loved meeting new people, because that of course was how she met her date for that night, Neville.
"Hi, my names Luna. wlecome to Hogwarts," said Luna kindly, she wanted to make a good impression, and hopefuly a new friend. This girl had shoulder length, laired, blonde hair with bangs across her forhead. She also had brilliently blue eyes, that were tinted with a green colour. "Hi," she replied.
"So what school did you come from?" asked Luna in a curious voice.
"I cam from a Canadian school, but i was transported here because of my special abilities," she answered, in a non-bragging voice. "I hear theres a ball tonight, am I invited,?" she asked.
"Ya the 6th and 7th years are all invited," Luna answered, "I hope that you brought you dress robes,"
"Of course, I love balls and stuff, so I always bring them," the new girl answered in a dreamy voice. "I'm Valerie by the way,"
"I'm Luna, Luna Lovegood."
"Well it's very nice to meet, you but, I'm going to go get ready," Valerie said. "I hope to see you there tonight,"
"Ok, you can meet my friends,"
"Great, bye"

In the Griffindor common room, there was a similar thing going on, but this time it was a boy.
"Hi,erm, I'm you new dorm mate, Dameon," said a voice from the doorway. Harry and Ron looked up to a see a handsom boy, around Ginny's age, who was tall, shaggy back hair, and deep brown eyes. He was tugging along a cat, by the name of Cassandra, a bright orange tabby, around the same age as Crookshanx, Hermione's tabby.
"Hey I'm Ron Weasley, and this is Neville Longbottom, and Harry Potter," replied Ron with a smile on his face.
"Hi" said Neville and Harry.
"So, erm, were are you from, did you transfer here,?" asked Neville in a curious voice, wondering were the starnger was from.
"Well, I'm from France, I went to Beauxbatons, but my skills were more advaced, so i was transfered here," the new boy replied,telling his story at the same time.
"Whoa, well anyway, you have to hurry up mate, the ball starts in an hour," Harry told him, he didn't want this new boy too be left out.
"Theres a ball, did you lot all get dates," he asked jelously.
"Ya, you can meet them tonight, plus i just heard theres a new girl in Ravenclaw, her names Valerie." said a voice from behind them.
"Hermione, what if we were changing,?" asked Ron in an emberased voice.
"Well, Seamus just came down, and he told me that you were all decent, so I could go up," replied Hermione as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"Hi, my names Dameon, I'm new here," introduced the stanger, kisser her hand.
"Hermone Granger," she replied, blushing.
"Hey, she's mine," declared Ron walking over and kissing Hermione straight on the lips.
"I see that, and don't worry, no offence, but shes not my type," Dameon grinning at the sight of this scene.
"No offence taken," said Hermione, knowing Ron would get mad if she took offence, even though she didn't. "Well I'll leave you lot to get ready, I'll meet you down stairs, ok Ron, and it was nice meeting you," she said this and then left the room so the boys could dress.

Later that night, Harry, Ron, Neville, and there new friend Dameon, walked down to find Ginny and Hermione waiting for them, looking radient. Hermione was wearing a floor length deep blue strapless dress, with her hair up in a messy not. Ginny was wearing a knee length pink, with black underneath, halter dress.
"You girls look amazing," said Harry, mainly saying this to Ginny.
"I totaly agree," agreed Ron, without talking his eyes off of his new girlfriend.
"Thank you," said Ginny, and Hermione, nodded her head in agreement.
"Well, lets go and meet, the other two," said Hermione, "Oh, and Dameon, I hope you don't mind, but Luna, Ginny and I have set you up with the new girl from Ravenclaw, as a blind date," She winked and then Ron took her arm and headed towards the portrait. Harry did the same with Ginny, and Neville and Dameon, followed, with a suprised look on there faces.

