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About Time!

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its now time for the big moment(s) Please read and reveiw ver important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope u like it. This is not reko, this is luna lovegood writing the story. (thank u reko for letting ...

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The time was finally at hand, Neville was going to ask during there very rare free periods that he shared with the 6th year Ravenclaws. "Just do it now, before she walks away, the worst thing she can say is no," he told himself quietly. So the next thing he knew she was standing right ion front of him, so close he could smell her exotic perfume, a mix of flowers and fruit, and how he loved that smell.
"Are you ok Neville, you look nervous?" asked Luna, sensing that something important was about to happen.
"Yeah I'm fine, great actually, I just wanted to ask you something," he answered in a nervous voice. Oh why couldn't he just spit it out already?
"Go ahead, I'm listening,"
"Well I was just wondering if erm, you erm, GO TO THE BALL WITH ME." he had to shout slightly, just so he could say it without throwing up.
"Ooh yes I would absolutely love that, of course, I mean yes," answered Luna in such a happy voice that she had to hold back laughter.
"Really, erm ok, well I guess I'll see you later then."
"Well we could go to the library together if you want, I need some help with my herbobolgy, and if you don't mind, I could use you help,?" asked Luna in a hopeful voice.
"Sure, I would like that." answered Neville, answering as if he were in heaven. So the walked off together, and somehow, they ended up holding hands the entire way.

As the new couple walked into the Library they saw Ginny and Harry sitting very close together, and heard there faint whispering.
"Um Ginny, do you have a date for the ball this Saturday yet?" asked Harry, he had started sweating, and he hoped he didn't smell.
"No, I don't, do you?" she answered in a questioning voice.
"No, I don't, and I was sorta wondering if well, erm, you would go with me," Harry asked in a nervous voice, he knew it would be a no, but he stilled prayed to Merlin that she would say yes.
"Of course, I was going to ask you actually," she happily replied. Ginny didn't think she had been so happy this year.
"Great, to be honest I thought you would say no, but I'm glad that you said yes," Harry was beaming now, and luckily he has stopped sweating. Then he realized that the library wasn't as private as he had hoped. "Come on out guys, so much fro privacy" said Harry with a smile, to happy to be annoyed. Luna and Neville blushed, and then walked towards them, still holding hands.
"About time," said Ginny looking at their hands.
"I guess she said yes then Neville," Harry asked with a mischievous look in his big green eyes. They blushed and said "Yes" at the same time.
"I just wonder if Ron will ask Hermione, and then everyone will be happy," said Luna in a dreamy sort of way.

Ironically, at that moment, Hermione, and Ron were walking the grounds, because it was too nice of a day to be inside. "Hermione," started Ron, "I was wondering...did anyone ask you to go to the ball with them?"
"No not yet, I'm wait for the right person," she answered eyeing Ron hinting at him, which this time he actually got.
"Well, erm, would you, erm,"
"Yes, I mean continue," she said anxiously.
Well I mean, go to the ball, with me?"
"Oh Ron you have no idea how much I would love that," she said hugging him tightly. Then surprisingly, they looked in to each others eyes, then, there lips met. They blushed and then kissed again. And then started talking about how they had liked each other for quite a long time.
"So is that why you didn't like it when I was dating Victor?" she asked him curiously. But somehow she knew the answer.
"Yes," Ron's ears had turned a light shade of red when this question came up.
"Well it's a good thing we broke up didn't we, Victor and I, I mean," she added. After this comment they kissed again, and then headed up to the school, to find the others and tell them the good news.

After classes, later in the afternoon, just before dinner, all the new couples were sitting under the big tree by the lake, all three couples sitting close in a nice cuddle position. "So, does everyone have a date now," Harry asked. Everyone nodded in answer, then they all told there story about how it happened. Hermione and Ron decided to tell the kissing part by kissing AGAIN, just to show off. "Well it's about time," Ginny answered to the kiss. They all laughed, and started walking around the lake. The best part was, all the couples were holding hands, and everyone was happy. After it had started to get dark, Neville told Luna he would walk her back, and meet the others in the common room. To him, the walk back to the castle was to short. But luck was with him that night, and it there good night ended with a romantic hug and kiss in the moonlight.

Back in the common room, Ron and Hermione were sharing the window, while Harry and Ginny sat together studying, and every few moments a small kiss on the lips. After Neville had returned, they all pressed him for details, and all he could do was smile. Then they all sat down next to the fire, and chatted about how they couldn't wait for the ball, and that they wanted the next Hogsmead trip to come.
Over the next few days they couldn't see much of each other because of classes, not to mention Luna was in a different house. And this just made them want Friday night to come sooner.
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