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The big day BEFORE the Other BIG DAY l

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everybody is getting nervouse. The boys expect them all to say no, and the girls all expect them not to ask. Please read and reveiw ver important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u like it. This is not...

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The next day both the boys and the girls were sitting outside, even though it was cloudy (Luna liked sitting outdoors when it was cloudy).

"SO...," started Ginny, "Did you guys hear about the big ball thing coming up?"

"Ya I did," said Neville "Did any of you guys get asked or ask any body yet?," Mainly he was asking Luna this, he needed to know if she had been asked.

"Not me, and frankly I'd be suprised if anyone asked me, nobody would like me, I'm too strange," replied Luna, slightly hinting at Neville to ask her.

"Same here, my hair is to bushy, and I don't really know to many other boys besides the lot of you,"agreed Hermione, and she added to herself, "especially not Ron."

"Well I think your all bound to get dates by at least tomorrow," said Ron, now taking his turn to hint.

"Ya like anybody is going to ask this scrawny little red head over here, I'm too little, even if I am popular," said Ginny, even though she knew it wasnt true.

"Ya right," Harry spoke up suddenly, realising that he might have some competition over his dream girl." Your bound to get someone in the next day or two,"

"You know that no one will ask me though right, so i figure I'll ask the girl I want to before shes taken," said Neville.
"Well personally I tink you should go with Luna here," Said Ginny trying to help her friend. At this comment, both Luna and Neville blushed looking in oppostie directions, even though they were both thinking the same thing

"She's right.".

"Well come on Ron, Hermione, we had better get going if we want to make it on time to transfiguration," said Harry suddenly, looking at his watch.
"Your right, and i have to get to Herbology, let's go Ginny," agreed Luna. Leaving Neville behind with his thoughts (he had a short break before charms).

"I should have asked then, when i had the chance," said Neville to himself. He sighed then went off to the common room to start on his herbology homework.

After a particulary hard lesson (they had tried to turn their legs into fish sticks, harder then it seems) Harry, Ron and Hermione somehow got back onto the disscusion of Luna and Neville.

"Personaly I think Neville and Luna should go to the ball together, they would be so cute together," Said Hermione in and all knowing way.

"So do I, but first Neville should pluck up the courage to ask her, then hopefuly she will say yes," agreed Harry. "Have you thought about who you want to go with yet Hermione?"

"Well yes of course I have seeing we have talked about it twice already today," she replied with a slight glance at Ron, who had suddenly turned a light shade of pink. "Well I just don't think Victor will come down for one silly ball, plus i think he has a girl friend now," she said this with a small amount of confidence, hinting at Ron that she was single, but the way it looked to her, he wasn't getting the picture.

"Well don't say yes to anybody, Because I know someone who wants to ask you," said Harry with a mishevious grin, and a moment later, Ron threw him a startled look, realising what he had said.

"Well I will ask someone most likley tomorrow," Ron said this while looking at Hermione. She blushed and said "Well this girl will be very lucky."

On the other side of Hogwarts Luna and Ginny were quietly talking about how they would hint at the boys that they liked.

"I think I'm just going to talk to him about life and stuff, and then we will gradualy get on the topic of the ball.," said Luna.

"Same here, but it will most likley start out as quidditch," agreed Ginny "I can't wait anymore, if he doesn't ask me tomorrow I will just have to ask him myself," declared Ginny, and with that the walked off back to there commen rooms after a quick goodbye.
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