They arrived at the Great Hall, to see Luna and a blonde girl waiting with them. Luna was wearing a knee length black dresss, with a silver chain belt around her waist. Her hair was hanging loosly around her shoulders. Lunas friend was wearing a short flowing purple dress, with spagetti starps, heer hair was short and fanned out around her shoulders.
"Hi," sayed Luna, with a big smile on her face, seeing her date in a tux was a total turn on.
"Erm, not to be rude...," started Dameon, "But aren't I supposed to be with a girl tonight, on a blind date,?"
"Oh yes, sorry, everyone this is my friend Valerie, shes from Canada," said Luna introducing her new firend.
" Hello,"
Nice to meet you,"
"Erm, hi," she replied, in a nervouse voice.
"Hi Luna, you look beautiful," complemented Neville, somehow, being with Luna made him more confident. It made him feel wonder ful, and Luna felt the same way, even though she had alwasy been very confident, especialy to stuff that no one else believed.
"Well, instead of chatting out here all night, let's go inside and enjoy our selves," said Ron smilling, he just couldn't wait to dance with Hermione.
"Lets go then," agreed Ginny.
"May I have you arm, for this ball, tonight, Valerie?" asked Dameon, as partly a joke, and praying that she will take his arm, he wanted her be his date.
"I would like that,, by the way nice tie," she answered with a girly giggle. He was wearing a tie that was much to long for him. Upon entering a Great Hall, a slow song had just started, so everyone, and there dates, decided why not dance until the music stops.
"Hey Harry, look at you friend and Valerie, there so cute together, and she obviously likes him," Ginny whispered, gossiping to her dance partner.
"Ya, and I think Dameon is into her as well," answered Harry, whispering into Ginnys ear, and making her giggle. Harry really loved Ginny, and the best thing was, she loved him back.
Meawhile, the couple next to them were laughing and having a wonderful time thinking about old times. "Do you remember when I punched Malfoy in the face," Hermione asked with a smile and a giggle.
"How could I forget, it was one of the best moments of my life," said Ron, remembering that moment. "So, what do think about Luna and Neville dating,?"
"I think there almost as good a couple as us," replied Hermione, placing a kiss on his lips. And this was the truth, they (meaning Luna and Neville) were an amazingly cute couple, they were dancing closley and kissing every once and a while.

"So, whats Valerie like,?" asked Neville, curious to see if she would be anything right for his new found friend.
"Well, shes very nice, and an exellent reader, she loves to read the Parry Otter series. ( I couldn't think of anything else)And she likes guys with black hair, and not to mention him being a little beefy." At this comment, Neville raised his eyebrows and gave her a look that said "Excuse me" Luna laughed, "Don't worry, hes not my type, you are,". She smiled and kissed him again.
After the slow dance, the band played a muggle song, by the name of "Don't Stop Me Now" by the muggle band Queen. It was a nice up-beat song, so after it had ended everyone decided to get a quick drink, so they could get to know the new couple better. But befor that could happen, they played a popular song written by the Wierd Sisters, written by a very popular wizarding band. The time seemed to fly by, song after song, until it was anounced that the last slow song of the night was about to be played, then everyone would have to go to bed.
"May I have this dance, Valerie," asked Dameon, bowing so low that is overly long tie touched the ground. Valerie giggle, then took his hand, he twirled her, then put his hands on her waist, and her arms around his neck. Next to them, they heard all the girls awweing, and the boys cat whistling, and wooting. They both laughed, and realised just how wonderful this new school would be, and the fact that they already had some new friends, and a date on the first day. Next thing they knew, Ginny and Harry, Luna and Neville, and Ron and Hermione, were all dancing next to them, trying to push them closer together.
Sadly, the song ended to soon, and it was time to walk back to the common rooms. Luna and Neville walked out holding hands, Harry and Ginny arm in arm, and of course Ron and Hermione arms wrapped around each other. Dameon offered to walk Valerie back to her dorm, and delighted, she said yes. "So, did you have a good time tonight,?" she asked the boy, whom she now had and enormouse crush on.
"I did, did you,?"
"Yes thank you," All to soon, they had arrived at the Ravenclaw portrait.
"You know, I don't usualy kiss on the first date," started Valeie, flipping her hair, then she leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips "but i think I'll make an excepsion tonight,"
"I think I will to," replied Dameon, delighted with the kiss. Then he pulled her close, and kissed her agin, more passionatly. "Good night Valerie,"
"Good night Dameon," then with one last hair flip, she turned and walked in to the common room, to tell her new friend, about what just happend.
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